YOUR MISSION ON PLANET EARTH IN ASTROLOGY · Earth in the Signs of the Zodiac ·

by Agent Susannah Meel

We use the Earth as a framework for our charts but the astrological wheel is more a subjective background in our minds.

We don’t consider Earth as its own independent entity with qualities, like we do Mars or Jupiter. We just see it as part of our everyday life.

Consequently, we may not understand Earth like we think we do. Astrology is a symbolic language, everything we know about the world we extrapolate from our symbols and apply them to our lives. What does Earth really represent to us? What is the meaning of Earth to astrologers and our clients? Is there a sign that belongs to Earth?

What happens when more of us start to spend time off our planet like the crew on the international space station does? When we aren’t on Earth for a length of time wouldn’t we have to include the Earth glyph in our charts then?

When we insert Earth in astrological charts there is a permanent opposition between the Sun and Earth. This is strange at first but the more I consider that symbolically, the more sense it starts to make not only when it comes to other metaphysical teachings out there describing the duality of the earth plane existence (male/female, light/dark) but also astrology’s ongoing study of the human condition.

I’ve always been painfully aware of the duality inherent in life. And yet, ironically, duality itself is an illusion. But somehow we are still conditioned this way, and I think it’s hard for people to achieve balance, a middle ground, between say, being assertive or passive, and when faced with important decisions we constantly ask ourselves do I think or feel this out? We live with a whole litany of these little schisms every day. The opposition between the Sun and Earth got me thinking not only about those annoyances but much bigger divides in our lives like our current health issues stemming from the fact that our bodies want us to eat brown rice and our psyches want potato chips. There are the endless political dualities of conservative versus liberal and one of the biggest dualities affecting the globe today: what we want as a single species and what the ecology of our Earth must have to survive.

As astrologers, we know how to handle an opposition. Both sides must be honored and supported in some way. Adding Earth (and the Earth opposition) to astrological charts gives us another dimension of awareness, not only about ourselves but the world at large. It gets us to a place of understanding how to live comfortably with opposing forces that frustrate and confuse us.

Adding Earth to an astrological chart is so easy to picture because whatever sign your Sun is in, the Earth will be 180 degrees from it. So, if you are a 15 degree Leo Sun, your Earth sign is 15 degrees Aquarius (the signs of Leo and Aquarius are opposite to each other.) Naturally it would fall in the opposite house from your Sun as well. This creates an axis, the fulcrum of which can bestow a new sense of wholeness and balance to the native. As far as traits, Earth in the chart does just what you’d think it does. Like the element earth, it grounds the house or other planets and points it touches. It’s about manifestation, fertility, and practicality. It’s also about basic beginnings, the foundation of a project. It represents your earthly mission. So whenever we add another planet or point to the chart we get another layer of information.

In Sanskrit, the word for Earth is Pṛthvī (Prithvi) meaning “the Vast One”. In Buddhist texts and visual representations, Pṛthvī is described as both protecting Gautama Buddha and as being his witness for his enlightenment. Prithvi appears in Early Buddhism in the Pāli Canon, dispelling the temptation figure Mara by attesting to Gautama Buddha’s worthiness to attain enlightenment. The Buddha is very frequently illustrated in figurative art wielding bhūmisparśa or “earth-touching” mudrā. The Buddha himself was a Taurus Sun, and at the moment of his enlightement, he is said to have touched the Earth with his hand while Venus rose above the eastern horizon in the sky. It was his way of paying tribute to the co-rulers of his Sun sign. There’s an incredible repeated overlay of symbols that seemed to “unlock” what the Taurus Buddha was seeking relative to the earthly realities (suffering) on this plane (fixed earth).


Lesson: The lesson involved in the Arian Earthling exists in the process of self-actualization. The individual must come to a full sense of self to allow functional relationships with others. These beings are highly interactive and not necessarily with other beings. Interaction at this Earth level may manifest through a direct confrontation or exchange with a person and it may also result with a thing or a principle. The interaction is secondary to the level of validation which they seek. A sense of self-worth independent of others must result for assertiveness to be complete. At some point, the individual will realize that with or without people, places and things the self remains intact. Until this process is understood, the soul continues to establish faulty interactions to create alienation, isolation and perceived rejection. This is all done in the interest of self-contained validation.

Legacy:  Upon completion of self-realization and a self-contained sense of being free from the need of input from others, relatability becomes a primary dynamic in the individual’s life. Interaction begins to provide a mechanism of on-going support for the individual as the person teaches others to recognize that which is self-disguised within their beings. This discipline can be taught by the Aries Earth with incredible compassion for the crisis of self-identity. The individual retains the ability to interact in a non-involved manner, allowing truth and personal integrity to prevail above all else.


Lesson: Many presume that the Earth rules Taurus. Perhaps one would then assume that the Earth in home territory would maintain a certain comfort or reliability in this Sign/Planet relationship. Perhaps that is true and only at the legacy level. These souls drop themselves into a body and begin an immediate struggle to learn absolute (Divine) worth without extorting, exploiting or destroying the value of the high worth item. The physical preoccupies the primal Taurus Earth mind, blinding all objectivity of what truly is important. Priority systems must be established, the truth told and motivations revealed. This all tends to combine the positive aspects of the lessons to lead to the luxury of the legacy. However, it is critical that the learning process for this Earthly student include doing his or her own home work with no ruses.

Legacy: Once optimized, these Earthlings quickly recognize the worth and value of a person, place or thing. They are challenged by intrinsic worth and seek to polish raw materials to a brilliant luster. These individuals can become great motivators. This is often achieved through agitation and playing a negative role to produce a positive effect. Negativity is only used as a transformative.


Lesson: This sign axis must learn to deal with an intellectually intense duality that teaches that the more consideration and objectivity, the greater the focus. These people perceive this postulate to be in direct contradiction to the basic programming of the mind. The blinders must be removed and a willingness to view polar opposition must result. A mental overload exists until the individual recognizes that missed objectives result from the inability to adjust or correct a course once in motion. Long range effects appear in little steps. As a Chinese proverb states, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Such is the case for the Gemini Earth. Steps along the way allow for reconsideration, revision and resolutions to be refined without interruption to the natural direction.

Legacy: Once in a mode of receptivity and diversification, the Gemini Earth individual becomes one of the most directed and consistent contemplators on the planet. The lesson taught by these people is that there is no absolute way to get there. Many paths exist between here and there. Correction is taught as a positive attribute and not as an indicator of something thought or done incorrectly.


Lesson: Mother Earth herself reaches the closest point of approach (perihelion) to the Sun in Cancer. The Cancer Earth contains the need to respond to the most direct sunlight and illumination of all the Earth placements. Direct and undisputed contact with the nurturing action is maintained and requires useful, non-interfering incorporation. Domination tendencies must convert into a support mechanism. Those with this Earth must learn about responsibilities and that each person owns a different sense of responsibility. This realization precludes being disappointed in one’s offspring (anyone to whom the Cancer Earth becomes attached) and releases guilt, expectation and irritation. The pursuit of Earth dictates the need to frolic in the Sun. The ability to enjoy and align with nature establishes contact with the base of Earth. This eliminates an inability to appreciate beauty as it exists. This individual must reject cynicism in the soul to enable the heart to open.

Legacy: Cancer Earth people are among the most sensitive and caring upon the planet. They demonstrate this clearly when actualized in being through support and love given freely and without consideration of reaction or rejection. Love is given without expectation and the individual teaches how to love safely and responsibly without interrupting the flow of another person’s development.


Lesson: The development of the personality in an ego sense is the first portion of this soul’s lesson. The ego must then evolve into a unique sense of self-contained individuality which functions with out the need to compare the self to others. Confidence is the quality which stimulates the beginning of the work leading directly into the legacy. The lesson, though, is a tough one and contains intense periods of variation in self-esteem. Once the belief in and knowledge of one’s own internal strength sets in, these people begin an active campaign leading others into awareness of themselves.

Legacy: The Leonine Earthlings strive to lead others in their realm to realize the need for a self-contained sense of individuality. They teach others how to own one’s being and allow creative self- expression to flourish. The Leo Earth people discourage others from cloning or engaging in emulation techniques that establish superficial attachments to the projected qualities of another individual. These people stress uniqueness and strive to promote the confidence of everyone they encounter. This inspirational ability of the Leo Earth may manifest in both direct and indirect means of interaction with others. Personal contact is not necessary for the process to occur.


Lesson: Virgo Earthlings appear on the planet to develop an aware ness of the principles of integration on a minute level. Overall knowledge of the system seems to exist in these beings. A need for understanding the detailed simplicity of life’s process must follow. Discipline becomes a key factor in the schooling of the Virgoan Earth as resistance to commitment and structure is taken for granted. This discipline, once implemented, allows these individuals to set into motion the plans, creative concepts and intuitive insights which flash through the mind. Discipline strives to eliminate the inability often experienced in prioritizing life’s endeavors. The organized for mats of discipline yield the ability to select an appropriate creative pursuit to manifest.

Legacy: The legacy of the Virgo Earth resides within the ability to adjust to a flowing system of discipline. These individuals are then capable of presenting to others the synthesis of the subtle and the gross, the sacred and the profane and the parts and the wholes.


Lesson: At one level it appears that these people exist solely for the purpose of establishing identity of the self at the soul’s core. The lesson adds a deeper aspect to the identity quest. It becomes imperative for these individuals to learn the active dynamic of interfacing with others on the planet. Self-assertion must be conducted in such a way as not to interfere with the will and identities of others.

Legacy: Once polarized, these individuals leave behind the lesson of interaction without compromise. The cultivation of the sense of self is a demonstrated blending with an ability to be and to let others be. Interference and imposition diminishes creating a clear approach in human relationship.


Lesson: The drive to transform need presents the biggest challenge of this Earth/Sun polarity. Attachment and possession must be over come. Learning how to have and hold, and how the have/hold principle differs from owning/possessing, creates the crisis of reorientation. Scorpio Earth souls must learn to experience their feelings, especially feelings of material resentment, jealousy and emotional bondage. An innate understanding of the natural value of human resources must learned. This resource of human potential must be understood from the standpoint of using people, not abusing people. Should this lesson about human resource not be learned, the Taurean tendencies only subvert deeper. The subverted tendencies appear through the use of others in a negative manner, creating a master/slave relationship.

Legacy: Once cultivated, these seekers become the masters of manipulating others into positive, creative spaces of existence. An understanding of when to intervene and when to not intervene becomes inherent in one’s nature. These individuals may become compulsive, not being able to see waste of a mind or creative potential. They constantly push, shove and work to apply every available resource. A unique ability to invest in the resources of others also evolves. True levels of abundance and prosperity consciousness can and must be taught.


Lesson: These Earthlings must learn that focus does not rule out necessary pursuits. They sense that there is a lack of freedom of choice when, in fact, a simple level of mental discrimination strives to present choices. Short range planning must be relinquished to the long range projection. Distraction must yield to well disciplined, conscious direction. Simplification must be produced to gain distance, direction and result. Yet, the need to remain responsive to the subtleness of Divine Signaling is necessary so that single mindedness and dogma does not result.

Legacy: The Sagittarius Earth spirit strives to leave behind a sense of direction stemming from their abilities to focus. A directed philosophy results from knowing which needs to pursue and which not. Vicarious learning must be encouraged to prevent redundancy of the human consciousness effort. The value of thoughts and knowing is taught to others.


Lesson: The Capricorn Earth strives to generate an autonomous sense of self which can only be derived from a strong sense of support and foundation. This support initially extends from external sources and the individual resists receiving support (based upon a point of view that he or she renders support only). This unilateral perception must be terminated for the person to evolve to the fullest. Under standing the bidirectional nature of support assists these people in growth. The awareness of assumable responsibility, to take and not to take, must be assimilated.

Legacy: With the Cancer side understood and synthesized, the Capricorn Earth provides others with a quiet, parental type of support which encourages assuming total responsibility for the self; no more and no less. Sharing of support encourages cooperative interactions on all levels of the creative/receptive axis.


Lesson: Within the natural Leo association to the Sun this axis assumes a stronger natural emphasis. The goal of the actualized ego bears the fulfillment of humanity, a lesson easier stated than learned. Overcoming the guru syndrome requires great attention and per severance to cause. One must be conscious not to accept unwarranted praise and at the same time remain accepting of praise which is valid. Avoidance of idle flattery and yes-type followers must be included in the growth. Total identity as a unique and persistent individual cultivates some necessary isolationism for the growth process. Courage and commitment of the self requires more effort here than in any other case. One must obtain a strong sense of self that is referenced only to the self. This self referencing frees the ego from superiority/inferiority dynamics.

Legacy: Once actualized, these individuals strive to teach everyone to be who they happen to be and to become that which they strive to be. Courage and commitment are taught hand in hand with respect for the being that one happens to be. The creative process is accentuated, allowing them to exercise a purposeful lead in humanity. A choice must also be taught. That choice is the ability to help humanity from a non-involved point of view or from direct and inclusive involvement. A good example is a hermit who would pray over the dominion of humanity versus the leader who works with a group in the interest of evolution. The difficult choice is individual and must not be transferred to any other entity or oracle.


Lesson: To flow in the dimension of experience creates the major lessons of evolvement for these Earthlings. When the Pisces Earth encounters a dynamic of growth, the tendency is to compartmentalize the awareness in an intellectual or academic manner. This is fine as far as the process is understood. The only drawback to this system comes from the integration of the experience. To understand experientially creates a conflict for this sign. Once an experience is assimilated, the tendency becomes to translate the experience in a logical or mnemonic manner. On many levels of experience this is impossible, as no words can formulate a concise enough picture to represent the occurrence. Thus, the individual falls in the position of knowing and not being able to explain. The creative process builds up momentum from such a response, allowing the individual to be manipulated by perplexity into realizing an unrecognized aspect of internal ingenuity. Cognitive dissonance becomes the well known “A-ha!” of under standing.

Legacy: The Pisces Earth person knows how to translate inexplicable experiences into a system of reference, provided that when another person flows into the same stream of consciousness the event will be understood for what it is. A Taoist teaching method arises, allowing great levels of individual creativity to be tapped without compromising the process of logic, yet not allowing the mental to interfere with the flow of creativity. An extremely delicate balance of co-existence emerges guiding the person experientially and logically through all events in life. This balance utilizes every aspect of involvement in life to ascertain more of the process of growth and evolution.

Susannah Meel, a Buddhist Astrologer from Estonia, is the founder of

“Professional Astrologer (Diploma) & Tarot Reader with over 13 years of experience. Studied at the Estonian Institute of Astrology (EIA). Has also received higher education in Asian Studies & Sanskrit language at Tallinn University. Influenced by the Avestan School of Astrology in Russia & the Baltic States. Frequently travels to India & Ladakh for Tibetan Buddhist teachings as well as for the purpose of deepening her knowledge of Vedic astrology. “

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    ty anderson says:

    I’m enlighten and still Im growing as a human being I’m humble and greatful for any information I receive or learn on thus Pṛthvī……

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    Adam says:

    thank you so much for this I have always wonder and pondered on why the earth was not included as a planet for astrology and what my earth sign would be if it was and if it was a real thing what influence would it have on us, and if it did influence us could that mean our destinies are also influenced by it. I also would wonder does it influence our destinies or is it something else like how the sun influences our conscious mind/personality and the moon our subconscious mind/emotions and dreams. I still don’t know the answer to the question can the earth inhabit our rising sign and if it can what effect would that have on us? thank you for this insight by the way, who new my earth sign is real and of all the signs it’s capricorn.


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