Wish upon a Falling Star

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer


There’s a Hawaiian saying: Welo ke aloha i ka ?nohi. It attempts to shape our minds around the idea that love flutters to and fro before our eyes; That it seems to come in waves, but this is an illusion.  The same could be said for Venus.

Around this time in 2010, Venus was near exactly where she is in the sky today.  The Moon may have pulled your attention to her over the past couple nights as she sailed by, opening and closing a final gate of this cycle (Jupiter looking on inquisitively).  Every 8 years she returns, in the same phase, the same signs, to check on things.  In this part of her 5 stations, her loving, diamond eye shines into tropical Scorpio.  And so, in loves apparent fluttering to and fro we may find ourselves in a similar intensity as 8 years ago, but it won’t be the same. How could it?

This part of the sky can bring the worst out of us.  I suspect this is why we either have scorpions and snakes representing it or the eagle/phoenix/Firebird.  We choose our mascot with our choices.  Taking a quick glimpse through Jupiter’s looking glass will give you a good idea of what I’m getting at (He’s been in Scorpio since last October; #METOO).  It’s a depth we must be willing to go, or else we lack it.  It’s a darkness we must allow our eyes to adjust to, or else we are blinded.  It’s an ownership for our choices that allows the Firebird to burst out of our chest, or a false transformation and an inner combustion with no release point. There is a pregnant abyss that Venus is about to fall into and it’s good to have our prayers woven tightly.

It is always helpful looking back, but not too much to where you strain your neck.  So take a quick look back to the Fall of 2010 and locate some Venusian themes: love, connection, adoration, obsession, monies, what you were holding close to your chest, what you were spending your time on.  Now, if you can, throw on the next lens, and ask about Scorpio, which House, which Planets were involved?  Once you have captured the gist of the themes, ask yourself honestly: How far have a come? Or am I still living back there? Have I been backsliding or can you see callouses on your hands from your constant climb out of it? These are just a few ways of inquiring about how you and Venus have grown together in the last 8 years. I say all of this because she is about to be a falling star.  This happens every 584 days in the evening’s sky.  And it occurs when she comes close to us.  Many call it retrogradation!

Important Dates:

The Retrograde: October 5, 2018 – November 16, 2018, from 11 degrees Scorpio to 25 degrees Libra

October 25th: “Conception point/Inner Conjunction/Beginning” Venus conjunct the Sun (4 Scorpio)

I write this not to scare you, but to help build context for your life.  All planets have a different time signature.  With Venus, one of them is the 8 years it takes for her to return to the same part of the sky-off always by a degree or two.  And so watch a sunset or two in the coming weeks and witness how it’s not the Sun who closes out the day, it’s actually Venus.  Soon, she will disappear for a while, returning before the Sun to greet the day instead of shutting it down.  So craft some beautiful prayers.  Weave threads of moonlight and sweet adoration into them.  And always, within all those prayers, make sure to include something about being more kind tomorrow than you were yesterday. Make a love-filled wish upon this falling star.

Welo ke aloha i ka ?nohi.