Uranus Retrograde: August 11th, 2019 6° Taurus – Jan 10th 2020, 2° Taurus

by Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

There’s a ripple in the cosmos this week; the great awakener, Uranus, retrogrades on August 11th at the 6th degree of Taurus. This Uranus  journey retrograde, or `inward,’ continues until January 10th 2020.

Uranus is the `mad cap professor’ which inspires by shaking the status quo through the tools of detached brilliance. Uranus is the energy of the odd. Even the astronomical planet orbits on its side axis, a metaphor for the maverick. Uranus represents eccentric, eclectic, electricity, science, energy, innovation and inspired change. As one of the `big three’ transpersonal change planets, Uranus serves as a generation marker because it remains in any given sign for about seven years. This means once every 84 years the energy repeats; 2018-2026 will resemble 1934-1941 in terms of focused change applied to Taurus themes.

Taurus is the staunch, stable energy of earth. It represents our values, what we have and hold, like love, marriage, money and property. Taurus also rules the essence which keeps us alive; food. Expect all these issues to undergo rapid and surprising change over the next seven years.

Taurus the bull is slow to change yet once it does it transforms completely. It’s an all or nothing fixed type of energy.

Uranus in Taurus- electricity meet mountain! Uranus made its grand entrance into Taurus on May 15th of 2018. This means Uranus is in its earliest stages of electrifying transformation. August 11th represents the first retrograde of several over the next few years. The initial action of Uranus in Taurus experienced over the past 15 months will now have a chance to be integrated through the retrograde.

A retrograde represents a planetary shift backwards; not `really’ but from earth’s perspective. Astrologers regard a retrograde as a time when the energy represented by the planet can be reworked, integrated, and understood at a deeper level. A retrograde of one of the bigger planets isn’t rare, it’s routine. Uranus retrogrades with regularity for about 155 days each year. This first retrograde of Uranus  in Taurus is significant because it is the first station retrograde in Taurus for this generation!

As with any retrograde, the action of the planet retrograding is a bit softer, and, in Uranus’ case a subtle shade of shake-up.  The revolutionary energy of eccentricity goes underground during the retrograde. Any issues which have emerged during the introduction of Uranus in Taurus now will be reworked until January 10th 2020.

On the global scale, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose to marry last year just when Uranus moved into Taurus. Theirs is a `innovative’ union; an American woman of color, divorced, marries into the regulated royal family shaking up the status quo. Venus ruled Taurus rules love and marriage. We could expect that their union consolidates during this first retrograde of Uranus.

The most horrific activity under the umbrella of `relationship’ is pedophilia. Since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 the collective has witnessed more and more examples of this human travesty. As of this writing, Jeffery Epstein has been found dead by suicide in a New York City jail. The billionaire was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. During the upcoming retrograde, we can expect a more thorough `behind the scenes’ investigation of him, and the world-wide sexual abuse of children.

Wherever Taurus is in your chart expect the retrograde to work it’s consolidating magic. You’ll be able to take the first steps to integrate the many changes, through `surprise’ which will surely manifest over the next few years. Those born with personal planets within the first 6 degrees of the fixed signs; Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and of course Taurus will be `feeling’ and experiencing the changes initially. The retrograde takes place at the sabian symbol degree of `The woman of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacob’s well.’ This is the symbol of `fitting in’ as the woman of Samaria was an outcast. Themes of prejudice, being different and sharing will emerge throughout the retrograde period.

The following `cook-book’ identifies where the retrograde falls, whereby you may apply your solar chart, or actual calculated chart based upon your ascending sign to draw some inspiration:

Aries: For the past year you’ve been wrestling with what really matters in your life; what you value and how you can contribute to the greater whole. You may aspire to create a new source of income, and, during this retrograde you’ll receive the necessary information to possibly make a major financial change.

Taurus: Since May 2018 the wave of change has been crashing upon your sense of self; your identify, down to the core of who you are. It is often an unnerving time to navigate Uranus! However, this retrograde period is a time to `catch your breath’, and, reflect upon yourself. Be gentle with any inconsistences; it’s all part of the journey.

Gemini: Since the ingress of Uranus in Taurus you have entered a new phase of activating your experience of the divine. Spiritual practices, meditation, prayer and ways to cultivate retreat will become a priority. Use this retrograde period to discern which spiritual tools fit you and your lifestyle. Explore the spiritual dimensions in new ways.

Cancer: Uranus in your solar 11th house has likely opened new social vistas for you; new friends who share some of the same interests. During the retrograde you may want to take a break from being social and simply reflect upon the true meaning of friendship. The friends who matter most will remain, while others will leave your world

Leo: Looking for a new way to lead in the world? That’s the promise of Uranus for you over the next 6 years. Over the past year you may have shaken up the status quo at work, or, simply want to change careers. Either way, this retrograde is a time to slow down and reconsider everything career related, without making a final decision.

Virgo: The need for adventure, travel, or new learning has been percolating in your consciousness since last May. This retrograde is a chance for you to slow down a bit and reflect upon your need for change versus your need for security. In either case, your view of the word will become more logic dependent rather than emotional during this retrograde.

Libra: Since last year the Uranus in Taurus ingress is inspiring you to totally transform intimacy and long-term financial needs. During the retrograde you may decide to severe relationships which do not have as much depth and loyalty as you desire. You may also need to make or invest your money in a new way.

Scorpio: Uranus opposing your sun triggers all sorts of pressure upon your closest relationships. You may view your significant others as being too flighty or inconsistent. Before you make any relationship decision heed the caution of the retrograde.  Reflect upon what you want from others during the retrograde; what’s required and what’s optional for your heart.

Sagittarius: Uranus transiting your 6th house of health is a time to attend to self-care. Unexpected health concerns may have come up over the past year. During this retrograde reflect upon healthier choices with regards to nutrition and exercise. Also consider new ways of integrating technology into your work life.

Capricorn: Uranus will be lighting up your house of creativity, children and romance. Expect the unexpected regarding all three issues. During the retrograde reflect upon what gives you pleasure. You might also reconnect with a previous lover or reignite an old hobby or pastime. The retrograde inspires your inner creative muse.

Aquarius: The foundation of your life will likely feel a bit shaky as Uranus transits your 4th house of home. Thoughts of moving or remodeling may be on your radar. As the retrograde unfolds be willing to slow down the decision making and simply reflect upon where you want to live, and, what feeds your soul.

Pisces: With Uranus in Taurus the way you think is shifting; more intuitive, more inspired, more innovative. Use the retrograde period to rethink some of your goals and aspirations, applying the tool of discernment.  You may also be inspired to utilize greater technology in your everyday life. Inspired to write? This retrograde will assist in the reflection process.

Respectfully submitted by Agent 56

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Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

BIO: Cassandra Joan Butler, BSW, MS, LMT has been a noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development and bodywork since 1987. A gifted teacher, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of students in a variety of settings. Her background includes college teaching, adult community education, classes as well as workshops at international venues: the Kepler Conference, United Astrology Congress (2018), the SOTA conference and Lily Dale and Chautauqua Institution. Cassandra is the president of the local chapter of NCGR in Buffalo New York. In 2020 Cassandra will be part of the `2020 Astrological and Healing Cruise’ during the Capricorn line-up of January. Cassandra holds degrees from Cornell University and Syracuse University and is a passionate life- long learner!

Website: www.cassandrajoanbutler.com

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