ReView – Uranus in Aries – March 11th 2011- May 15th 2018

by Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

ReView – Uranus in Aries – March 11th 2011- May 15th 2018

URANUS WILL RETURN and retrograde back TO ARIES – NOV 7th 2018, then leave Aries for good for another 84 years on MARCH 6TH 2019.

Uranus emboldens revolutionary action and while transiting in the masculine sign of Aries this application suggests assertion, aggression even violence. Reflect upon the gun debate in the USA. It was the shooting of Senator Gabrielle Giffords in 2011 which began a seven-year stint of an unprecedented 18 mass shootings in the USA; Aurora Colorado, Newtown Connecticut, Fort Hood Texas, Charleston South Carolina, San Bernardino California, Blacksburg Virginia, Orlando Florida, Ocala Florida, to name but a handful of cities rocked by mass killings. The deadly affront to innocence was reinforced over and over. if one person isn’t save then no one is.

Aries is the sign of the head, the brain, and subsequently mental health. The USA mass shootings ignited conversations about not only gun control but the role of mental illness. Most of the shooters fit the profile of young and male, with a history of mental illness, with birthdays reflecting charts with the Uranus- Neptune conjunction of the early to mid-1990’s. This conjunction is notable for initiating the internet age, because it blends imagination with technology. In a specific chart this conjunction has the potential for the genius/crazy archetypal signature.

Violence cracked the sense of individual safety world-wide. The horror of political terrorism reared its head across the world in ways never experienced. In 2010 the reported acts of world-wide terrorism hovered around four thousand events. Each subsequent year, after the Uranus ingress, the rate increased exponentially to over forty-THOUSAND events in 2015. (

Aries reflects the spark of individuality, as Uranus is the planet of group consciousness. Over the past seven years we have seen multiple social action movements arise which reflect this theme; the individuals’ place within the collective. Consider the social political movements here and abroad; the `Arab Spring’, the `Occupy Movement’, the 99% movement, the Tea Party, the Women’s Marches, the March for our Lives Marches. Uranus the great awakener, like Prometheus unbound, has insisted upon the rights of the individual be called upon within the collective consciousness.

Aries is the sign of `identity’. Over the past seven years the definition of what is `human’ has been stretched into unfamiliar territory. The `trans-humanism’ movement has taken hold, in part, by the technological wizardry suggested by Uranus. The movement suggest that through science humans can transcend their flesh and blood boundaries. “ Early in February 2017, innovative billionaire Elon Musk reiterated an idea he had floated several times over the past year: Humans need to merge with machines. Musk sees a direct brain/computer interface as an absolute necessity, not only in order for us to evolve as a species, but as a way of keeping up with the machines we are creating. According to Musk, if we don’t merge with the machines, we will become useless and irrelevant.” (

The boundaries of sexual identity have seen a porous reordering over the past seven years. From the halls of academia into the bedrooms of everyday people there has been a revolution of gender identity. An icon of athleticism, Bruce Jenner, embraced his identity as a female when she transitioned to Caitlyn in 2015. She has been called the most famous openly transgender woman in the world.

How have things changed for your Sun Sign with Uranus in Aries!

Hasn’t it been a blur of amazing, electrifying, sometimes terrifying events these past seven years? The collective merges with the personal as we reflect upon YOUR life using the following:

Aries-Since 2011 have you stripped down to your most authentic self by courageously facing your fears and reinventing yourself? Have you taken risks in asserting your unique gifts and bringing them to the world? Congratulate yourself; job well done.

Taurus– Over the past seven years have you delved into the waters of your inner psyche? Have you explored new spiritual paths? Have your psychic or intuitive gifts expanded in concrete ways? Be grateful to the divinity of your understanding.

Gemini– Since 2011 have your friends, groups and associations shifted radically? Have your new friends reflected your new interests? Have friends helped stimulate your growth and development? Nurture these new friendships.

Cancer– Over the past seven years has your career veered into new directions? Have you taken a more innovative role at work bringing your unique genius to light? Have you stepped into greater autonomy at your job, or, ventured into self-employment? Embrace your success.

Leo– Since 2011 has your philosophical, political or religious viewpoints change into a new crystalized framework? Have you traveled more? Have you explored new vistas of mind or environment? Reflect on your new perspective.

Virgo-Over the past seven years have you explored the depths of your inner being? Have your experienced a `dark night of the soul’? Have you lost and regained support emotionally, financially or physically? Acknowledge the saying, `that which does not destroy me makes me stronger.’

Libra– In the past seven years has your patience been tested by unpredictable behavior of your partner, closest friends and colleagues? Have you been the catalyst for balancing delicate or sensitive situations? Has your `relationship type’ or style, changed radically? Be grateful for the love in your life.

Scorpio- Since 2011 has your work shifted to greater autonomy? Are you more confident in the way you offer your unique skills to others? Have you explored the application of holistic health practices? Celebrate your mind, body and spirit.

Sagittarius– Over the past seven years have you initiated new creative projects? Have you explored new uplifting past-times to create more joy? Have you explored new romantic connections? Trust your inspired inner muse.

Capricorn-Since 2011 have you moved, remodeled, or shifted your home in some way? Have you explored the psychological foundations within? Has your family radically changed? Remember to trust the flow of ebb and flow of life.

Aquarius– Over the past seven years has your schedule changed radically? Have your connections with siblings or neighbors shifted? Are you more of an open thinker or confident speaker? The truth will set you free.

Pisces– Since 2011 has your confidence improved? Is your inner light blazing for more to see the `real’ you? Has your income changed to reflect your inner values? The world awaits the sharing of your gifts.

As we say adieu to Uranus in Aries we anticipate a whole new Era of electrifying changes, in a sign not know for quick reflexes; Taurus, slow steady and grounded. Perhaps the lessons learned over the past seven years will be able to be practically applied one step at a time. We shall see beginning on May 15th 2018!

Review Uranus in Aries 2011- 2018
Uranus in Aries. It’s always good to reflect and reconsider upon what’s ending as we turn our gaze forward. Uranus is the energy of the unpredictable, the dramatic, bringing quick startling changes. The Uranus ingress took place in March 2011. Recall these events?

  •  Hawaiian Volcano Erupts (March 7): The Kilauea Volcano, thought to be one of the most active in the world, erupts, spewing lava through new cracks.
  • Massive 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami Devastat Japan (March 11): Japan is hit by an enormous earthquake that triggers a deadly 23-foot tsunami in the country’s north. The earthquake, Japan’s largest ever, hit about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issues warnings for Russia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Indonesia, the Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the west coasts the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and South America. Cooling systems in one of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station fail shortly after the earthquake, causing a nuclear crisis.
  • Earthquake of 6.8 Magnitude Hits Myanmar (March 24): A powerful earthquake strikes northeastern Myanmar, toppling homes and killing more than 70 people. Tremors from the earthquake are felt hundreds of miles away, in cities as far away as Bangkok and Hanoi.
  • Egyptian Protestors Demand Faster Change and Accountability (March 6): Newly appointed Prime Minister Essam Sharaf addresses tens of thousands of protestors in Tahrir Square, where demonstrators press for faster and more substantive changes.
  • Upheaval Continues in Libya (March 7): Government warplanes repeatedly bomb rebel positions near an oil refinery in the coastal city of Ras Lanuf, seeking to drive them back to the east, as the country’s slide into civil war continues.
  • Thousands Protest in Bahrain (March 8): Thousands of Shiite protestors form a human chain around the Manama, the capital of Bahrain while hundreds demonstrate outside the U.S. Embassy in an appeal for support. Opposition leaders vow that they will not be mollified by offers of money and jobs.
  • Bahrain Cracks Down on Demonstrators (March 18): Bahrain brings in troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to crack down against peaceful protestors clamoring for reform. The government also tears down the monument in Pearl Square, the site of many protests.
  • No-Fly Zone is Imposed in Libya (March 19): American and European forces unleash warplanes and missiles, striking against the government of Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi in a mission to impose a UN-sanctioned no-fly zone. The goals of the no-fly zone are to keep Col. Qaddafi from using air power against rebel forces and to prevent a massacre in Libya.
  • Military Kill Protestors in Syria (March 25): Troops open fire in the southern part of Syria after tens of thousands take to the streets in peaceful protests around the nation. At least twenty demonstrators are killed.
  • Cabinet Resigns in Syria (March 29): President Bashar al-Assad accepts the resignation of his cabinet. The cabinet resignation reflects a rare responsiveness to public pressure by the Syrian government. Meanwhile, in the capital, government supporters take to the streets in an effort to counter the ongoing pro-democracy protests in several cities.
  • (
Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56
Cassandra Joan Butler, BSW, MS, LMT, is a practicing astrologer since 1987, based in WNY outside of Buffalo New York. She offers `integrated consults’ utilizing her skills in mediumship and  social work (Cornell University)  communications (Syracuse University), and healing (homeopathy and massage). In addition to her college teaching, Cassandra has held weekly astrology classes since 1995, and workshops at various international venues such as Lillydale Assembly, Chautauqua Institution, SOTA and the Jungian Center of WNY. Cassandra has written astrology columns for various publications, and has extensive experience on radio and TV. She has been the astrology columnist for the midwest’s `Pathfinder News’ since 1991. She is the producer/host of the radio program `Cosmic Connections.’ In 2013 she  founded the Church of the Divine Grace; a spiritual church with astrological underpinnings, and, in 2014 she founded the `Sanjo Institute of Spiritual Studies’ which offers students a blending of spiritual tools for healing. Cassandra is passionate about applying astrological wisdom to all avenues of life for healing of mind, body and spirit.

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