Venus Star Point Libra – 2022 – PART 1 and 2

with CIA Agents

Part 1 – Arielle Guttman, Julija Simas, Kelley Hunter

Venus Star Libra 2022 – Part 1 In this session Arielle Guttman and Julija Simas discuss the the shift of first Venus Star point to Libra of our time. Included is also a short interview with Kelley Hunter.

In these discussions introduce you to the coming Venus Star Point, what does it mean, what to expect and how best to embrace this shift Part 2 follows with Adam Gainsburg and Gemini Brett. ACCESS our VENUS STAR LIBRA 7 hour Symposium recording access now available.  

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Part 2 – Adam Gainsburg, Gemini Brett, Julija Simas

Venus Star Libra 2022 – Part 2 In this session Adam, Gemini and Julija discuss the coming Venus transition from morning star to evening star, the celestial mechanics of the Venus star and Venus cycle, declination and latitude, interior and exterior Venus/Sun conjunctions, the chart of the next Venus Star Point, historical cycles and other sky factors.


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Venus:Magic of the Cosmos Retreat OCT 20th-23rd

Keeping an eye of the Venus Star – Queen Elizabeth dies as the Venus Star is about to transition to Libra for the first time opposite the Queen’s Sun and Charles’ Moon

The news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing is part of the global transition taking place as the Venus Star Libra Point gets closer to shifting for the fist time in our lives, as it transitions from Scorpio to Libra this OCT.
Like eclipses the Venus Star points become significant before the exact conjunction, and cross over with each other over every 9.5 month period.  The last Venus Star Point in Capricorn Jan 2022, the leading star of the current 584 day cycle,  will now culminate, reach its outer conjunction peak, with the coming Venus Star Point 29°26′ Libra and coming Solar eclipse at 2° Scorpio (over Europe) are opposite Queen Elizabeth’s Sun, at 00° 12′ Taurus. The end of this current cycles culminates in Leo at 20° in King Charles first house, to square his Sun, leading into the time of his coming coronation.
Venus the ruler of Queen E’s Sun, is also currently entering the underworld disappearing from light and into the Queen’s Porphyry 8th house.

The Queen was born just before one of the rare Venus star transitions, back from one sign to the next,  when the VSP moved for the first time into Scorpio, in NOV 1926.

How amazing that we now see this same star point transition from Scorpio to Libra in Oct.

The last Venus retrograde and star point in Capricorn in Jan 2022, was on the Queen’s ASC and conjunct her South Node, linking the 9.5 month cycles together in the Queen’s life.

The New King Charles has his Moon at 00° Taurus, in his 9th house conjunct North Node at MC. The new Libra star point aligns with his Uranus by trine 29° Gemini 11th house and by sextile to his Jupiter 29° Sagittarius in the 5th house.

Watch this coming Star Point change over the next 8 years :

OCT 2022 – 29° Libra
OCT 2026 – Zero Scorpio rx point

OCT 2030- 28° Libra
OCT 2034  – 28° Libra rx (the fist Libra rx point)

King Charles has Moon at zero Taurus
Queen Elizabeth has Sun at zero Taurus
Prince William has Jupiter a zero Scorpio
Prince Harry has Pluto at zero Scorpio

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