Generous Heart- Creative Freedom – Total Lunar Eclipse Moon 4.44° Aquarius Friday 27th July

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent


Full Moon 4.44° Aquarius
Friday 27
th July @20:18UT

“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are things which renew humanity.”
The Golden Rule Revolution (Elaine Parkes)

A destiny-fulfilling, hot and passionate, fiery Full Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, 27th July 2018, the longest eclipse of the century and the second in a rare series of three eclipses. Astrologically aligned in the signs Leo and Aquarius, this eclipse encourages an in depth exploration of both heart AND mind. The first of this unusual eclipse series began with a karmic gate opening the very essence of our spirit with the New Cancer Moon 12th July; the third is an inspired Leo New Moon, August 11
th. Indeed, it is not until 2020 do we next encounter a similar set of triple eclipses – from when it is an even longer wait until 2027 and the next time this concentrated ‘power-of-three’ astronomical alignment takes place – the last was 2013. You get the picture: this eclipse season opens a very special Star Gate – through which one can have a clear and open view of ‘self’ in relation to one’s fellow travellers on spaceship Earth. Whether one actually musters up the mettle to go through this magical portal in order to evolve, connect heart to heart to the ‘higher’ self and other kindred spirits and make dramatic changes in one’s life will depend upon a level of personal courage and collective clarity – and how easily one can handle an arrogant ego and the unpredictable way of things. 


As the radiant light of the majestic Leo Sun conjuncts the North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head, or Rahu, the celestial spotlight dramatically highlights watershed moments and crucial turning points (at the 4 degree marker of Leo and Aquarius). Think back: did you step through another ‘Star Gate’ approximately 9 and/or 18 years ago? Measure how you have developed and grown to get an idea of how to handle a potentially similar circumstance. The difference between past critical periods and now is how the life-giving Sol is currently in league with Pallas Athena, one of the larger asteroids representing female creativity with spectacular strategies. Pallas Athena suggests a strong feminine force can influence a future that impacts upon larger group activities. Her support is invaluable in being able to assess and sway not only what we may personally be going through, but how transparent are mutual social concerns and, perhaps more importantly, who is now willing to become a people’s champion.

Pallas Athena’s presence at the heart of this eclipse indicates it is the valour and strength of the intelligent warrior woman that aids present planning which can lead to major breakthroughs. While this may be taken literally as in having a female advisor, such as a young daughter gifting words of wisdom to her father, or just by tuning into and listening to our own sensitive ‘feminine’ side in an impartial manner; when we affiliate with the feminine we can more easily determine the selfish from the selfless and provide the kind of support called for in exciting but volatile times. Pallas Athena currently seeks to heal and transform passion, drive and aggression through art, love and romance, adding a decidedly feminine touch to the Leo-ruled Sun’s fiery yang. 

Opposite the Sun is the Yin Moon, with the South Node, aka the Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu; whenever the Moon is conjunct Ketu there’s often a sense of déjà vu, sometimes facing challenging emotions and situations we have been through before (either due to past life or just a previous similar situation). And so it appears a confrontation with past karma is staring right at us now, upfront and personal.

As the sensitive Moon is also conjunct a retrograde Mars it is time to release and let go of destructive emotions (anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, doubt) that hold us back (in time), and learn how to be at our best at home, at work, and those with whom we are in daily contact without being abusive, pushy, argumentative, or creating explosive conflict which, due to the current backward movement of Mars, the astral God of War, would probably backfire anyway.

Currently on the back-foot, Mars is also involved in a protracted four-month long aspect, with Uranus in a hard, three-hit whammy. Having a reputation for left-field brilliance, Uranus rules the wacky and wonderful Altruistic Aquarius, the sign of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Together, Mars and Uranus signify explosive and sudden snaps and cracks out of the blue and flashes of insight. Both Uranus and Aquarius are also symbols of extremes. So while there are Aquarian types who live for freedom and liberation from suffering, always acting for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings, there are also others who, for whatever reason, create chaos and disruption with the same kind of zeal. Whether madness or magical, edgy chaos is compounded by the Sun’s tight square to Uranus July 25th, extending into a Fixed ‘T-Square’ with the Full Moon and Mars.

Tension is high, particularly in busy zappy places with large groups of people. Watch-out as nerves fray and tempers bubble and boil. Note how the dynamic hot-head Mars remains in backward motion until the end of August, when it dips back from spacy Aquarius into realistic Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. This means that even though assertive Mars is currently ‘out-of-bounds’, i.e. unpredictable and unruly, and features as a main protagonist in this intense eclipse horoscope, it is actually slow and in retreat. Defence mechanisms now need to be reviewed. Duck and cover if necessary. Negative forces may seem to be on the rise, but taking time out to assess the state of opponents (real, or ego’s psychological demons) and how to make the most from potential new positions can be a sign of strength, not surrender. Come the August 11th eclipse, Mars could be slightly more powerful due to its’ executive Capricorn qualities – but still I would not advise starting fights or getting involved in contentious mud-slinging, even if having to stand one’s ground. 

In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however (Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye!). Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius (since May16th) creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28th August. As the planet of action, Mars symbolises the feisty and furious, fighting to make one’s mark is not the same as carefully defending what you believe requires protection (which is why Mars is exalted in no-nonsense Capricorn). In any event throughout this Leo eclipse season bear in mind that “Hatred will not cease by hatred, but by love alone. This is the ancient law.”  

Although progress may be short-lived, needing to be repeated to firm-up any advances, because, and just to complicate the current celestial climate Mercury, the heaven’s courier, is retrograde over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse too! Regular C*I*A readers know the Mercury retrograde drill: double check, triple check and even quadruple check all forms of communication and timetables, especially missives appertaining to spiritual aspirations, personal ambitions, art, creativity, parties and children, LOVE and romance! Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial. Also, it’s good to take extra-care of personal details during this Mercury retro period. Data hungry Mercury accents the need to understand the importance of one’s own facts and files and the position held within certain (obscure) technological systems that may now be aired and investigated.

Cloaked in the fire of wisdom, Mercury is fairly close to the Sun (19°) during this eclipse. Reading as an individual’s horoscope, I would extend the orb of contact and associate the wily planet of the mind, medicine and messages, with the heart-centred power of the Sun; and, as Mercury is also in the sign of the brave hearted Lion, it is therefore under the beams of the Solar Spirit’s essential position of regal Leo dignity. The mercurial messenger is going back all the way to 11° Leo (on the 19th August), not quite to the same degree as the Full Moon, but close to Pallas Athena’s current position, so carefully assessed planning could be the key when unlocking the codes to the illusive Star Gate.

Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met. Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication. Roar like the Leo lion if you want to alienate; but dialogue and listening and taking others feelings, thoughts and plans into consideration will avoid admiration turning into contempt. For when meetings are entered into with the spirit of respect and compromise, and with the manners of a Sun King, there’s a greater chance of cooperation so that all parties have happier future prospects.

•°* *°•.

As the Solar cosmic wheel turns in Sun-ruled Leo, it reaches the half-way cross-quarter point of Fixed Fire, fanned by Aquarian Air. Aquarius is a future-orientated sign; and this Aquarian Full Moon Red Eclipse next to Scarlet Mars will no doubt prove to be memorable moment to carry well into the Equinox. 

Remember to set the innovative Aquarian altruistic intention, aware that during an eclipse all kinds of energies swirl in and out of the nodal vortex, as Sun, Moon and Earth will align for Earth to block out the light of the Sun. So that when we see a coppery red Moon we can align our heart-mind to the inventive creative spirit and be true to our soul’s resonance.

Coming to end of this report it’s worth noting how this Eclipse is visible from quite a large land mass. Only the USA doesn’t get to see it, yet the West Coast of America is among the places of stress and geophysical tension, along with the Middle East, Japan, China, and Brazilian Coast.

It is also the Hindu ‘Guru Purnima’, the Full Moon honouring Spiritual Teachers who guide across time and space. Ending this Full Moon astro report with a heartfelt ‘Namaste’ to Indian readers (*hands together in prayer mode at the heart and with a deep bow*), love and astral blessings to all from Agent Dakini, until next month Rumi has the last word, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Laura will be our Special guest at C*I*A’s Celestial Secrets- Retreat in UK, NSW- Australia, OCT 11-15th 2018/ C*I*A Members receive discounts to attend.

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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