• The Uranus glyph is made up of two crescents of receptivity on either side of the cross of matter,which is on top of the circle of spirit.
  • The two crescents indicate left brain and right brain perceptions, rapid intuition and antennas or radars picking up signals from far and wide.
  • This information is grounded through the cross of matter to bring a new refocused energy to the circle of spirit. The glyph also resembles the letter H, the initial for Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus.


  • Uranus was discovered on 13 March 1781. It is the most eccentric planet in the solar system because of its unconventional orbit. Rotating on its side, it’s tilted at a 97 degree angle, giving it peculiar seasons, long cycles of darkness then sunlight, and a severe energy imbalance causing disturbing 720 km per hr winds. Through a telescope, Uranus appears as a pale blue-green elliptical disk.
  • Diameter: 51,118 km
    Distance from Sun: 2876 million km
    Rotation: 17 hours
    Orbital period: 84 years
    Atmosphere: Hydrogen, helium, methane

Discovery and Naming

  • Discovered by William Herschel 13th March 1781
  • First planet to be discovered with a telescope
  • At first thought to be a comet,
  • Circular orbit, eccentric ellipsis
  • Named Georgium Sidus, after the King
  • Bode (Bodes law) chose Uranus, the Latinized version of the Greek god of the sky god Ouranos.
  • Bode argued that just as Saturn was the father of Jupiter, the new planet should be named after the father of Saturn.
  • In 1789, Bode’s Royal Academy colleague Martin Klaproth named his newly discovered element “uranium” in support of Bode’s choice.
  • Ultimately, Bode’s suggestion became the most widely used, and became universal in 1850 when HM Nautical Almanac Office, the final holdout, switched from using Georgium Sidus to Uranus.
  • Uranus called Georgium Sidus for 80 yearsUranus’s discovery coincided was synchronistic to –1781 – 24 Gemini
  • Revolution, rebellion,
  • War of Independence USA, 1775 – 1783
  • French revolution 1789
  • The Age of Enlightenment and Discovery
  • The first Balloon Flight, seeing world from above 1783
  • The discovery or electricity, Benjamin Franklin- 1760’s
  • Grounding lightning
  • Shock waves that changed the world forever, discoveries, travel

Ouranos Myth

  • Ouranos the sky god – heavenly light and air, son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth
  • Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, the Cyclopes, Meliae, The Furies, The Gigantes, Hecatonchires and Aphrodite.
  • Castrated by Saturn, Gaia’s son, at her request, because he lay with her every night, yet locked up their youngest children up in Tatarus
  • His served genital were thrown in the sea, and produced Aphrodite/Venus
  • Prometheus – stole fire from the Gods, was eternally punished for his good deed, bringing something to humanity
  • Prometheus – Foresight
  • Epimetheus – Hindsight


  • The awakener, illuminator, rebel, revolutionary, radical
  • Destroyer of old concepts, ideologies and structures
  • The unique, unconventional, unorthodox, individuality awakening to higher consciousness, the sixth sense, inspiration
  • To separate out, to split, to be singular
  • To perfect
  • Enlightening moments, breakthrough
  • Uranus ignites people of the same mind, idea, purpose
  • Uranus’ energy is sudden, unexpected, awakening, invigorating, inspiring, electric, destructive, disruptive and spasmodic.
  • Uranus represents change, freedom and rebellion, plus the need to break with tradition in order to improve on the past.
  • Uranus symbolises the original and innovative rebel, full of new ideas and opinions who awakens and seeks new possibilities.
  • Uranus challenges us to stand up and create the change necessary in our lives; to be our unique selves, no matter how different, unacknowledged or strange this may be.
  • Uranus leads us along the road less travelled, while simultaneously alienating and liberating us from authority.
  • Uranus represents the principal of creative freedom, individualism and liberation –thePromethean impulse to free humanity by stealing fire from the gods.
  • Uranus is the agent of change, adaptation and the unexpected (through surprises or shocks), and brings breakthroughs on physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual or psychological levels.
  • Uranus is like lightning – connected to the SKY God with a thunderbolt – also Zeus/Jupiter/Thor
  • Lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge between electrically charged regions within clouds, or between a cloud and the Earth’s surface.
  • The charged regions within the temporarily equalize themselves through a lightning flash, commonly referred to as a strike if it hits an object on the ground.

Uranus Cycle

  • Uranus takes 84 years to transit an astrological chart.
  • It has an even orbit, therefore major transit points occur at the same ages for all.
  • At 21 years we experience the Uranus square
  • 42 years a Uranus opposition
  • 84 the Uranus return
  • Uranus is retrograde for 5 months of the year.
  • Unsettled, manic, crazy
  • Something is about to change, needs to change, will change
  • Enlightening
  • Alienating, seperating, disconnecting


  • Rulership/Domicile – Aquarius- modern,
  • Saturn – traditional
  • Affinity – 11th house
  • Element : Uranium


  • Unconventional, unpredictable, original, genius, sudden, progressive, rebellious, futuristic, intellectual, eccentric, unorthodox, utopian, individual, autonomous, independent, insightful.
  • Shadow: Alienating, disconnected, separatist, radical, estranged, disruptive.

In the body

  • Nervous system, spasms, disorders of energy, sudden diagnosis, dramatic bodily change, cellular change, third eye
  • Rulerships Natural disasters, lightning, electricity, science, invention, astrology (modern), psychology, x-rays, revolution. Technology, invention, computers, Aviation, space travel, astrologer, psychologist, weird, different, unusual, unexpected , outta this world, LHCollider, unexpected, radical change, strangeness

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