Uranus the North Node and Astrology

with CIA Agents

Uranus meets the North Node in Taurus 2022 Maurice Fernandez, Cary Caton Julija Simas discuss – the developments of astrology thru the lense of Uranus North Node conjunctions. In 2007 astrologer Robert Blaschke wrote about the conjunctions of the North Node and Uranus as indicators of the rise of different types of astrology in the past 100 years. We will be looking deeper into this fascinating subject and more! From a look at the rulers of astrology, the discovery chart of Uranus through to Uranus through the signs, the last Uranus in Taurus conjunction of 1855, astrological themes, fads, astrologers prominent in particular epochs and much more. With guests Gary Caton and Maurice Fernandez and host Julija Simas.

Maurice’s Video


Julija’s article from 2019 

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Thanks to all who joined us onlibe and your copmments!

Sharon Malachowski : thanks everyone for a fun conversation!
Maggie Kerr : Absolutely fascinating conversation thank you!!
Andre Dionne : Yes very interesting ‘hot stove’ conversation!
From Paie Haagsma To All Panelists : Love this , so juicy, so much gratitude , much love to everyone 🤩🌟💖
From Gil Stefani : Awesome! Really lovely conversation! Full of insights and full of data too. Thanks for it Gary, Maurice and Julija!
From Roberta McKnight : Irony that science impeded our understanding/knowledge
From Gina Villegas : great, & visionary conversation & Beyond….Thanks for all
From Maureen Hakala : Great conversation! Thank you!
From Andre Dionne : Thank you! Blessings! And stay safe!
From Roberta McKnight : So awesome 🤩 thank you 🙏🏼
From Bee B : And taking lots and lots of pictures… 🤩
From Melanie Johnstone To All Panelists : Wonderful conversation. Thanks to all!
From irlianna samsara : Burning Man meets Astro
From Roberta McKnight : Gary’s Festival property
From Gil Stefani : Yes! Let´s be around a campfire
From Taylor Burton : YESSS, re “dark sky location of astro-festival”!
From S N : I would totally be part of an astrology festival! I have a property in Ara Vaipa AZ if that would work?
From Taylor Burton : Please put me on the List for Astro-Festival.
From Taylor Burton : And possible co-housing community.
From Ann Phelps : so wonderful, thank you! I came to astrology through herbalism and Kabala…. what a great time to be alive…
From Simone van Beers : thx!!!
From Carolyn Daniels : one of the best astrology presentations ever…and I’m astrologer.
From irlianna samsara : sign me up for Astro Fest
From Maurice Fernandez : Omega https://www.eomega.org/workshops/heart-centeredness-stars
From Bee B : Yeah, we sure did choose these times., me think…
From Norma Jean Ream : Big Island, Hawaii has some good venues.
From Marie Lizotte : I enjoy this talk so much. Thank you!
From erino Light : i hope a conference come to calgary
From Maurice Fernandez : Thank you very much everyone!
From Danette West : Thank you so much!! This was amazing.
From Wendy Guy : This has been a wonderful conversation to sit in on. Thanks so much! :-)
From Gil Stefani : Thank you so much!!!!! Such a pleasant talk
From Fay Senner To All Panelists : Thank you all, love the idea of an Astro-Festival
From Bee B : 🙏 Thank you for your enthusiastic presentation! Very contagious… I need to check for free books online…
From Roberta McKnight : Segments is a great idea into areas of expertise 😊
From Gil Stefani : Yes! It´s been fun!
From Alan Gordon : Thanks great discussion
From Catherine Merrigan : Brilliant!!!
From irlianna samsara : thank you all, great discussion.
From Maurice Fernandez : https://youtu.be/qtbfRojK74A
From Maurice Fernandez : The Uranus/NN presentation
From Elizabeth Ferrara : Wonderful! Thank you!

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  1. Avatar
    Sonia Kralova July 19, 2022 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    This talk was made in heaven. Thank you.

  2. Avatar
    Debora Tramposh July 21, 2022 at 12:43 am - Reply

    So enjoyed this conversation, and the timelines…thanks so much! Just want to mention the shadow side of Uranus in Taurus is genetic engineering (coming to fruition)…it’s happening right before our eyes, hidden in plain sight…the creation of the covid virus, and vaccines that followed…the altering of our biology. AI is the overall agenda…so important to stay close to Nature! Maintain sovereignty.

  3. Avatar
    Susan Ingle July 24, 2022 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    Loved the synergy and flow of insights……..presented with passion and joy. Thanks so much

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