Venus Retrograde – Horoscopes March 2017

by Agent Black -Priya Kale

ARIES – As Venus stations retrograde in your sign, unfolding developments are asking that you get clear on what you want. You’re entering a phase of re-evaluation of your desires, values, relationships, especially one close relationship, and or matter dear to you. Your intuition is on point but there’s more to something/someone and you, than on the surface, so avoid jumping to conclusions. Sometimes it takes someone who really loves you to be honest with you, but without self-awareness it can be easy to take on others projections. Become aware of your subconscious (perhaps secret) ideas, fantasies, desires, fears, and or memories that haunt you; then you won’t unconsciously recreate scenarios or self-fulfilling prophecies. Also, acknowledge your role in a dynamic; your fears of abandonment, intimacy, being unlovable, and or of failing, and your needs for security and freedom. What are the patterns you do not wish to repeat? Who is present and listening when you share your dreams? External beauty fades — go beyond material desires, ideas of success, failure, beauty, relationships. You are whole, love is your being, and true happiness is an inside job. You need not “do” anything to be loved, nor can you make someone love you. You can only share your love, and be open to receive. Love yourself, be patient with a process, and offer others the freedom and acceptance, you too need. You have everything you need — skills, talent, creativity, and resources – to create the life you envision. As you become aware of your power in your life, you can attract the right opportunities and relationships that share your values, see your inner beauty, genius, radiance, and love you for who you are at your essence. This is your journey of blossoming into your best self, as you create an external life that reflects an inner soul truth.

TAURUS – Your ruler Venus stations retrograde this month in your 12th House, firing your subconscious and your dreams. A conversation with a friend, or something you hear through the grapevine is giving you pause for thought. You can’t believe everything you hear, but there’s a lot more to a situation, someone, and you. Trust your intuition, be alert and aware, but avoid jumping to conclusions till you have solid proof. Whatever is triggering your emotions use this as an opportunity to become aware, as you enter deeper on your journey of soul search. You’re awakening to secret desires and fears, even the ones you normally don’t dare to admit to yourself — regarding love, a relationship, money, success, failure, your worth, trust, abandonment, betrayal, looking like a fool, and your aspirations. Also acknowledge painful experiences that you need to release, fantasies and illusions that have in the past caused you disappointment. In existing relationships, this is a chance to deepen a connection on a soul level. If you’re single you have more secret admirers than you think, and there is someone in your life who is a soul-mate. But you well know these are someone of the most challenging relationships because they force us to grow. Remember your lessons then allow time and someone to reveal and prove themselves through actions. Also, I would advise against jumping into anything too quickly before Venus is direct and you have more clarity. Also ask yourself, if you are able to share yourself wholly – body and soul? Or do your fears prevent you from being yourself? A dream you have for your life, and perhaps a relationship need not remain a fantasy — but you can’t be attached to the form/person/circumstance it appears in. Clarify a vision and keep the space open for it to enter your life. Something is not as impossible as you think so be careful what you wish for and don’t be in a hurry to fill the void. At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, revealing to you your role in existence and here on earth. Trust whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself the Universe has dreamed it better.

GEMINI — Your social circle has expanded, connecting you with others who can help you further your dreams. As Venus stations retrograde, in the part of your chart that deals with your friends, social circle, hopes, dreams, and the “fulfillment of wishes,” you’re learning the wider potential in situations asking you to re-evaluate aspirations you’ve outgrown and clarify an ambition, so you can be ready to seize an opportunity as it arises. This also means becoming aware of your superficial ideas of success, and especially subconscious attachments to material success. Then you won’t be in danger of being swept away in empty promises, chasing empty dreams, or tempted to abuse your power. Also you are known for the company you keep, so choose your friends wisely. In a friendship, if there’s betrayal, confusion, or anything that triggers you — avoid acting on assumptions. Give others the freedom and acceptance you too need. Friendship, like love, is a two way street — to have a friend, you have to be a friend; and any solid relationship is built on the foundations of a solid friendship. Remember your lessons, but forgive the past. Time heals, and only time tells you who your friends are, and you have at least one real friend you can count on to have your back. In all cases, you needn’t worry about public perception, failure, feel peer pressure, compete with, or compare yourself to anyone. This is about living your highest truth, leading by example and being true to your integrity – without which you’re on a slippery slope. Trust, whatever is falling apart is clearing the way for you to connect with something real that aligns with your highest vision. Then you can reach for the kind of success that not only looks good in the eyes of the world, but that you can truly be proud of, as you give back to the world in a meaningful way.

CANCER – You’re on a journey now — whether physically or metaphorically — asking you to keep your perspective and eyes on the prize. Venus stations retrograde in your 10th House this month asking you to re-evaluate your ambitions, and what something is truly worth to you. There is nothing wrong, but you’re horizons are opening up, and you’re reaching a vantage point showing you infinite possibilities and the deeper potential in a situation. Explore your options as you let go of ambitions you’ve outgrown. This is a process of clarifying and sharpening a long-term vision, so you can focus your energy, to make solid progress. What does success mean to you? What would you to get to the top? It’s a cutthroat world but stay true to your integrity or you could slip. If there’s sense of you taking the fall for something — trust the truth always come out. You need not compete, try to uphold a public image, seek vindication, or look for someone to blame. Especially right now, even what you consider to be a mistake could be the answer to your prayers. There are no short cuts to success; it’s built through blood, sweat, and tears, trial and error. It’s all worth it if you’re moving to a destination that you truly care about. The important thing is to not give up. Keep your perspective and make choices in your most optimistic vision, while keeping one foot in reality. Trust, any roads that fall away are revealing a deeper underlying opportunity — asking you to rise to a challenge, recognise your authority in your life, and follow your passion. This is not about success in the eyes of the world, but being your best and most authentic self, as you materialize a long cherished (perhaps childhood) dream.

LEO – Life is changing deeply, profoundly, and rapidly; with lucrative and tantalizing opportunities on the horizon. But as Venus stations retrograde, life is calling for a detour asking you to re-evaluate long-term financial and personal goals, relationships, a marriage, legal matters and contracts, and your ambitions. You’re not powerless, and you have choices. There are new avenues opening, perhaps even second chances. A lot has changed, most certainly you; so don’t be afraid to re-evaluate ambitions and your life, based on who you are, and what you want today. This will mean purging attachments, illusions, commitments and obligations you’ve outgrown; but trust this is clearing space for you to attract what you most desire. Everything is negotiable, but in all cases – communication and transparency are key to avoiding further problems down the road and avoid any desire to manipulate a situation. Be flexible, keep your ego out of a situation, think win-win, stay focused on a common goal, and you can re-negotiate arrangements so they offer you the security you need — emotionally, and financially. I suggest you avoid making life-altering commitments, or major purchases, until Venus is direct. In a personal relationship you can deepen intimacy and elevate your connection, if you dare to share not just your body but your deepest secrets and desires. Be conscious of your parents’ relationship, and values surrounding marriage and money, your past relationships, and acknowledge the patterns you do not wish to repeat; then you can make conscious choices. You need not fear falling from grace — the true test of a relationship only comes in its darkest hour, and when someone has seen all shades of you, the good, bad, and ugly. Still watch your shadow so it doesn’t cast a shadow on all you hold dear. You can’t push the river, but you can surrender to the flow and steer your way consciously. There’s more love, financial potential, and magic in your life than you imagined possible. Be wise, philosophical, and sights set on a goal. The journey is the destination and it’s taking you to new heights.

VIRGO – Venus stations retrograde in your 8th House and unpredictable developments unfolding might be triggering deep primal fears and insecurities, asking you to confront them honestly. I would avoid making life-changing decisions, or commitments, or major purchases until Venus is direct. But you’re entering a life-changing phase, asking you to re-evaluate important personal and financial commitments, a “marriage,” and or any situation where sex and money are involved. There might even be (ghosts of) ex-lovers/partners returning offering a chance for closure. Above all there is a need for perspective on evolving situation. You can’t control or change another, but you need not cling. You’re not powerless, and it’s not too late to turn something around. But first this is a process of confronting your fears and issues, surrounding intimacy, abandonment, trust, betrayal; desires for greater security, and deeper intimacy, honestly. Also, consciously let go of material attachments, superficial ideas, fantasies, perceptions of another, or what marriage, or relationships look like, especially based on your parents’ values. Then you can start to see people and situations as they are allowing you to make wiser choices moving forward. You can’t change the past, but learn your lessons and it needn’t repeat itself. Seek and offer transparency, be kind, compassionate and you can make wise choices that restore balance, peace and harmony in a situation. Above all — be patient, trust a process, stay focused on your most optimistic vision and you can get there one step at a time. You can deepen a connection/s so it is mutually supportive, where there is love, trust, intimacy, respect, and financial gain – but this takes time, love, and consistency of action not just words. This is purification by fire, burning away what’s false to reveal what’s precious, real, and can never die — love.

LIBRA – As Venus your ruler stations retrograde you’re learning something (perhaps about your own deeper desires and fears,) asking you to pause and re-evaluate all your one-to-one relationships and your role in them. There might even be ex-lovers returning, offering a chance for closure, but if you meet someone new during the retrograde phase, move slowly. There is real love and support in your world but, avoid making life-changing commitments till Venus is direct. If you remember your lessons you need not repeat them. Take the time to acknowledge your desires, needs for emotional and financial security, and clarify a long-term vision. Then you can make healthier choices and align with others who share your values and vision. What do you need feel loved, safe, seen, heard, respected, appreciated and valued? What relationships have you outgrown? What attracts and keeps you bonded to another? Is it love, passion, guilt, obligation, fear of being alone, comfort, or something else? What was your parents’ relationship like? What are the patterns you do not wish to repeat? Acknowledge past painful memories that need to heal, fears of rejection, abandonment, and or intimacy, so they don’t continue to cast a shadow on your ability to relate with others today. Dare to drop the mask, go beyond surface pleasantries, and ideas of what a relationship should look like, and get real. Whatever you need, let go of expectations, be humble enough to ask and pay attention to who shows up. Trust this is a natural process, allowing you to deepen relationships where there is mutual love, security, passion, respect, trust, and teamwork; that add meaning to your life. Where the sum of what you can achieve together is greater than what you could achieve on your own.

SCORPIO – Life is changing fast. As Venus stations retrograde in your 6th House this month, this is a chance for deep re-evaluation of your life on all levels, so it works for you as much as you work for it. A situation at work, a relationship, your health, or a creative project, or matter that affects your life is calling your attention. Whatever you fear is falling apart is revealing deeper potential, so don’t be in a hurry to throw the baby out with the bath-water just yet. Begins by acknowledging what is not working. Where there is a problem, there is also a creative solution, you just have to find it – and often it’s right under your nose. Prioritize your health — mental, emotional, physical – and cut back on what doesn’t add to your quality of life. Also ask yourself do you love your life? Are you creatively inspired and challenged? Take time to beautify your work and living space; clear clutter emotionally, mentally, and materially. In a relationship remember: you cannot heal another, but in healing yourself you are healing the greater whole. Confront fear, anger, pain, sadness and emotions consciously, so they doesn’t seep into your life in unconsciously. Love is unconditional, but relationships are a choice we make daily to love, honour, and care for another — through sickness and health, good times and bad. Learn from the past then you can make healthier choices. Life is short, fragile, and fleeting. Slow down; listen to the soft whispers of your heart that are easily drowned out in the busy-ness of life, and drink deeply of each moment. You can’t save the world, but you can leave this world a little better than you found it. Give to what matters, and share your love freely with all you meet — without expectations. In giving you will receive. You can create a life you love, following your passion daily that gives back to the world in a meaningful way. With time, space, and love, you can heal or fix whatever you fear is broken – be it your heart, trust, health, a situation at work, or your life. Trust the process.

SAGITTARIUSAs Venus stations retrograde in your 5th house, you may be discovering your deeper desires and fears, about someone/something (perhaps a child) that’s deep under your skin and sends your heart beating wildly. There’s no reason to fear, or get cold feet — you’re safe, free, and can trust yourself and judgment. But there is a part of the past you need to deal with so it doesn’t seep into your present, and future. There might be past lovers returning, offering a chance for closure. In an existing or budding relationship, you can rekindle and fan the flames, and deepen a heart connection. Creatively too you’re on fire. Be honest about your desires for love, sex, greater personal and creative expression, and children – based on who you are today. You’ve matured in leaps and bounds in the past two years; recognise your ability to create a life you envision. Consciously re-evaluate aspirations and let go of those you’ve outgrown. You can have the love, sexual passion, sense of adventure, as well as security, deep comfort, and belonging you desire, in a relationship or by yourself — but you have to dare to acknowledge to yourself first. Also acknowledge superficial fantasies about love and romance, or past heartbreak that prevent you from sharing your heart or art. You can’t change the past but it need not haunt you, not when there’s so much for you to enjoy in the present. Be honest with yourself, and you can be honest with others. Age is just a number; and every moment is a new moment to live, love, laugh and create again. Have faith in your ability to respond to life as it arises spontaneously. There’s a wildfire of love, passion, and creativity, in you and you’ve barely skimmed the surface of your potential. Love yourself, be yourself, and you can attract what or whom you desire to you almost like magic.

CAPRICORN — As Venus stations retrograde in your 4th House, a domestic matter surrounding your home, family, property, sense of security and belonging is calling your attention. You are safe, so if there is any extreme emotion — positive or negative, I suggest you slow down. I would advise you not make life-changing decisions until Venus is direct, but use this time to re-evaluate your life from the core, so you. Confront childhood insecurities, fears, issues surrounding abandonment, and wounds honestly, so you can put them behind you. What was your childhood like? What were your parents (especially your father’s) ideas surrounding money, security, family, success? Where you encouraged to reach for your dreams? What motivates your choices – fear or faith? You’re seeing the past in a new light — allowing you to see the greater potential in the present and in you. Let go of false and superficial beliefs surrounding security, success, and failure. Acknowledge the patterns you do not wish to repeat, and your role in the creation of your life and circumstances. You’re not a child anymore, and have the ability to live your life by your rules. In all communication be flexible, seek transparency; and avoid assumptions and projections — for better or worse. You can have the emotional and financial security you desire, but at it’s depth this is your journey of reconnecting with your inner-child, so you can live more authentically, chasing, and manifesting your dreams. Above all — remember the real reason you do what you do: for your family, your children, and the generations that will come after you. So you leave this planet — your temporary home, a little better place than when you found it.

AQUARIUS — As Venus stations retrograde in your 3rd House, you’re learning valuable information causing you to question what you think you know. You are safe and on solid ground, but I advise you avoid signing or making life-changing commitments until Venus is direct. Everything is negotiable – first be clear on what you want, you can make conscious choices towards a goal. This is is a longer process of re-evaluation and renegotiation of financial, personal, or creative arrangements, so they truly reflect your values. Creatively, your mind is blazing: an idea is genius and lucrative. This is a period of incubation so you can refine and maximize it’s potential. You might even hear from past lovers, offering a chance for closure. In existing relationships, at best this is a chance to deepen your commitment, love, and trust. If there is a communication breakdown, mistrust, or if anything triggers you: avoid assumptions, projecting blame, reacting, or saying anything in anger you might later regret. You can attract more bees with honey; but avoid any temptation to compromise your values or the truth, or it will come back to bite you. What are your ideas about love, relationships, success and failure? Release painful memories, anger, fear and resentment, consciously so they don’t cast a shadow on your reality. Be in no denial and go beyond surface material attachments, and (self) defeatist perceptions to recognise what’s truly precious and valuable in a situation, and more importantly in you. Creatively, emotionally, and materially, there’s more potential in a situation. Keep your perspective on an unfolding process, feet firmly planted on the ground and true to your values and you can make solid progress on your journey towards greater security.

PISCES – Venus is retrograde in your 2nd House, signaling a period of re-evaluating important personal and financial relationships, and situations. I suggest you avoid making any new life-changing commitments until Venus is direct. In one close relationship especially, there’s a sense of not knowing where you end and the other begins. There might even be second chances at an opportunity you thought slipped you by. Learn from your mistakes then you need not fear repeating them. If you’re in tune with another, you can deepen a commitment, make music, and spin gold. But if you’re out of synch, its important you aren’t taking on their fears, issues, projections and mistrust. Self-awareness will be key to forming clear mutually beneficial arrangements and restoring a balance of power. It comes down to your values. What are your values in a relationship, and surrounding money? What do you want? What are you afraid of? What motivates you? Whom do you trust? Without trust, any relationship is on rocky ground. Trust is built through transparency, honesty, and consistency of action — not just words. Be true to yourself about all — the most dangerous and insidious lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Avoid compromising your values, and maintain transparency in your dealings – or it will cost you. You have a lot to offer personally, professionally, and emotionally — but unless you value yourself, you will sell yourself short. Your potential is infinite and you are worth more than you realize. Your creativity and your heart are your true wealth, not your bank account. Love yourself, believe in yourself, be confident, humble, and trust a process is leading you to a place of greater emotional and financial security. On the deepest level, this is a deepening of your self-worth and that’s priceless.

Priya Kale

Agent Black

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A lifelong student of astrology, (born in a lineage of Vedic astrologers) Priya Kale is consulting Western astrologer in NYC (since 2006,) with clients all over the world.

Publications & Websites: Yahoo! Australia,, Well Being (Australia,) Conde Nast Traveller magazine, Femina magaizine, (India), Format Magazine (Canada, and Astrodiaries 2016, 2017 for PaperPocket, among others.

Conferences: SOTA Conference in the Open Forum 2014, Niagara, NY: “Under the Same Sky: East meets West.”(“3 1/2 Muhurata” of the Sidereal Zodiac as related to the Western Zodiac.) ISAR Forecasting Symposium 2016, Costa Mesa, CA:  “Chiron: Finding Purpose” (Using Chiron Transits in Prediction.)
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    Hi! All, what I read here was deeply resonated and points to this, what is actual now..And I feel, that they are not meaningless even later, when Venus is again going direct way.. just becaue we are timeless being and if the truth revealed itself some way for us, then attention to it is needed.. And it is like more support for my own recognition about Life and Love and all the Play on rhe Way back Home, where we Are Itself. Thank you Priya! Lots of Love..


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