The Uranus glyph is made up of two crescents of receptivity on either side of the cross of matter,which is on top of the circle of spirit. The two crescents indicate left brain and right brain perceptions, rapid intuition, and antennas or radars picking up signals from far and wide. This information is grounded through the cross of matter to bring a new refocused energy to the circle of spirit. The glyph also resembles the letter H, the initial of Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus.

Uranus was discovered on 13 March 1781. It is the most eccentric planet in the solar system because of its unconventional orbit. Rotating on its side, it’s tilted at a 72 degree angle, giving it peculiar seasons, long cycles of darkness then sunlight, and a severe energy imbalance causing disturbing 720 km per hr winds. Through a telescope, Uranus appears as a pale blue-green elliptical disk.

Diameter: 51,118 km
Distance from Sun: 2876 million km
Rotation: 17 hours
Orbital period: 84 years
Atmosphere: Hydrogen, helium, methane


    • Uranus’ energy is sudden, unexpected, awakening, invigorating, inspiring, electric, destructive, disruptive and spasmodic.
    • Uranus represents change, freedom and rebellion, plus the need to break with tradition in order to improve on the past.
    • Uranus symbolises the original and innovative rebel, full of new ideas and opinions who awakens and seeks new possibilities.
    • Uranus challenges us to stand up and create the change necessary in our lives; to be our unique selves, no matter how different, unacknowledged or strange this may be.
    • Uranus leads us along the road less travelled, while simultaneously alienating and liberating us from authority.
    • Uranus represents the principal of creative freedom, individualism and liberation –thePromethean impulse to free humanity by stealing fire from the gods.
    • Uranus is the agent of change, adaptation and the unexpected (through surprises or shocks), and brings breakthroughs on physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual or psychological levels.

Astrological cycle
Uranus takes 84 years to transit an astrological chart. It has an even orbit, therefore major transit points occur at the same ages for all. At 21 years we experience the Uranus square, at 42 years a Uranus opposition, and at 84 the Uranus return. Uranus is retrograde for 5 months of the year. See more Uranus Cycle

Unconventional, unpredictable, original, genius, sudden, progressive, rebellious, futuristic, intellectual, eccentric, unorthodox, utopian, individual, autonomous, independent, insightful.
Shadow Alienating, disconnected, separatist, radical, estranged, disruptive.

Natural disasters, lightning, electricity, science, invention, astrology (modern), psychology, x-rays, revolution.

In the body
Nervous system, spasms, disorders of energy, sudden diagnosis, dramatic bodily change, cellular change.

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