The Queen of the heavens. The Guardian of the night- Venus evening Star!

By Agent 12 – Julija Simas

The Queen of the heavens. The Guardian of the night- Venus in her evening star apparition!

 June 2016- March 2017


This week Venus, after her sojourn behind the Sun, comes out into the skies as the long awaited evening star. Nicely appropriate for entering Leo at around the same time. Since disappearing as a morning star back in April and creating another Sun, Star point at 16° Gemini during the mutable chaos, Venus  now “comes out” to light again, symbolic for us all to live more consciously with what have recently integrated, let go of, processed in regard to love, loss, relating and our creative place in the world. During her times “away” when we can’t see her, she is often noted as being in the underworld, yet for each individual this can be seen as either an underworld or what i call “upperworld” experience world where as we may grapple with our fears, feel vulnerable, and confronted, much like a Plutonic experience, the experience is very much about us needing to take control of our lives and let go of anything  too binding that grates against our being. This in the end could also be likened much more to an”upperworld” empowering and spiritual experience. Either way it is the phase of evolutionary growth for us all. What was it like for you? With Venus and her cosmic rhythm each star point she creates, we can reflect back 4 years ago  and 8 years ago to see what happened back then, what is your pattern of growth at these times? More on the cycle of Venus here.

Read more of the Descent of Innana to the underworld here.

It has certainly felt like a time away of sorts, hiding from the crazy world that is the reality of life on Earth, but now whether we like it or not as Venus begins to peak out in the evening light, and in Leo, our lives may see a significant shift, coupled with the fact that Mars too begins to get a move on. Currently at Northern declination and  10 degrees in front of the Sun, we would expect to see her any day now as a tiny dot above the Sun at sunset. From here each night Venus ascends slowly upward in the evening sky, as would a new Moon night after night, until reaching maximum elongation by January 12th 2017 at around 9° Pisces.

Over these next months as Venus rises in the evening sky, the evening Goddess is understood as ascending, growing in light and is seen as.

Hesperus (from western) Venus as evening Star
Occidental (rising in the west)
Lucifer (the light bringer, Venus in either apparition, morning or evening, the angel cast out of heaven who then becomes Satan in the christian bible. The sacred feminine was regarded as too potent to deal with by the patriarchy establishing itself through various religions around the globe, making out that the power of the sacred feminine was dangerous and scary and not to be used, similar to the number 666)
Lights up the evening sky, up after the Sun goes down
Feminine and, Yin
A  cool, calm, more reflective, mature goddess(as opposed to warrior goddess as morning star)
She ascends slowly –  (comes out of Sun’s beams slowly as  she continues to move ahead of it , still moving much faster than Sun.
She descends rapidly – as the cycle progresses the Sun catches up with her again, getting brightest after maximum elongation and the she moves closer to the earth again for her next desecnt to retrograde.
Visible 10° approx (after superior conjunction) depends on location, declination etc approx 30 days
Venus has completed her mission, and is now ready to reap the rewards, more willing to give herself to others, as she has found what she needs 
Gains light, then loses light quickly  – in a full moon phase she becomes a crescent again when nearing earth,
Begins full and is a crescent at brightest phase .

From June at 16° Gemini when Venus made her superior star point it will be another 9.5 months till her next retrograde point is made on March 25th 2017. After her fast moving phase it is Venus as the evening star that becomes slower in her movements, more direct and deliberate than the Venus warrior goddess morning phase who speeds up moving toward superior conjunction. She is now more mature and worldly wise, having survived a rough patch of confrontation for what she stands for, vulnerable, exposing her true self, sans masks and amour, showing to the Gods what she is truly made of. There is much debate amongst astrologers as to which phase evening or morning phase is the begining of her cycle, which is her true birth point? Yet Venus has a two sided nature to her and perhaps she can be seen to have a birth point and a re-birth point, one birthed as a morning star arising slow in movement, but quick to light. The other evening star rise, quick in movement but dim in light. At every phase of her cycle we see Venus as either /or and a combination of the below.

a morning or an evening star,
visible or invisible,
bright or dim,
fast or slow,
waning or waxing,
ascending or descending,

Combinations of either of the above will  determine what Venus is doing at any particular time. Being aware of whatever combination she is in at any particular time has become most important for astrological interpretation. No longer is it enough to talk about Venus in Leo for example, or that she is in the 5th house and squares the Sun for example, it only tells part of her story, same as a Moon in Leo at full phase is different than a Moon in Leo in new phase and so on. Much work has been done by astrologers on the phases of Venus by colleagues Michele Finey, Adam Gainsburg and in the traditional sense by Deborah Houlding and Wade Caves. Venus in Leo now as she arises as an evening star is much different than the morning star that rose after the last retrograde phase also in Leo last August. One is slow in movement the other fast, yet in slow movement rising as morning star, Venus rises fast, it is as though she pops out to light quickly as the Sun moves away from her. Coming out as evening star ,as here she moves much faster than the Sun, the ascension, coming to light happens slowly, where she is very dim to start with.  I do see the fast moving evening star rise as much more akin to a Goddess, that has matured, that knows better what she is doing and has become more worldly wise with what she has accomplished and experienced during the preceding cycle. At this phase she is more conscious of the processes she has been through, than the younger, fresh, slow to move, more unconsciously led version of the rising morning star. Even just the words morning  and evening bring up the symbols of newness, naivety and evening as older, mature, experienced. What is your natal Venus phase, and which do you most relate to?

The ancient Greeks also saw Venus in two lights as Aphrodite Pandemos, earth goddess and Aphrodite Urania, a heavenly goddess. I see Venus nearer retrograde conjunction as the earthy Venus and bright with light, and Venus moving further away from us toward superior conjunction as convening with the gods, Urania. We also know Venus as ruling planet of Taurus and of Libra, exalted in Pisces. Venus in Taurus suits well Pandemos, the connection to earthy delights and lusty, pleasure seeking pursuits. As Venus Urania, complements the high ideals of Libra, perfection, grace, aesthetics, balance and harmony.



Venus now as evening star is a Venus that comes from the heavenly realm, after some sort of re-birth, newly renewed, she now shines her light not only for herself but for the betterment of others. The evening star is considered more relaxed, chilled out and ready to give more of herself to others, as her trials of late have involved sorting our her own needs and in some sense has liberated herself toward her true needs,(remember Aphrodite Uranus, born of Uranus the sky God) that she can now be more readily available for others. As the cycle begins in warm and creative Leo, she is just freshly returned to light and knows more her purpose, as she rises higher each coming day. In Leo till August 6th, she is still gathering strength and confidence until fully manifest by her time at maximum elongation at next year’s begining. For now consider the creative and loving pathway ahead, holding the torch of liberation to move again toward the more authentic you, being yourself , loving what you do and like, having shed the guilt or shame, the fear, the control that others may seem to enforce on you. In the end it’s up to you how you manage these controls, the ties that bind. As Venus moves  into light she is ready to wear her heart on her sleeve again, growing in light and confidence night after night.

The cycle of Venus and her cosmic rhythm is like no other and when well tuned to her movements we can look closer at the life we are consciously creating  by tuning into her cosmic yet natural rhythm of growth, decay, death and re-birth.

Dates and phases for the coming cycle:  June 2016 – March 2017

VenusPhasesJune 6th 2016 Superior conjunction Star Point – 16° Gemini – Fullness Phase
July 13th 2016 approx  – Evening Rise – 1° Leo –
Jan 12th 2017 – Maximum elongation – 9° Pisces –
Feb 18th 2017 – Greatest brilliancy – 9° Aries waning crescent phase
Mar 4th 2017 -Retrograde begins – 13° Aries
March 22nd (equinox) – 7° Aries – Evening Star dive back to Earth
25th March 2017 – Next Star Point Retrograde – 4° Aries

More on the Venus Cycle can be found here in numerous articles

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