The Persian poet Hafiz had a beautiful wish,

it was:

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.

It’s the kind of wish that makes Saturn smile and Pluto surrender to his knees in sweet reverence. It’s the kind of wish we all need at the moment as Venus traverses the far side of the Sun, absent from our skies.

The last time Venus was feeling her way through the dark towards the Exterior Conjunction with the Sun was early Summer of 2016 (it was when Mars was close and hot and retrograde near Antares). And the last time it occurred in this neighborhood of stars (18 Capricorn Tropical; The Archer’s face/Sagittarius Sidereal) was in the first weeks of 2010.  Venus is organized in this way.  Every eight years she returns to the same area of the sky, in a nearly identical relationship with the Sun-give or take a few degrees.  And so, think back to these moments in your life. Connect the pretty little dots. If you need more help, think:


Who were you loving then?

How are the two of you now?

What were you focused on at the beginning of 2010?

How has that focus grown-or withered?

What was most valuable to you back then?

Is it still this way?

Are you still connected?

Are you more connected?


….just a few Q’s to get the cute hamster moving between your ears

For me, this is the darkest part of the Venus Cycle.  My friend Adam Gainsburg agrees (he wrote a book on Venus Synodic Cycles and we’ve talked extensively about this on my Podcast; GIVE A LISTEN).  The reason it can feel dark is that her glorious light is missing from the sky, and for much longer than when she is retrograde.  If Venus relates to connection, we can feel like we’ve lost it. But this is not true. We are always connected.  This is where Hafiz’s wish comes in handy. May it come true.

Depending on where you live on the planet, this conjunction between Venus and the Sun will occur on Jan. 8th/9th. It’s a process which has already begun.  It also occurs just 4 arc minutes from Pluto.  Yet another reason to light a candle, shut your eyes and rediscover the forever light emanating from the temple within your own heart.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,