Pluto Retrograde – Internal Authority

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Pluto retrograde – April 20 to September 28, 2017

18 to 21 degrees Capricorn

Pluto stations to begin its retrograde period on April 20. Often referred to as Lord of the Underworld and archetypally associated with Scorpio, Pluto’s retrograde period often involves karmic lessons of surrender, regeneration and eventual rebirth. The material unearthed by Pluto’s stations are often of a shadow nature, those secrets and deep unconscious desires often locked away from conscious view, but that must be illuminated, surrendered and healed for the process of deep transformation to occur.

Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn may force an internal examination of where we stand in terms of power and powerlessness. Capricorn symbolizes our reputation, ambition, public image and career direction and Pluto’s rx transit can have us transforming how we’re viewed in the world which often comes down to our personal integrity. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is also recently begun its retrograde period so issue of internal authority and how we can live up to the responsibility of being the masters of our own destiny may come to points of crisis. Where Pluto is located in our chart points to our unconscious responses when we face intense stress or a sense of powerlessness.

In Evolutionary astrology, Pluto symbolizes the karmic lessons of the soul through many lifetimes and the journey of retrograde Pluto through the Underworld can feel ancient. We may face blocks that we stumble over time and again but never learn the lesson to liberate from them, often because our ego senses its potential demise in the process. Pluto deals with issues that have been brewing a very long time: months, years, potentially lifetimes. The Pluto Polarity Point indicates where the soul’s area of intended evolution is found, which may take lifetimes to achieve as the ego battles for survival against the soul’s evolutionary journey.

Pluto is the unstoppable force and during the station retrograde, something must be surrendered yet the more we cling to it, the more painful the process of transformation. As Pluto is associated with deep bonds there is often some degree of resistance to the change. Issues of death, mortality, abandonment, betrayal and shame are some of the darker shades of Pluto’s domain. Or there could simply be a need to move on from a current life situation that has passed its expiration date, one which we resist. Pluto’s ultimate goal is regeneration and the only way to truly reach the rebirth phase is to surrender the old for the birth of the new.

Jupiter square Pluto – Jupiter is Libra is square to Pluto rx in Capricorn throughout much of this period, exact August 2 – 8. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, expands possibilities, creates abundance and increases faith in one’s beliefs but the square aspect can often bring out the negative side of too much of a good thing leading to excessive pride and greed, unrealistic expectations and fanaticism. In Libra, issues of diplomacy and partnerships are highlighted. The square to Pluto can bring in powerful partners or ruthless enemies.

The midpoint of Pluto’s retrograde is at the opposition with the Sun in Cancer on July 11 which can illuminate the ego lessons of this transit. Deep emotions and memories may emerge at this time that illuminate the subconscious material that drives us. If crisis and power struggles occur, this is to help trigger a deeper reach for internal resources and a strengthening of character through ego transformation.

Christina Caudill