You are Creation – The New Moon in Cardinal Earth

By Agent Ei Andrew Smith

New Moon Capricorn – 26°54′ Capricorn – January 17th – 2:16am UT


On the 17th January 2018 at 2:17am GMT

To see a World in a Grain of Sand.

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower.

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.

And Eternity in an hour

William Blake – Auguries of Innocence




“Look at this blade of grass”

“Come again?”

“I want you to look at this blade of grass and tell me what you see”, the master said to Little Spirit.

Little Spirit reluctantly took the blade of grass and held it between her forefinger and thumb. “What has this got to do with my studies”, she thought to herself.

“What do you see?”

“A blade of grass!”

“What else?”

“Hmm, it’s…. green”

“Look again. Look deeper. Deeper”

Little Spirt stared at the thin blade of grass, noting the thin spine that split the blade into two halves and the slight leaking of the sap from the parallel veins on the smooth surface.

“Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Hold the grass in your fingers and, with your eyes closed, look at the grass with your third eye. Look into the grass.”

Immediately, Little Spirit saw the structure of the grass, growing huge, unfolding like an entire garden; the outer layers peeling back to reveal veins and threads beneath; and then these dissolved to reveal the cells; and within them the molecules; and beyond those the atoms. Little Spirit felt as if she was falling, but was it up or down? Was she flying into space, or dropping deeper within? Further and further into the grass seeing beyond the atoms; ahead was planet sized protons; and neutrons and electrons; and even smaller still, the quarks and leptons flying like comets. Little Spirit looked back to the surface and saw that she was looking up at creation – the universe within, reflecting an image she remembered from the internet of an astronomer’s interpretation of what the universe at large looked like. They were one and the same.

“You have seen what shapes us, one and all. The grass in your fingers is creation. It is made of the same stuff you are. You and it are one and the same. You and it breathe the same molecules. When you breathe in, you draw the universe into you. When you breathe out, you merge with the universe at large, since your molecules are charged by your thoughts and emotions and you exist within those molecules. That is how you create reality. The pause between breathes is the now; where YOU really exist.”




Mirrored in the external world as the world ‘we’ live in and the world ‘we’ want to live gravely differs, that very same tension has been building within you of late – a tension between your vision of what you ‘could’ be and who it is that you truly are – your omnipresent soul essence, hidden deep beneath the veneer of socialisation. Though your newly re-born and maturing heart has been focusing on the quality of lOve within the world you are co-creating, those entrenched routines that have previously served you are having a hard time letting go of the familiar – even if that familiar has lead you down a path of pain. Better the devil you know, as the saying goes – or is it?

The process of egoic-dissolution, coupled with a powerful awareness of remaining true to who you are, remains a background impetus throughout 2018, as it was through a large part of 2017. In the past month that process has been deepened by an added ‘call’ to action, as it ‘feels’ impossible to sit on the side lines and observe. This is no longer the time to sit and process your prior dependency patterning within relationships; to centre your therapeutic work on developing confidence in your heart-values; to release all emotional expectations; or to engage your inner Joan D’Arc as you zealously take on non-believers. No, that mood has shifted. The hunger to actualise, the impatience with deep and reflective processing and the desire to ‘get on with it’ has been noticeable and as you move through this ‘creational’ energy.

Starting back in 2008, a deep existential question of the integrity behind the vision ‘we’ all contributed to the construction of the very fabric that binds and houses our reality, has recently felt very acute, as you have felt rhetoric giving way to action. The time that was held over the past two and a half years has now passed and a differing space in consciousness has emerged to help you build on the questions that have arisen regarding the beliefs that ‘you’ hold. No longer content with the disconnect between ideology and reality, you have started to feel the need to step up and make significant changes in your thought and belief process. Humbled, ego hammered, relationships altered, reality as it was shattered, you have felt a powerful impetus move through you, in recent weeks, to ‘create’, to ‘act’ and to ‘architect’. Not out of reaction, or indeed from a place of desire. A calming, soothing space has emerged around your heart, which even in those recent moments of distress, exhaustion and ill-health, has given you a deeper sense of purpose and conviction that all will be okay, you just need to continue to believe you are now walking and to trust that the processing you have done has resulted in your ability to draw into your awareness people who resonate at a similar vibration to you. All this speak of disinformation has served a personal purpose of reflecting on whether you are walking what you believe, as opposed to existing within two worlds – the world of ego-fantasy and pride, and the world of truth, humility and honesty.

Since December, the focus on what beliefs you have had that have influenced the way that you have lived has changed, as your focus now has been on the reality of your world; the reality of your heart; the reality of your mind; the reality of soul. And you have felt the optimist within you re-engage, even when the enemies of your soul forcefully arose in an attempt to bind you to the way it was. A flame rekindled, hope has not felt ephemeral, but solid and real. No longer upset by the perpetual dance that occurs as layers of processing arises, even after insight and therapy have been engaged, you have started to truly feel that you are the captain of your own ship and that you are more connected and supported than you ‘knew’. You have started to deeply understand that the dissolution and disenfranchisement of the structures in your external world, have merely been mirrors of the disconnect that is happening within you and you now have started to feel a power pulsing through you that is building a confidence in your self-belief and awareness that you are creating your reality.

And so on the threshold of the first lunation of 2018, you can ‘feel’ that the work you have done in facing your shadow, in embracing it as you have let go pride, is having a profound impact on how you relate to those around you. As you open yourself up to the fact that you do not have all the answers, that you cannot truly control those people who are in your life, that you cannot concretely know the future and that you only have a finite amount of time during your sojourn on the Earth, you have experienced a freedom to release you from those burdens. As you literally feel the Earth within you, you instinctively know that you are the matrix wherein the alchemy of consciousness finds form and is the agency through which the creation of your soul’s imagination is shaped. You can truly feel that you are the creator of your own destiny and that you can build your life in accordance with what you lOve. You do not have to wait for more experience/ more money/ more time/ more support. You have all that you need here and now. The work on your belief systems has led you to that point and now, you create.

As the January union of the Cosmic Lights looms, you can sense that the seeds you are planting hold a profound potential for the coming six and a half months as you feel the embrace of wisdom and compassion coupled with hardiness and perseverance. Now is the time to create. Now is the time to let go and trust in yourself. Now is the time to realise that you are the blade of grass and that creation is within you.


Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this month’s offering.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 10:30 GMT, 13th January 2018.


Agent Ei Andrew Smith

Agent Ei Andrew Smith

Writer, Consultant

Client centred astrological consultations, focusing on a humanistic/ transpersonal approach; Locational Astrology
Location:  Dublin, Rep. Ireland
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5 replies
  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Came across your insight today (19/1/208) by accident (I’m in Australia) and by coincidence I had already contributed to an astrological site on the other side of the world (United States) yesterday (my time) in answer to a Capricorn stellium open forum discussion of which the New Moon has just been an intricate part of.
    3 continents, truly global, all working to the same result. Need any more proof?

    How’s the stellium in Capricorn treating you? Where does it fall in your chart?
    Thursday, January 18, 2018 – 6:03 am

    I’ve been fortunate in having some freedom to explore during this stellium transit, which in my chart has been the cap stellium transiting my 3rd house squaring my natal stellium in the 12th. Coupled with this I have had the transiting mars/jupiter combination conjuncting and activating my scorpio asc. Talk about driven!

    It has translated into an opportunity to do some long overdue emotional healing and transformation of my long time troubled psyche on a spiritual level. I’ve been hunting aspects from the transit to the MC, to the North Node, the 12th house planets in general, a wayward Uranus in the 10th but particularly a natal Neptune/Mercury conjunction in the 12th which form a sextile with my natal Moon, all three planets activating a Retrograde natal Mars in 7th house which is the fulcrum of a Yod in my chart. So throw a yod in with the mix! And then add some examination of my progressed chart which reveals my ascendant has progressed to Capricorn, very apt as this stage of my life and also contributing to the consequent effect of this transiting stellium.

    Thankfully I have had some success with all this effort and have discovered a path that can nurture my consciousness and I believe I can travel it knowing I am giving back in the right areas with quality and quantity and harmonize what has been a pretty discordant experience of my life to date particularly in the area of personal relationships (I’m finally learning how to enjoy my own company at last).

    I also lost a dear friend yesterday, in fact I was there when he took his last breath, he didn’t want to go though but went peacefully, it can be startling when it is demonstrated to you so dramatically just how powerful and beautiful our life force is.

    So the start of 2018 for me is tinged with great sadness and has been full of responsibility, maturity and a solid grounding in oh so many ways.


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