Your Spirit – The New Moon at 0° Leo

by Agent Ei Andrew Smith

Respond to every call
that excites your spirit.
Ignore those that make you fearful
and sad, that degrade you
back toward disease and death.


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New Moon Leo July 23rd 9:45am UT @ 00° 45′ Leo

What a world you live within these days! So fast, so impersonal, so many mistakes being made because so many are not living their true truth and have fallen asleep within the captive arms of a system that has successfully infiltrated their minds and has them believe that their creative life force is best used to further support the status quo, even if on the pretence of improving it. It has been so frustrating dealing with the ineptitude of those working to live, merely passing time, eager for their pay check and to head off at the weekend to embrace what they lOve, only to return on Monday to the grey monotony of a computer terminal, four walls and a chair.

How frustrating it has been, having to contain your irritation with those who simply don’t care, or those who are so unhappy and under pressure, as they ignore their unconscious process/ scripts and patterns being made conscious, projecting onto the world and reacting through a sense of entitlement to defend their turf and to have their say. You have been trying hard not to judge, nor to engage in egoic battles, but it is hard when you can feel the dizzying rise of that red haze ascend violently through you, commandeering your reactions and readying you to fight or answer back, putting the other in their place. Somewhere deep within, you know that you have to free yourself from this reactiveness, after all you have been releasing karma and creating dharma and you sure as hell don’t want to re-bind yourself when you have worked ever so hard to free yourself. But it is so easy to react. So, so easy. After all, you internalised your angst for far too long and now that you have found your voice, surely you are entitled to voice it… even if those home truths devastate the initiator??

But, and here is the ‘but’, don’t you realise that you are being called to FIND ANOTHER WAY?

Okay, it is tense; and mad; and disappointing; and conflicting. Okay, it is volatile and upsetting, as the world appears to be moving through a fight for its soul and humanity desperately attempts to climb out of the Dark Age. Okay, there are many reasons to react; to defend yourself and your opinions; to define and protect your boundaries, especially since you have worked so hard to know where you begin and others end. And of course you truly don’t want to further hurt, anger and sadness, even if you have struggled with your own confidence to stay true to yourself and your values; even though you have been immersed on a journey of discovering how much of your life is truly yours; and despite the fact that you have finally understood that all the heart breaks you have experienced have merely served to open up your heart, so that your inner light can shine forth.

But despite the fire that arises from your root to enflame your spirit; despite the heat of that rising red haze; and despite the colonisation of your mind that creates the feeling that you have no say or influence on the world you are being called to raise the bar, as you are challenged to find ways to harness this impassioned fire in a way that starkly differs from how you have previously reacted. For example, when you feel the intensity of your inner flame and it arouses frustration from the actions or inactions of those in your life, remember to go high when others go low.

You are being challenged to keep in touch to that which lights your inner flame and no to be thrown off course by the distractions that plentiful abound. Come again? Your inner light? Yes, your inner light. Don’t you know yet, that it is your light that lights the world? Don’t you know that your inner universe is fuelled by a dancing nuance of eternal light, an invisible sun. It flames you into ecstatic motion, inspires your dreams, focuses your awareness and directs your life force. There is no shadow within this light, so pure its ray, blinding the eyes from illusion, consuming the mind so that distractions disappear, awakening the eye that matters and opening you up to the endless and infinite possibility that you are.

Yet, it is a light largely forgotten, as cavernous shadows play in the material light, weighing your vision down with dross. That has been intentional, as you have been dumbed down and led to believe that the physical world is what you have to focus on and that anything within is merely subjective and not relevant. And so, nicely encased within a shell, your Sun has become but a working star, one amidst a galaxy of stars, harvested by those clever enough to cast spells to encourage you to look around you and direct your light towards some finite and singular goal.

The truth is, that to live, you must be set alight by your inner sun and you have to live your lOve or else you will stray in the direction of darkness and feel that endless light diminish down the black hole sun. Until you have connected to that inner Sun, it will feel as if you have only so much fire in your belly to expend, even if you have chosen a lifetime wherein that energy source feels unlimited; even if from within the empty fullness of your spiritual heart flows a surge of ecstatic creative urgency wherein you feel that impulse to manifest as a primal, irrational and consuming presence; even if you have perfected your physicality, eat pure, organic, raw foods, breathe deeply from the source of creation and exercise regularly so that energy ‘gets’ energy; and even if your life force has been directed towards external gratification and protection/ preservation.

The question that arises, as you approach the rebirth of your inner flame on the 23rd July 2017, concerns how you direct the inner, invisible, sun of your Soul?

“If you are seeking, seek us with joy, for we live in the kingdom of joy. Do not give your heart to anything else but to the love of those who are clear joy, do not stray into the neighbourhood of despair. For there are hopes: they are real, they exist — do not go in the direction of darkness — I tell you: SUNS EXIST!!!” – Rumi

Deep within the subtle emanations of this Leonine lunation is the call to remain firm to a path that reflects the authenticity of who you are; one that will not compromise on who you are and what you are driven to produce; one that offers a greater degree of autonomy; and one that fires up your soul. What you can expect is a massive release of libidinal energy. What you do with it, how to harness it, how to deal with it and where to direct it is going play a central theme of this coming six and a half months ahead of the Leonine Full Moon on the 31st January 2018, the quality of the experience being guided by the manner in which you generally deal with frustration, passion and the level of awareness you have to obtain any goal you have set yourself.

So as you prepare for the opportunity to rebirth your inner Light in attunement with the union of the Cosmic Lights this coming Sunday, please reflect on how in touch are you with what you are truly passionate about and whether you are channelling your passion in a way that is respectful to the peace of your inner Sun? For example, are you living utterly in accord with that passion, directing every fibre of your being towards it, breathing it, feeling it, living it, believing in it and letting it infuse through you, so that you talk, act and embody that passion?

Are you truly living in accord with your inner sun? Do you, for example, believe in the sanctity of life, yet drive too fast, opening yourself up to the very possibility of crashing and ending yours or someone else’s life; do you carry a gun or eat meat, despite believing that “thou shalt not kill”; do you speak of lOve but curse people out of it in your head?

Furthermore, how do you deal with things when they don’t go according to your internal vision; when you are in the presence of unkind words and actions, how do you react – are you able to keep composed when the temperature rises and words or actions become heated? To use a cliché, each and every time life throws you a lemon, don’t just make lemonade, instead make the best lemon meringue ever and in time, turn those lemons into gOld, self-realising and self-actualising your inner Sun! Remember that frustration is not meant to stop your progress. It is a signpost advising you not to abandon hope and faith, a small speed bump encouraging you get further organised, creative and excited as you continue to strengthen your self-belief and self-conviction, further illuminating your inner Sun.

I will take your leave with another Rumi quote that you may want to meditate on in the three days prior to the Leo Lunation. Thank you again for your time and focus.


You are the truth from foot to brow – Rumi


All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. 

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    Patricia A. Lyons says:

    Wow! I feel challenged & inspired by reading this article on tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo 0 degrees. I look forward to learning so much more from this CIA group. Kaypacha has mentioned it several times, so I’m so glad I went seeking and found it today ahead of this powerful time to align myself with my inner sun light. Many thanks, so much love!

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    Margaret says:

    This is beautiful! Tis very helpful to hear this at this time. Realizing the importance of this time and my part in it – thank you. Have a beautiful weekend Andrew.


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