Venus Rx 2018 All for Love

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

“Every immature Eros is a paradise maker”

Robert A. Johnson

Venus Rx in Scorpio
art by Jordan Quintero

It’s not every day our wings get to be tested.  Whether newly formed from a pupation, waiting to dry and be utilized or flapping wildly in pursuit or an escape, we need our wings for inspired flight.  For the sake of this post, let’s say that our wings really get to stretch every 584 days.  Or another way of saying it: Every time Venus is retrograde!

In the duration of every Venus retrograde, she will be an Evening Star, a Morning Star, and no star at all.  Beginning in the West, as Queen of the Evening, she begins to fall.  In her dangerous descent, we often rub up against x lovers, old friends, or anything else that we used to love.  All helpful reminders of how far we have come.  Once gone from the sky, she soars past Earth, making an underground pact with Psyche about both desire and the rules of engagement moving forward.  This is the beginning of the cycle.  And then she appears again.  This time in the East as the lusty Morning Star.  Often times, in the right light, an arrow can be seen dangling from her rear.  A new desire is born and we search for all the best ways in.


October 5, 2018 – November 16, 2018, from 11 degrees Scorpio to 25 degrees Libra

October 25th: “Conception point/Inner Conjunction/Beginning” Venus conjunct the Sun (4 Scorpio)

Eros is the son of Aphrodite (or Venus).  Thus, we could assume, wherever Venus travels, Eros is at least familiar or better yet, listening like a good boy to all his mother’s wishes.  In us, we could say Eros is our questing beast.  With a quiver filled with arrows, each dipped perfectly in a prayer filled substance, they are intended to change the heart of any target.  But it’s also the part of us that loves making promises.  To construct utopias around what we love and what we are connected to, deaf to many of Saturns realities poking through.  This is the “immature Eros” in all of us who builds up these fantasies but also summons many soldiers to surround the heart in hope of protecting our secrets, our flaws, and the truth of what lurks in our cellars. We are vulnerable.  And until we can admit this and practice living with it we will hoard our masks and hide our pasts.  Venus prefers a more vertical path. One of honesty, vulnerability, and a realistic relationship to whoever or whatever it is we are currently most in love with.

Being this Venus Rx begins in Scorpio and ends in Libra could make one assume it has everything to do with relationships.  To an extent, certainly.  In that, we are in relationship to everything at all times.  No, to the part that it is going to be romantic for all of us.  What can be assumed is the bitter flavor of Scorpio’s brew will touch all our tongues.  This is certain.  Intense could be a fitting word.  Or the popular idea of: transformational.  But romantic? Maybe…It depends…

.: A Symbol and a Passage :.

The cycle that is ending began in March of 2017 at 5 Aries.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A Triangle with wings.”  In contemplating the cycle which is closing out, we can ask 1. Did I deepen my connection to the community? 2. Did I reconnect with my relationship to space and place? 3. Did I fall in love anew with someone-or thyself?  If so, you got your wings.

The symbol for this upcoming cycle which begins at 4 Scorpio: “A youth holding a lit candle.”  One can’t help but think of Eros & Psyche with such an image:

“Night fell, and her husband came to bed, and as soon as they had finished kissing and embracing each other, he fell fast asleep. Psyche was not naturally either very strong or very brave, but the cruel power of fate made a virago of her. Holding the carving knife in a murderous grip, she uncovered the lamp and let its light shine on the bed.

At once the secret was revealed. There lay the gentlest and sweetest of all wild creatures, Eros himself, the beautiful Love-god, and at sight of him the flame of the lamp spurted joyfully up and the knife turned its edge for shame.

Psyche was terrified. She lost all control of her senses, and pale as death, fell trembling to her knees, where she desperately tried to hide the knife by plunging it in her own heart. She would have succeeded, too, had the knife not shrunk from the crime and twisted itself out of her hand.”

Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche

The flame reveals the Truth of any darkness.  Being left in the dark, being afraid of the dark, or even cloaked in a dark cloud, only takes one candle to illuminate what our minds were trying to keep hidden.  Truth cannot be negotiated with, but lies can.  With all Venus retrogrades, I feel it is our goal to reconnect with what we love most.  Once the cords are fashioned properly between us and our object of desire, a mutual reception of life-giving energy circulates.  Equal proportions of give and take is the idea.

.: A Flash or three of Uranus :.

The main aspect Venus makes during this visionary flight is to Uranus.  3x she will oppose him! To oppose Uranus is to turn away from your future Self.  Uranus contains all our wildest ideas and potential reinventions of self, yet we often pass them up.  Sometimes it’s good to take a pass, but not always, and maybe not wise this time.  It seems this Fall calls for a challenging adventure  The kind where we actually entertain our craziest ideas.  Because if we don’t, how will we ever individuate? How will we become what we desire? How will we ever experience inspired flight?


Venus opposes Uranus September 12, October 31 and November 30, 2018 

To discover a mature Eros, we are careful with our promises and we always tell the Truth.  To live in harmony with Psyche, we trust in the process, not being suspicious of failure, outcome, or return.  We learn to discern between truth and lies.  And to find healing with Venus, find her in the West and praise her; Find her in the East and play with her; And when she’s not in the sky at all, pray deeply with her. As with all retrogrades, there is nothing to fear.  The planet is simply coming near, helping us to get clear.

May you find radiant contentment with all of it…