Pluto and Uranus Take 7 –

* 17th March 2015 – 15 deg Cap – Aries– PL UR both direct

2:53am UT

Agent 12 Julija Simas

24 June 2012 – 8 deg Cap – Aries- PL rx
* 18 Sep 2012 – 6 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx PL SD
* 20 May 2013 – 11 deg Cap – Aries – PL rx –
* 1 November 2013 – 9 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx
* 21 April 2014 – 13 deg Cap – Aries – PL rx
* 14 December 2014 – 12 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx
* 17th March 2015 – 15 deg Cap – Aries– PL UR both direct(we are here!)

Finally here , but definitely not over  the last of the exact Uranus Pluto squares forming in our skies for over the last few years ,will now begin to dissipate over the next few years, the intensity of which peaked through each one of these exact hits. It’s felt like an opening, a release, a shedding and a breaking out, yet perhaps not quite as much as previously anticipated. For here we are now, yes so much has been changing but perhaps not effectively enough for many. This is the frustration of an astrological square, where both parties struggle to integrate the other perspective, the crisis comes with too many hold ups and not enough movement. But the intensity Peaks with this next square. To notice real and effective change, we may need to wait for Uranus to enter Taurus in 2018. Cardinal Fire – Aries and Cardinal Earth- Pluto set the stage this time around for what did not quite break through when it should have, what was not quite free enough yet to be, and what made us feel as though the enlightened age was still far away. As this cycle seeded back in Earth sign Virgo back in 1965, and with Uranus in Earth coming up and Pluto still in Earth at that time, this will be the time to ground the stage we have been waiting to securely stand on.

All is not lost, for seeds have been planted and seeds are planted long before they blossom and fruit, or we see how strong and healthy they are. So too will this time we have been through of churning and turning. A grand master plan of ideas, motives and reasons, tappers out with not enough back up, not enough oomph, not enough working together or indeed not enough letting go of the past and what we are used to. The global economy is still in turmoil,  we know we don’t want to work for the Man, or partake in the monopolies of banks, or any corrupt organisations and are fully aware of making all accountable and transparent, yet the doing and manifesting is the real and hard part of the story. As many more move in alternate directions, our big ideas, our grander plans will indeed begin to be built. There is no doubt it is on it’s way, but patience, trust and staying faithful to the cause we must remain.

Final Uranus Pluto square

As astrologers, we take a slice of time and space at this last exact UranusPluto square, to cast a chart which shows the potential held in the exact moment of this last square and how now it will live on for the next few years, the consciousness of the crisis it now leaves us with.

This slice of time is clearly dominated by lots of hot fiery Aries and a great source of seeding potential of Pisces. Aries leads the way,  it is a birth time, a birth of a new way that will take time to grow and unfold. It’s as if,we are all  warriors that don’t quite know the outcome of our cause, but remember that there is indeed a better way, the urge is strong to move through. Mars, Uranus, Venus and the South Node, we have arisen, woken up, are fuelled with intention and potential and now take charge and lead the way.

The Moon is in Aquarius, waning and exhausted, how much is there still to do? Looking out above the the systems, rules and laws which govern us, we reach for greater heights, equal opportunities and humanitarian ideals as it trines the North Node in Libra. With Libran ruler Venus, a growing evening star, always tuned to more attractive options, peace and love. Can this be really that hard? Her independence on the edge of Taurus, still in Aries  strikes a message of  grounding ourselves and confirming the cause. The Moon is also picking up an opposition to Jupiter, retrograde in Leo, embedding in us all what lies at the heart of all that matters.

The Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Leo, reflect each other in each others signs, a mutual reception, the hot air, the anticipation of what is to come, both tuned to purpose and promise, yet in a square(135°) aspect to each other, the goal is indeed a challenge to believe in. The goal of the collective, Sun in Pisces is at odds with those that still control and corrupt through greed and ego oriented motivation. Define the purpose and keep a clear vision. A reminder too that so much can be done behind the scenes and obvious and open channels.

Saturn recently turned retrograde also helps ground the project, squaring Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Vision plus, is that all we can rely on? Faith and knowing we are on the right track, we can sense it. Mercury in water speaks of feeling our way, to the right way. Neptune adds the grand notion, as we know, that we are all in this together, if the ship sinks, so do we all.

The midpoint of this last square is zero Pisces and therefore zer0 of all mutable signs. Mutable signs incorporate the sharing of wisdom, awareness and knowledge, communication, service and sacrifice, as well as the sharing of the bounty of all of the earths gifts. The mutable signs are associated with the ending of seasons and harvests when a season wraps up and things are about to change,  as the tropical zodiac continues to align itself with our seasons. A long way to go before the bounties of the earth are equal for all, if ever, yet addressing the imbalance now is the plight of our cause. With fixed star Regulus at zero Virgo, service for the good of all,  by one and all, is the key to a brighter future. The whole notion of privilege, class, nationality, religion and sexuality are still greatly out of balance, as we know, yet in times of disaster and strife, we know we can work together.

Just days before our next  Solar eclipse at the end of the zodiac, at 29-29 Pisces, there is not a stronger symbol for endings and new beginnings occurring all at once, given the dominance of all the Aries planets. The Sun and Moon eclipsed at the end of the zodiac. Already we have cyclones and hurricanes devastating parts of the world, Vanuatu and Carnarvon , Australia as this coming eclipse conjunct the fixed star SCHEAT, has always been associated with,  water, water disasters, shipwrecks. This was devastatingly true when, Uranus and Jupiter conjunct at that degree in 2010 was followed by extreme floods in Australia, Pakistan and many other parts of the world. Also when  Uranus transited the end of Pisces in 2011 just before entering Aries, the Tsunami that devastated Japan and caused the crisis at Fukushima also erupted.

Whichever way this series of Pluto Uranus squares has touched you, opened your viewpoint, encouraged change in your life, it has definitely been for the better. Squares as we say are the hardest to deal with, yet the most effective in outcome. So as the square slowly dissipates, and don’t get too excited it is still very close in aspect till the end of 2015 and into 2016, it is good to know that all of this is now like a new opening a great new beginning, a coming of what we have been waiting for all this time.. The new beginnings that have now been set are taking hold and will be grounding somewhere around you sooner than you can imagine, in your reality and in the world around you.

Jupiter and Uranus hold a trine (which will perfect again in June this year) big things are indeed in the air  and it’s very hard to judge how exactly they will go, nor am I interested in predicting the next flare up of war or how long it will last,  but more so in holding the space and directing the energy present now to the places it needs to go.

As you can see with the table of exact square dates above, it is with this last square that Uranus and Pluto are both direct in motion adding a great symbol to the big picture, that things will indeed start to move ahead and take root or start to fall away and die because they weren’t meant to be.

Ask yourself how you are directing your energy with the seed of potential held within. A new beginning has already been seeded in so many ways.

Agent 12 Julija

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