Top 3 Must See Events in the Near Future

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

art by daniel martin diaz

“I know that I am mortal by nature, and ephemeral; but when I trace at my pleasure the windings to and fro of the heavenly bodies I no longer touch the earth with my feet: I stand in the presence of Jupiter himself and take my fill of ambrosia”

 PtolemyPtolemy’s Almagest

The coming months will be a sky watchers dream. With Venus getting higher and brighter in the West until her retrograde in the Fall, Mars coming closer to Earth since 2003 during his own retrograde situation, and with the dragon’s gift of three Eclipses this Summer, we are in for many exciting evenings in the coming days.

The re-wilding of Astrology is gaining in popularity.  That is: Getting outside and actually engaging with the planets and their extraordinary movements throughout the heavens.  In my experience, the chart is not enough.  We need this kind of engagement.  We need to establish living relationships with these planets, these gods and goddesses, these archetypes, because somehow, someway they are an intrinsic part of who we are.  If we were to assume the night sky to be symbolic of the unconscious-not different than the ocean, just up instead of down-not only are we humbled by the immense complexity and infinite space it inhabits in our imagination, but also how its changes can be tracked.  The earth is spinning and orbiting the Sun like clockwork, our solar system is doing the same around its center, and the planets as well.  These changes can be observed.  And because of this, we are also observing the waves within the unconscious mind undulating in and out of our awareness.  There is nothing quite like it. This is why I present to you my Top 3 Must-See Events in the Near Future…

  1. Mars Retrograde

Whenever a planet is retrograde, it is closest to the Earth.  Being that Mars is our neighbor when we orbit past him, he gets bigger and brighter in the sky-nearly 2x brighter than Jupiter even.  Last time this occurred was in late Spring of 2016, and he looked like the bloodshot eye of Odin staring down at us.  This time, he’s going to be even brighter, because he hasn’t been this close since 2003.  The actual retrograde will be from June 26th until August 27th (9 Aquarius-28 Capricorn). So essentially all Summer is a good time to find him rising around sunset and peaking around midnight, but it is actually on July 27th (in tandem with the Eclipse everyone has been talking about) where he will be at his brightest and at peak strength.  This is his opposition to the Sun.  This is the penultimate moment of the Hero’s Journey.  It will be big.  So maybe plan a safe excursion into the wilderness to hold vigil with him around this night to receive all that he has to offer. Bring bear spray!

2. Venus Lights

Currently, Venus is an Evening Star.  She has been since the middle of February and will remain so until late October with her own retrograde journey in Scorpio.  What’s so remarkable about watching Venus is how she travels the ladder of elongation (distance from the Sun) until she reaches her throne.  This is called maximum elongation. There is also maximum brightness. They are different things.  For example, Venus will reach maximum elongation on Aug. 17th yet maximum brightness won’t occur until Sep. 21 “The Autumn Equinox.”  But before all this occurs, she will oppose Mars.  In just over a month, on the Summer Solstice, the opposition will occur.  A tenuous dynamic, one full of longing and profound insight into the unconscious threads which run like eager roots deep into our being.  This is what it will look like: Sun will set.  If you are watching, Venus will then appear in all her glory in the West.  An hour or so will pass, then you will look to the East, and this red-hot Warrior made of tempered steel will be rising, just as Venus sets.  A bit like peek-a-boo. A bit of tease, but more of a profound lesson around reconciling opposites within.  Understanding we are both Mars and Venus, Masculine and Feminine, and what the Work is really all about is finding a symbiotic relationship between them within.  Ideally, you choose a night to witness this with someone you really love and care about, someone who can talk about all of this with you.  And if you do, it will be under this unbelievable sky where you will learn something profound about what you’ve been fighting for.

3. Eclipses = Dragons

As many of you know, I associate Eclipses with dragons.  My reason is simple: In Vedic thought, the Nodes of the Moon-the Eclipse creators-have names: Rahu and Ketu.  They are divided between head and tail and were once one dragon.  Now, it is also my observation through direct experience that dragons are indeed involved.  Whether it was profound dream states, deep and educational meditative experiences during Eclipses or information given to me during Eclipses about dragons, it has lead me to believe in dragons and their involvement with Eclipses.  The simplest way of understanding eclipses is this: Unexpected change!  And if the Nodes relate to the stories of our lives, then an Eclipse is where that story can get quite interesting because that’s when the dragon wakes.  But, of course, it all depends on the Eclipse and where it falls in your chart.  Like I said earlier, there will be three this Summer: The first on July 13th, the second on the 26th/27th, and the final on August 11th.  Details about these Eclipses can be found HERE.  I will also be writing and podcasting more on them in the near future.  The reason they made the top 3 list is because of the obvious, but also the potential they provide.  In Vedic thought, many talk about the idea of how sadhana or prayer or meditation during an Eclipse can increase in power by 10,000%.  Now, whether this is true or not, it’s worth a try.  The last thing you want to be doing is gawking at the Eclipse while intoxicated, surrounded by strangers.   Eclipses are dangerous not just to your eyes, but to your unseen dragon eyes as well. Don’t believe me, watch THIS.  The dragon is what we avoid because we are scared. But we must face it, or else it grows and grows and grows in power. We must take the power back by befriending the dragon. This is the treasure. And It’s our birthright.

My apologies to the rest of the planetary crew for not including them on the list.  It doesn’t mean Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury won’t be visible as well.  These were just my top three.  And what excites me most about all of this, is my next Retreat entitled “Cycles within Cycles” will be held just after the last New Moon before Eclipse season ramps up (May 16th-20th), and Venus and Mars will be warming up their spectacle in the San Luis Valley, free of light pollution, populated by a gazillion stars and just as many amazing souls who will be joining me to soak and laugh and learn at Joyful Journeys Hot Springs.  Join us, won’t you?

You can sign up HERE

And no worries if you cannot.  Make sure you enjoy the sky either way.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,