Uranus Square Pluto

 15 December 2014 @ 12 deg Capricorn

 Agent 369 – Linda Jonson

From Jeffrey Wolf Green’s “Uranus, Freedom from the Known” – Uranus correlates to individuation, liberation, freedom, and deconditioning. Deconditioning from what? Deconditioning from Saturn. Saturn correlates to all the conditioning patterns of our life: the conditioning patterns of society, family, expectations of people in our lives, and the conditioning patterns relative to all the prior lives that you bring into this life. All that conditions your sense of identity at any moment in time. Uranus clearly is an antithetical archetype to Saturn. This means that Uranus is forever trying to shatter, revolutionize, liberate, or break free from all those conditioning patterns. What for? What is the intent? To what purpose? If we shatter all the conditioning patterns that define our sense of personality and identity then we can, at some point, arrive at our essential nature and identity that is unconditioned.

On a collective level, the bottom line intention of the Pluto transit through Capricorn is to evolve the existing structures of countries that are preventing their evolutionary needs. When these evolutionary requirements are met with fear, insecurity and resistance by individuals, there can be a lot of overwhelming pain because of the evolutionary pressure to transform. The pressure has to reach a very intense point in order to induce the necessary changes because of the high degree of emotional security linked with the past. Before the new can begin, there must be a death of the old. Pluto brings death and new life to Capricornian structures and conditioning patterns around man-made laws, politics, family, nationalism, traditions, social status, and the structure of consciousness itself.

The Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012 to 2015 are “crises in action” and “choices to be made” in how to actually make real the collective desires that began at the conjunction in Virgo in 1965-66 for collective and personal purification, adjustment and improvement. These squares correlate to the evolutionary necessity to break out and push through prevailing cultural norms. They demand action and externalization (yang) in order to facilitate evolution at an accelerated pace which occurs when energy reaches a critical peak that thrusts forward through the crisis of cataclysmic change

On a personal level, natal Pluto represents the Soul’s past lives plus the Soul’s evolutionary intentions for the current life, while transiting Pluto represents the timing for the Soul’s evolutionary intentions in relationship to natal Pluto. Necessary for evolution to take place is the targeting of intense unconscious conditioning patterns not only in the present life but also those past life patterns that have been suppressed in the individuated unconsciousness as memories. The action of Uranus reflects a process of repeating messages bombarding the consciousness that become louder and louder until a crescendo is reached, bursting forth the necessary evolutionary insights, revelations, realizations and illuminations of the way forward. This process brings with it rapid change, liberation and deconditioning from the past. But that evolutionary process can only be effected through emotional integration of unconscious desires. This simply means that once the Soul fully experiences on an emotional level the consequences of its past actions, desires and choices, it is able to integrate and learn from these experiences, transform the deeper unconscious Soul patterns, make better choices, and create new experiences for the future.

At the Uranus/Pluto square, there is a build-up of emotional triggers that prompt trauma, shock, stress and distress. There can be denial, dissociation, fear, suppression, and resistance as the unconscious desires of the past are worked through in the present. People naturally gravitate towards maintaining the familiarity of the past and that which gives them a sense of security: conditioning patterns of society, family, social groupings, and expectations from others who are similar to themselves. The Uranus/Pluto square is destroying this sense of security that is based on elements that are in the process of dying. If the process of evolutionary change is resisted, this can lead to depression, a state of reflection upon that which is no longer working and that needs to change.
Anything that falls outside the consensus tends to be repressed and then becomes distorted. Example: Aries square Capricorn, the suppression of the natural sexual instincts relative to cultural conditionings. With the ruler of transiting Uranus being Mars in Aquarius (the leading edge of evolution), the collective of Souls is beginning to embrace differentness, uniqueness and naturalness – thus bursting out of consensus norms. With the ruler of transiting Pluto being Saturn in Scorpio, the collective of Souls are changing the consensus reality, becoming aware of how the structural organization of reality evolves over time, transforming the structure of consciousness, and understanding that those elements which are outmoded or crystallized must change.

By Agent 369 – Linda Jonson

Linda Jonson is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Astrology Editor for Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology, living in NSW, Australia. She is a Moderator for the School of Evolutionary Astrology message board. For more information regarding the unique paradigm of EA, please visit the School of Evolutionary Astrology:


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