Cancer – Yearly Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 144 Alex Trenoweth



Overall flavour of 2017

It is often far too easy for you to become caught up in the dramas of other people. This year aim to keep a sense of objectivity and avoid emotional entanglements. Issues around technology will need your attention so get advice as soon as you can and keep up to date with the latest developments. If you’re not sure, then ask some trusted friends for their ideas.

A few dates for your diary

Mercury retrograde

Despite common assumptions, the times when Mercury is retrograde is not the cause of lost post, late trains or crashing computers. However, they are times when we are given an opportunity to check over what hasn’t been working for us in terms of how we communicate. In mythology, Mercury was the trickster but almost all cultures make references to “wise fools”. Treat Mercury with the reverence he/she (yes Mercury is androgynous) deserves and look for the true message beneath the distractions.

9th April-3rd May

12th August-5th September

3 Dec-22 December

Venus retrograde

Venus is further from the sun so its period of time in retrograde motion is longer and less frequent. These times give us the opportunity to consider our values and what we hold important. Gains and losses take on a particular deeper meaning if we look at the issues more closely.

March 4th-April 15th

October 5th – 16th November


Mars is in forward motion all year long bringing a sense of urgency to the things we do.


Jupiter moves into retrograde motion from 7th February to the 10th June.

Jupiter ingresses (changes sign) into Scorpio on 11th October


Saturn turns retrograde on the 7th April and remains in retrograde motion until 26th August.

Saturn ingresses (moves into) its own sign of Capricorn on the solstice on 21st December 2017.

*Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions form a part of a larger cycle known as “Grand Conjunctions”. The next Grand Conjunction will be in 2020. A short article on this topic can be found here:


Uranus will remain in direct motion until the 3rd of August when it will turn retrograde until the end of 2017.

Uranus changes signs into Taurus on 15th May 2018. Because Uranus only changes signs approximately once every 8 years, this shift is seen as being quite important and could have a huge effect on our agricultural and technological systems.


Neptune moves into Aries in 2025. Because Neptune only changes signs approximately once every 16 years, this shift is seen as being quite important and could have a huge effect on the film industry, oil companies and plastics industries.


Pluto ingresses (changes signs) into Aquarius in 2023. Even slower than Uranus and Neptune, Pluto only changes signs about once every 28-30 years. The ingress into Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus) ties in with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and is likely to have a huge impact on technology.


Appulse Lunar eclipse 11 February: This eclipse is part of a Saros cycle associated with pleasant surprises.

Partial Lunar eclipse 7 August: This eclipse is part of a Saros cycle (1 North) associated with surprises and pressures on personal relationships. Avoid making knee-jerk hasty decisions.

Annular Solar eclipse : 26 February

Total Solar eclipse: 21 August

Special dates

Lunar Eclipses: As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, eclipse take on deeper and powerful meanings for you. Also check the solar eclipses and bear in mind that eclipses are a part of a larger cycle.

Appulse lunar eclipses 11 February: Money, money money is a huge issue. Either not having enough or spending it foolishly. Use the days before this date sorting through what is working for you financially and get rid of the bad spending habits.

Partial lunar 7 August: There eclipse cycle is associated with pressure from friends so it is important to be sure of what you need from other people to ensure you get what you want.

Finding the rhythm of the Sun and Moon

Think of lunar phases as if they were like respiration: an intake of air (starting with the New Moon), the lungs filling to capacity (the Full Moon) and the exhalation to empty the lungs (the New Moon). It’s a continuous cycle that has its own rhythm.

These short summaries of the phases of the Moon are just a short guide for getting the most out of 2017.


Full Moon: 12th

A Full Moon reveals information that has not been previously available. Take a good look in the mirror and consider if the person in the reflection is truly living the life they want to lead. What do you have to offer to others?

New Moon: 28th

This is a time for discovering what motivates and what makes you tick. The New Moon can be an intense time for you so be sure to give yourself a break where needed. Spending time out doors or just changing your environment when it all seems too heavy going can make a huge difference.


Full Moon: 11th

Finances come to the fore with this Full Moon and you may be asking yourself if you are being paid what you’re worth or considering if it’s time you did something a little different.

New Moon: 26th

A brilliant mind can be wasted on the wrong things. Consider an area or topic in which you have had an interest but not the time to learn more about. Sign up for a class or buy/borrow a book on the subject. It’s time to get studying.


Full Moon: 12th

If you have writing projects or other projects that involve the skill of communication then this Full Moon is a good time to look over your work. Decide on what needs to be done or how it can be improved.

New Moon: 28th

Where are you headed? What do you want to achieve. This New Moon is a great opportunity to refine your progress by setting new goals. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step today—but make sure you know where you want to get to.


Full Moon:  11th

Your emotional well being can be quite challenged during this Full Moon and you may find you over-react to things that normally would not bother you. Take some time out away from the hustle and noise and focus on how you feel.

New Moon: 26th 

Networking and getting to grips with new technology is a necessity these days. This is a good time to take stock of your gizmos and gadgets and devise a reasonable plan to update or even replace these items so they work better for you.


Full Moon:  10th

Your creativity is greatly heightened and it is a good time to search for your Inner Child and to bring him/her out to play. This act may cause some dramas but provided you don’t take them too seriously, you will be able to manage them.

New Moon: 25th 

This indicates a good time to begin s course of meditation or psychic studies—or to even begin learning a new instrument. Your imagination is greatly heightened so ensure you understand what is really going on before acting on new information.


Full Moon:  9th

This is an ideal time to ensure your physical body is running at full capacity. Do you need to diet and exercise more? Are there food allergy issues? Ensure your daily schedule supports a healthy lifestyle and be honest about it.

New Moon: 24th 

A New Moon is a time to take stock and this particular one is an opportunity to consider how you interact with others (including yourself). Take a good look in the mirror and consider if the person in the reflection is truly living the life they want to lead.


Full Moon: 9th

Personal relationships fall under the spotlight and for those who are less enlightened, arguments with loved ones can escalate to unmanageable levels. Be honest but more importantly, clear about what your needs are and don’t promise more than you can honour. And don’t let minor issues become major ones.

New Moon: 23rd

Sorting through finances may not be the most fun but it is something you shouldn’t put off. Make new financial goals and commit to sticking to a budget.


Full Moon: 7th

Defining boundaries and establishing what is yours and what you are willing to share can become critical issues under this Full Moon.  Be clear about where you stand with joint possessions before agreeing to anything.

New Moon: 21st 

Sorting through finances may not be the most fun but it is something you shouldn’t put off. Make new financial goals and commit to sticking to a budget.


Full Moon:  6th

What do you know? A seemingly flippant question can cause quite serious disturbances if you are not informed enough to be making comments about contentious issues. Better to be a silent fool than a loud one.

New Moon: 20th

Communicating is a skill that has to be practiced. What do you say to others? Are your words something trivial or do they have a power to them? Commit to choosing your words (written or spoken) carefully. Perhaps start by being friendly with the neighbours.


Full Moon:  5th

You should be feeling the culmination of all your hard work. If not, why not? Ask yourself this question when you feel you are not receiving the respect you deserve and then do something to push yourself towards new goals.

New Moon: 19th 

Take a good look at your home environment. Is it a happy one? Or, are there some improvements that could be made? Mending or being willing to come to terms with family issues is also something you may want consider during this New Moon.


Full Moon: 4th

This Full Moon brings with it a need to make decisions about your social networks, circles of friends and any technological issues. For the next 2 weeks, work towards resolving these issues

New Moon: 18th

A focus on work and making money can leave the creative process neglected and unmanaged. Use this New Moon to take up a new hobby or to begin explore new ways of having fun. It’s time to incorporate some play into your life.


Full Moon:  3rd

Take some time out to listen to music, write poetry or contribute time and/or money to good causes. Pick a charity you would like to support and show good will to the living things around you.

New Moon: 18th

The New Moon in the 6th house invites us to consider our general state of health and our day to day routines. Are you cultivating good habits or do some changes need to be made. Make a commitment to bringing about some much needed fixing up.


Alex Trenoweth


What do you get when you cross a dedicated school teacher with a passionate astrologer? You get Alex Trenoweth, an award-winning, innovative and thought-provoking astrological researcher. In recent years, Alex has been travelling across the globe lecturing on the topic of her book, “Growing Pains”. She is the regular Sun Sign columnist for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency and was awarded the prestigious title of “Best International Astrologer of the Year, 2015” by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology for her original, innovative and thought-provoking research on astrology and education. Alex is available for Astrology and Tarot readings and frequently gives online workshops on these topics as well as Palmistry. To keep up with Alex or to make an appointment, you can follow her on Facebook, visit her website at, subscribe to her newsletter at or drop her an email at [email protected] 

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