WE Can be HEROES – Virgo Full Super Moon conjunct Regulus – Feb 19th UT

By Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

We can be Heroes!

“A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown”. Tom Hanks

The first month of the voracious and fertile Earth Sow year shows initial promise bestowing magical light blessings that inspire and culminate with a fantastic Full Virgo Super Moon, Tuesday 19
th (or 20th) February at 16:53 GMT.  This Full SuperMoon reflects the light of the Sun in watery Pisces, and will look larger than usual, impacting upon (emotional) tides for up to a week after Luna’s climax. Should anyone offer you a metaphoric surfboard to ride overwhelming or choppy emotional waves, it is a realistic Virgoan influence that makes sure you can first swim before jetting through a rip tide with slip-sliding, groovy moves.

Whatever you are doing over the coming Full SuperMoon, get ready to be super versatile, especially when venturing into unchartered territory. At 0° Virgo, the Full Super Moon has a changeable and versatile quality which highlights the feminine strength of devoted LOVE WISDOM in action, a bit like an exotic temple filled with Italian Mama’s making sure you have eaten, slept, and loved enough.

This Supermoon also spotlights collective undercurrents as well as personal welfare and happiness – especially at work. As the sign of the Fish is an all-consuming, all embracing collective sign, it’s possible many will also intuit the imperative (Virgoan) need to heal underlying toxic turmoil. Pisces can be easily lost in artistic creativity (or by hypnotised manipulation) and tends to spill-out, leaving the environmentally aware and pragmatic Virgo to mop-up the mess. In any event, if it all gets too much then this Full SuperMoon will provide the opportunity to fill your life with meaningful activity, be of service and dedicate karmic merit to the benefit of others.

As well as being deeply mystical, psychic Pisces is sensitive and compassionate, poetic and oceanic in feeling, the Fish shows how we struggle on fuelled by devotion (or confusion looking for confirmation and acceptance), while the virtuous Virgo is compact, organised and, dare I say, almost perfect in her nature.

··  To help the Goddess on her quest for perfection, this Full SuperMoon also conjuncts one of four ancient ‘guardians’, Royal Fixed Stars, Regulus. A heroic ‘Lion Heart’ star of the first magnitude, Regulus moved by precession into the sign of the Sacred Goddess, Virgo, in 2012. 

Planets conjunct Regulus indicate valiant courage and supreme success. Regulus is the ‘Watcher of the North’, a direction associated with accomplishment and recognition. The Moon with Regulus tends to make women ambitious, highly-spirited and independent. There is, however, a caution to beware false friends and enemies. Wherever 0° Virgo lies in your own individual horoscope, it is where honour, wealth and brilliant feminine wisdom is often revealed and where there is also the potential for unbridled success – but only as long as the intention is pure; should the motivation be revenge or anger, any success is short-lived.More on REGULUS HERE :

With cosmic synchronicity, this is a SuperMoon that accents the Sun in the C*I*A’s own horoscope, with our astrological mission now writ large: to empower consciousness and RAISE THE COSMIC LOVE VIBRATION around the globe.  Info on the Birth And Mission of C*I*A.

·· Another interesting observation is how this SuperMoon is in the position of being another ‘Handle’ or ‘Singleton’. In fact, for the first four Full Moons of 2019, the Moon is a stand-alone ‘singleton’ at these powerful solar-lunar moments, when consciousness aligns with the subconscious. With the Moon representing our sub-conscious, as a singleton it means sensitive but smart Luna intuitively grips the rest of the ‘bucket-shaped’ horoscope. As such, memories are based upon our feelings about certain events, people and/or things, which are held in sharper emotional focus, in this case in order to be rejuvenated, restored and revitalised. 

In mundane astrology, the Moon represents ‘the people’, which is significant politically as the mood of the masses can now reveal a helpful and sensible feminine wisdom.   

··  Also coinciding with the Full Super are two major long-term celestial influences now dramatically changing by leaving signs they will not visit again for 50 years – and more. How these changes impact upon our lives will rely upon several factors, including our ability to adapt and embrace alternatives and far-out tech, as well as poetry, music, dreams, sky-dancing and nature as personal medicine.

Time now to implement measures that quickly adjust the perception we have of ourselves in relationship, especially as an individual within our peer-connected friendship circle, to that of the Spiritual Healing Warrior.   

Chiron in Aries

Check where Aries is in your chart: that’s where a Spiritual Healing Warrior is currently making a major shift, as asteroid Chiron flows from watery Pisces into fiery Aries. Chiron is a mythical centaur, a wild Shamanic out-cast; half-man, half-horse, Chiron’s wisdom is found in the healing arts. This astral alchemist will now stay in Aries, as the Spiritual Healing Warrior, to direct self-healing for seven years, leaving Summer Solstice 2026.

Now at 0° Aries, Chiron with Fixed Star ‘Sheat’ hones and trengthens the Shamanic Healer’s intellect, to think logically and clearly about what needs to be healed in our physical world, within the body, and psychologically, by how we present our egoic selves to the world, reconciling personal identity with personal values.

Noting now the Sun is at 0° Pisces, and how the collective psyche is deeply affected as the Wounded Healer leaves the sign of the fish. Although the negative side of Pisces is viewed as the zodiac’s garbage can, conjuring a vivid a picture of 7 billion of us disposing junk and whatnot into the sea, it’s bizarrely heartening that most of the planet can now see the reality of insidious chemicals and plastic polluting our precious water. Because now is the time for action, and to do something about it!

Bear in mind how the human body constitutes 65%+ water, and as the oceans become polluted so do we. While no one in their right mind would intend to create these poisonous environments, it appears we have accidentally and quite royally harmed ourselves – and every other being in the natural world. Thus, it has been the wizardry of the celestial Shaman, who has brought our attention to our dependency upon the toxic and our carelessness with water, land and air. Now, however, with Chiron’s move into Aries we can begin to rectify and heal our self and our personal identity as human: indeed, when we heal ourselves, we also contribute to healing the Earth.

There is a danger, however, of overwhelm when Piscean energy pervades; when it’s all too easy to seek oblivion and solace in drugs and alcohol etc. Beware of opting for the path of the sleepwalker it leads away from your authentic truth. Know that when we are willing to accept there are certain things we have no control over and just go with our personal flow, we can more easily induce an enlightened and peaceful state. 

Uranus in Taurus

On the New Pisces Moon, March 6th (The same day Mercury goes retrograde!) inventive and revolutionary Uranus leaves Aries for 84 years, to move into the solid and determined Taurus for 7-ish years (until April 2016), from where this crazy humanitarian oddball will wield a dramatic and often extreme influence upon the simple Taurean value system: food, love, Earth, nature, finances are all bound to areas of sudden and dramatic change. And as Uranus is connected to technology, Taurean nature and weird Uranian machinery could even begin to merge so that ‘virtual reality’ itself develops a seriously mechanistic twist. Singularity, when robots and humans merge, may not be far away, not just strawberry-picking robots. Uranus is in detriment in Taurus, as the planet of invention and electricity buzzes erratically, which will certainly present new-fangled challenges for the more ordered and traditional Bull to consider.

Interestingly, dynamic Mars is in Taurus over this Full SuperMoon, acting as a slow and thoughtful reconnaissance for both visionary Uranus, with whom he travels, and his boss, the Sun, to which there is an easy opening sextile aspect that also boosts warrior Mars. Mars in Taurus tends to be seriously unflappable, even when immersed in the ‘wacky cult of busy’ Taurus finds the same steady joy in breathing fresh-air as in holding hands with his or her honey, or counting out money. Nonetheless, financial markets in commodities could start to see erratic swings, either way, up or down.

·· Two more planetary conjunctions also have an influence upon events over this Full Moon.

1) Mercury the messenger and dreamy Neptune are in mystical union in Pisces,  and with Fixed Star, ‘Aschenar’as Mercury also enters shadow zone. I have been watching this Fixed Star for a while now, as Neptune has a long orbit it can stay in similar degrees for almost a year, and conclude it brings up from the depths fast-moving events that can no longer sustain an illusion. And while aware all life IS an illusion (from Buddhist & Quantum point-of-view), we could still witness a threat of sudden endings to long-held dreams. If that is the case, over the coming weeks there could be an almighty scramble while Mercury goes retrograde from the 6th March until the 29th March. During those three weeks best make an effort to develop faith and breathe new life also into collective dreams. Rearrange thoughts and schedules if you have to – learn to let go of this, that, and the other, which no longer serve higher truths. 

2) The last astral activity of note over this SuperMoon involves a stellium between Venus, Saturn and Pluto, as a power trio in Capricorn (making an easy sextile to the above Mercury/Neptune conjunction that offers an escape route should Venus feel hemmed-in). Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the sign into which Uranus is moving, as such it’s key to watch Venus with Uranus over the coming years, as issues of freedom and changes to our everyday values come to our attention. Venus is the planet which creates balance and harmony. Currently flanked by both authoritative Saturn and Pluto, Venus is holding steadily to tradition, charming those with sway and control with beauty and brains, experience and dedication. And while Venus is in the sign of Mars’s exaltation, and Mars is in Venus’s home sign, the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars can at least get along politely and connect diplomatically over a glass of something smooth, even if there are other kinds of high tension. 

With that I wish you all a marvellous SuperMoon as the above may seem a lot for one person to take on board. So my advice with this Virgo Moon is to work within everyday capabilities to raise the cosmic love vibration. We can do this in simple ways that cost nothing: for instance we can begin by blessing the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the work we do, the people we meet, and the earth we walk upon. You’ll be amazed how blessed you will feel!

On that note: Bless YOU dear ones, with Love and Full Supermoon light ~ may all being be happy!

From Agent Dakini ~ aka Laura Boomer-Trent

From Laura Boomer-Trent, aka Agent Dakini, who can also reveal astrological and spiritual archetypes in your birth chart, that often serve as confirmation of your purpose and soul contract. There is a universal awareness within astrology that can empower one to consciously co-create with the universe a future you would like to see manifest.

Laura can be contacted to read natal karma birth charts, as well as year-ahead horoscopes, relationship, synastry, family dynasty, astro-carto-graphy; adept in the healing arts: Western, Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan, Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience, and a dedicated Buddhist scholar for 25. Consultations can be in person (in London, England), or via skype or phone. International clients welcomed. Spiritual astrology retreats are also offered Summer and Autumn, in Southern France, where students also explore astrologically inspired historic sites as well as the Black Madonna. 

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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