Venus Retrograde in Gemini – 2020

by Agent Rachel Lang

Once every 19 months, the planet Venus goes retrograde, which means that she appears to be moving backward in the heavens. It’s that time again. Venus is retrograde from May 12 – June 24. Scroll down to read what it means for your sign.

Venus is the planet of relationships and finances. So, Venus retrograde cycles influence us in two of the most sensitive areas of our lives. Yet, it’s nothing to fear. Venus retrograde gives us all a chance to reevaluate these aspects of our lives in a way that helps us make healthy changes in our relationships with others and our relationship with money. At the heart of all Venus retrograde matters is that of self-worth. It’s a time to strengthen your sense of self and deepen self-love.

The last time Venus was retrograde in Gemini was the summer of 2012. Think about what was happening in your life at that time. What were the significant relationship themes? What were you working through with your finances? Those themes could present themselves again. It’s time to look back and do some course-correction, if necessary.

Venus retrograde helps us finish past business with relationships. Think of it as the “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up… your Love Life” Breakups can happen during this time or divorce processes finalize. It’s good for letting go, even though that process may be painful. Also, you may reconnect with significant friends or partners from your past. This time, in particular, all of that energy is heightened because we’ve either been in close quarters with someone and more in tune with what’s not working in the relationship, or feeling a sense of isolation and looking at the past for comfort. Try to avoid making major relationship decisions at this time. If problems emerge, get help, and find solutions. (Unless you’re in an abusive situation — then, it’s a good time to leave.) If you can, ride out the retrograde before leaving your partner. Work through what comes up.

Retrogrades help us dive back into our past and shine a light on any relationship or financial fears, limiting beliefs, and past trauma you have still stored in your psyche. It’s a healing time. A clearing time. It’s also a time to prioritize your finances and make a strategy for moving forward. This Venus retrograde work is all amplified because of the crisis we’re in right now. If you’ve had a job loss or financial setback, you have the chance to rebuild confidence and brainstorm ways to overcome those challenges. It’s a highly creative time — a renaissance period— and if you can imagine it, you can make it happen.


  • Love yourself
  • Daily affirmations about how amazing you are
  • Surround yourself with beauty
  • Appreciate nature’s beauty — be in nature
  • Communicate from your heart
  • Lead with compassion
  • Balance your budget
  • Save money
  • Work through relationship challenges
  • Be in love with being single (if you are)
  • In fact, love whatever relationship status you’ve got – appreciate where you are


  • Rush back into the arms of an ex (give it time)
  • Drastically change your hair or style
  • Make dramatic home decor changes
  • Ruminate on the past
  • Succumb to disappointment or regret
  • Freak out about finances
  • People-please
  • Blame others for your unhappiness
  • Judge yourself for past decisions
  • Spend a lot of money on an impulse buy
  • Say something hurtful you can’t take back – lead with kindness

Let’s focus on how you, can make the most of this Venus retrograde period.  By identifying the house placement in which Venus will station retrograde, you can think of how you might prepare for this time and really use it to grow in relationships, personal values, and all things Venus during this time.


At this time, you have to really make sure you are communicating effectively. Speak from your heart, and be honest but kind. This is especially true in romantic relationships.

You may feel the need to be a bit more introverted because your creative energy is high right now. This is introspective, and your mental energy is focused. A great time to finish projects that have been on the back burner, particularly creative projects. Engage your mind.

In relationships, the Venus in retrograde influence brings up nostalgia and feelings of love and compassion. This is a great time of healing in relationships with siblings. You might want to journal about those relationships, particularly if there has been a strain. Share your feelings of love with those people. It can open the door for transformation in those relationships.


You are going to confront situations that challenge your beliefs about money and values. During this time, you could feel more conservative about your spending. It’s not the time to succumb to financial fears, though.  Regardless of your financial picture, you may crave delicious foods, beauty products, art, clothes, and other finer things in life. This will naturally cause you to review your budget and seek ways of increasing your income, particularly if you have been affected by the recent economic crisis.

Identify your values and priorities. Then, adjust your spending accordingly. This is a time in which you can really save if you put your mind to it. Focus on your financial goals, and you will feel like you are embodying Taurus-style practicality. Think of leaving Venus retrograde with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the retrograde cycle rather than regret.


On a purely material level, this is a time to be thinking about a makeover! You may feel more interested in your appearance and reflect on how you present yourself to the world. You might feel the urge to reinvent yourself. It’s not the time to do anything too drastic, though, as the retrograde period might influence you to make changes that you could regret once Venus stations direct and you are back on track. Your urge to update your look has to do with how you want the world to see you. You’re reflecting an emerging identity.

If you hesitate to speak your mind, bottling up your truth, you might explode later. Speak from your heart and communicate honestly. You could find yourself in the middle of a conflict, either as the mediator or as the tie-breaker. This element of communication is intensified by the Gemini influence. You have the opportunity to bring peace and harmony to your environment and attract new people into your life. The key is to consciously choose where to focus your energy.

Resist the urge to judge yourself or others based on appearances alone. Self-love is the Venus retrograde lesson to master.


This is a time of complete compassion and understanding of others, even though you may feel more alone and introverted at this time.  You may experience difficulty having a clear sense of what you want in your personal relationships, and things will feel elusive- like anything could change in a moment’s notice. Try not to cling too tightly to any friendship or relationship. Use this energy for volunteer work and service. In giving, you receive.

Your sense of love is so strong- but it’s love for all of humanity. This is a very spiritual time, so it would be helpful to join a faith community or meditation group— even a virtual one. Connecting with others for a higher good, while keeping your ego in check, would be the best use of this transit.

This is also a highly creative time when you will want to have an outlet or two for your creative ideas.


There may be some complications with friendships and social gatherings. This is part of really figuring out who belongs in your life and who needs to go. Friends you haven’t seen in a long time resurface, and those could be sweet connections. You could even find closure for past relationships that ended in a falling out.

It is important not to feel obligated to engage in any relationships that aren’t going to be a part of your goals and identity into the future. Sometimes, past relationships resurface to show us how much we’ve grown- and as a test from the universe to see if we will cave under pressure and regress. Sometimes, though, those connections are blessings in our lives. By June 24, you will discern which is which.

You will want to really narrow down your social obligations- particularly if you are involved in a number of groups or organizations. Determine what’s most important to you. 


This transit affects your reputation and how others perceive you. How do want others to see you? This is what you want to refine during this retrograde. Primarily, you will want to project an image of success- financially and professionally. This is a great time for working on your professional mission statement or elevator pitch. You might have situations that challenge your reputation or cause others to question you. Prepare for this by really narrowing in on your skills, talents, and abilities. So that at any moment, you can defend or promote yourself.

You are interested in redecorating your resume as well as your office space. This is part of your professional appearance.

You might attract a mentor or a guide at this time, too, who can help you refine your image. This is a great time to change your artistic expression or try something new. Take a class to find out more about yourself from a creative point of view.


This placement causes some frustration with your limitations. You may have dreams and visions of long-distance travel or directing/ publishing projects that you just don’t have the resources for. If you add to this the limits we’re all facing, this frustration could be compounded. You have an urge for freedom, and your vision is more expansive than the reality at this time. Also, there is a sense of wanting to share your ideas and philosophy with others but you might find it difficult to connect with others about these things. Or there is a sense of judgment from them about how far you are going.

The best way to make the most of this placement is to practice enthusiasm, even though you do have limitations. Dream big- write it all down and then you will be able to focus once Venus goes direct. You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. The key is not to get taken over by disappointment- but remain open to major movements in your life.

You may also meet people who are very different than you, to broaden your perspective. Create opportunities to engage with others with differing world views. This will help you expand your horizons.


Venus retrograde offers you the opportunity to look deeply into your sexuality and psychology. You’re diving in the deep end in terms of relationships. This is a time to develop more intimacy into your primary relationship- to maybe take a tantric workshop or couple’s retreat. These can bring you together for profound experiences of love and connection.

Issues in your relationships, particularly with past painful experiences, can rise to the surface for you to look at. This Venus retrograde cycle could bring into your conscious awareness people from your past or even situations that mirror those past experiences. The key here is not to get stuck in victimization but to really go into the fire, so to speak, and heal those experiences so that your present relationships can be transformed. This is also a time when you might feel resentment at your partner’s finances if you feel unsupported. Or when you may evaluate your investments. This is just a time for evaluation- not a time for speculation or change.


You are reevaluating your needs and wants in relationships, and you seek harmony in relationships that have been stressful lately. Because you are striving for peace, you have to learn lessons of what sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve peace. Any complacency you experience in your primary relationship will be shaken up. So, you can reinvigorate that partnership and move towards having it grow deeper.

If you are single, this is a great time to journal and come to terms with relationship fears you may have. Are you afraid of losing your freedom? Afraid of abandonment? This is the time to eradicate those fears and open yourself to love. Conversely, you might decide you want to be single. This may not be a popular choice for others in your life. Accept your desires- all of them- and make conscious decisions accordingly. You might also want to read books like, “Calling in the One”  by Katherine Woodward Thomas or “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson. Use this time to clear out attachments to which you still hang on. Heal deep relationship wounds. This is also a time to express your affection and love, and not withhold. Don’t stand in your own way or sabotage really great relationships.

This could also bring up legal matters, too. Try to finish any old business. 


You are undergoing a period of personal growth. It’s big, too! Prioritize your health and wellbeing. Venus does not like to restrict her food. She has an appetite. Therefore, this retrograde placement can make it difficult for you to resist the urge to overindulge in food. I would suggest that you try the opposite approach. Start the retrograde with a cleanse- and set the intention to love your body and nourish it with goodness.  You may even try a raw food diet or some sort of plan that helps you clear your head as well as your gut.

You might also want to really focus on the Taurus qualities of Venus- practicality in terms of relationships and work. If you are having issues romanticizing a love interest or past love who is unavailable or ultimately not healthy for you, this is a time to surrender the fantasy and really look carefully at your needs in relationships. This is part of that purification process. Detox negative thoughts and self-criticism. Use this influence to deepen self-love.


I actually see this retrograde period as being fun. You are engaged in a number of different creative projects. You also feel like entertaining and enjoying a more romantic time with your special someone. The challenge will be for you to focus your energy on one thing at a time. You could feel scattered, and this leads to frustration. In relationships, you may seek your freedom more now, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of time for self-care.

This is a time of real creative inspiration. So, with this in mind, set a schedule for yourself. Plan out your social activities and also your times of dedicated creative work. Make sure if you have children that you balance their needs with yours and plan fun activities for you to do together. They can be a part of your creative exploration. You might want to get a book like the Artist’s Way to spark some inspiration.


This retrograde cycle gives you a chance to look deeply at your early childhood and past relationships. You can discern what you need to let go. On a material level- this is a great time to figure out what kinds of changes you might want to make to your home environment, so maybe making plans for redecorating, though I would advise against initiating major renovations because your aesthetic sensibilities are going through a metamorphosis and will change by the time Venus stations direct.

You may have a love-hate relationship with your home. You could go back and forth between enjoying the time there and needing to get out. Family pressures could also be up for you more at this time. So, make time for YOU. If your digestion is a bit disturbed, find ways to get outside, walk, and ground your energy. Moderation in your diet is key, especially if you’re prone to grabbing the ice cream when you’ve had a bad day.

Rachel Lang, PMAFA

Agent Eris

Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer, psychic medium, and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats, and meditation groups. 

Love is a big topic among Rachel’s clients. She helps clients manifest healthy, loving relationships by sharing practical tools they can use to work with any challenging natal chart influences. She also can help navigate any ups and downs in relationships by looking at transits and progressions in relation to the birth chart. 

Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in all areas of life, including career, finances, health, family, community, and more. She supports her clients in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. She understands the principles of universal laws and incorporates those concepts into her sessions. 

While Rachel loves working with individuals, she also has several corporate clients as well. With a background in marketing, Rachel can look at a company’s natal chart and identify strengths and challenges. She can also help companies time significant events, expand into new markets, develop core messaging, and strategize marketing plans.

Rachel teaches classes regularly online and in person. She also writes horoscopes and articles for Omega News and LVBX Magazine She has contributed to Bustle, Brit + Co, Reader’s Digest, Byrdie, PopSugar, and more. 

You can find out more or schedule a session online at

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