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The Fractal Nature of Astrology with the Venus Star.

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

The Fractal Nature of Astrology with the Venus Star.

Julija Simas @2017

As seekers of astrological wisdom we are often confronted by the bigger questions of “why does astrology work!?”. We know it works, we see it working in our lives and in our clients lives and in the world around us, in so many varied and profoundly interesting ways. Yet it is hard to define exactly how or why it works, as not one single explanation will ever suffice. Something that has helped enlighten my journey of astrological understanding, of why the patterns and cycles of the planets continue to coincide with our lives, is the understanding of astrology as a dynamic fractal like system, that once set off at birth(Natal Chart) carries with it its own unique formula and conditions, which then continues to unfurl and unfold as a never ending fractal like pattern of growth.

Fractals are described as never ending infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of  Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over. (1)

When viewing a fractal pattern, see video below, one can see that a part of the pattern can be recognisable within any scale of the pattern, from the micro to macro. As an infinitely complex, recurring and repeating, dynamic system, astrology suits also the dynamics of being “fractal like” in nature. In both fractal dynamics and astrology,  patterns are found within patterns which are always part of and reflected in the whole, from the dynamics set in a birth chart, to the constant movements of the cosmos, we call transits, that continue to inform the initial conditions set at birth. . As we engage with astrology we see familiar patterns constantly unfolding, yet always in a slightly different context,  in a spiral dynamic and not a linear one, in an aspect of being the same or similar too, but never quite the same. 

The connections continue as every time we pay conscious attention to the dynamics operating in any astrological chart, we are engaging in a feedback loop, we are constantly putting in, receiving and releasing more information, that then continues to fuel the unfolding pattern. Seen through an astrological lens we can see how the constant re-engagement with our astrology charts is the feedback loop which renews our astrological fractal pattern, and sets off a revised version of the inherent pattern, but one which can never be exactly the same again, as life happens and we change, adjust, transform, grow, mature etc. The new revised pattern, will always have within it a recognisable mark and stamp of the original pattern, as the patterns and cycles of the past, the patterns of now and into the future constantly influence the growing pattern and its unfolding.

If you could just imagine, your astrology chart as a living fractal, set from the initial conditions, the formula which is your birth chart, as time, date, place are set into motion. A unique astrological mandala that will have its own its own formula and cosmic cycles attached to it, This is what we are born into.  Like the music of the spheres, the fractal of our charts would be a delight to see, yet one we can just imagine working with for now. What would yours look like? When would be the times that a new pattern emerges? See it sparked and ignited by transits, progressions, eclipses or whatever other methods we may choose to use. It becomes ever more alive and dynamic as we become more conscious of it and how it is working.

To see our astrology charts as one continual living fractal, is to see the pattern of creation that was set before our physical birth, and one that we continue to unfold and evolve, depending on what we put back consciously or unconsciously into the feedback loop. At once we can see that the pattern abides to the deterministic view which, we can’t seem to escape from in astrology, no matter how hard we try, whilst at the same time, with a fractal like view of the chart, we see the responsive and co-creative side of astrology working, as the shifts and changes in our lives set off new patterns. There will always be the initial conditions the formula set at the start, yet the way it unfolds and grows has many more variations.

All planets create patterns around the earth in their cycles, yet none are as elegant, perfect and beautiful as the one created by the synodic cycle of Venus through our zodiac. Venus, is not only the brightest planet in our evening and morning skies, attributed universally to the principles of beauty, aesthetics, love, peace, harmony and value, she also has a most exquisite cycle of pure aesthetics reflected in the geometry of her five pointed cycle.


The perfect geometry of the Venus cycle is made with her star points, the times when she joins the Sun in a conjunction in the zodiac, in either her inner or outer conjunctions.  The Venus cycle around the earth is made up of 8 year, 4 year, 19 month and 9.5 month cycles which demonstrate a cosmic geometry like no other, which we can use to reflect growth patterns that unfold in our lifetimes and in our charts. (See Image 2)

The timing of the Venus cycle.

Every 9.5 months
Venus and the Sun join in our heavens and zodiac, alternating from interior(when retrograde) to exterior conjunction ( when Venus is behind the Sun). These are what we call Star Points, the  Venus and Sun conjunctions, or Venus Star Points, (as coined by Arielle Guttman in her pivotal book Venus Star Rising)

Every 19 months, 1.6 years = 584 days,
Venus completes one whole synodic cycle from one interior conjunction to the next. Synodic meaning meeting place, in this case the meeting place of  Sun/Earth/Venus.

Every  4 years – 48 months 
Venus will return to the same star point but in the opposite position.
For example in 2017 Venus made a retrograde star point at 4° Aries, she will make the same star point in March 2021 – 4 years later, but from the opposite side of the Sun, the exterior conjunction. (3)

Every 8 years , 96 months
Venus completes a 5 pointed star in the zodiac over 8 years, having made 5 exterior and 5 interior conjunctions (when retrograde) with the Sun 

These Venus Star points are only ever made in 5 places in the zodiac. These points move slowly backwards in the zodiac, and oscillate at these degrees for approx 16 years at a time, taking about 40 years to move backward approx 10° in the zodiac. At the moment in this era 2017 the Venus Points occur in the signs of Capricorn 19°, Scorpio 3°, Leo 21°, Gemini 13° and Aries 5°. 

Astrologers generally tend to see the retrograde times of Venus as the most significant aspects of Venus, in regard to transits and timing. Yet once tuned into the Venus Star pattern, we see the that the whole star becomes relevant and every point of the star be it retrograde or direct as significant, especially when we look back at the history of our Venus Star. I have often found the outer conjunction points of Venus as much more significant in life shifts and turn, than the retrograde. Like the movements of the Moon, a Venus point repeats every 4 years, yet on the opposite side of the Sun. The moon does this yet around the earth, for a new moon at a certain degree in the zodiac, will occur as a full moon 4 years later (give or take a day or degree or 2). So as these star points repeat in the same place in the zodiac every 4 years yet in opposite places around the Sun, (every 9.5 months approx 72° back in the zodiac and every 8 years as a complete star), we can look at the Venus Cycle as a complete star pattern moving slow backwards in our astrology charts, being conscious not to isolate one Venus point, yet all points as part of the a complete pentacle pattern forming in our charts. As we plot this star into our charts we get an idea of which Venus zone or houses will be most activated in our charts, what planets will be touched by the Venus star and what angles maybe crossed in a life time and so on.

To track and find the Venus Points in any astrology chart we need to find 5 Venus points (Venus/Sun conjunctions) that occurred in the 4 years around your birth, before or after, to set the sequence in place. Then with diagram  above, add the degrees of where the 5 points are now, and you can clearly see a zone in your astrology chart where the Venus Star has been playing her tune for you!

The 5 pointed star and pattern created by the Venus cycle is often also referred to as a Venus Rose, as the pattern is closely linked to the unfolding ratios found in Sacred Geometry, the Golden Mean as well as the Fibonacci sequence. The ratio 1.6, attributed to the golden mean is the geometry attributed to the divine proportion, the beauty of patterns of growth unfolding in nature and can be found throughout the Venus cycle and the geometry of a Pentacle.

1 Venus synodic cycle (584 days Venus year/365 days Earth year) = 1.6 years

5 Venus synodic cycles in 8 years 5 /8 = 1.6

13 Venus revolutions in 8 earth years 13/8= 1.6

This “golden” number, 1.618 is represented by the Greek letter Phi, and is also known as the Golden Ratio, Golden Number, Golden Proportion, Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion.  Sacred geometry is a science that explains physical energy patterns of growth and harmony, found everywhere in the natural world. We see this golden ratio in the nautilus shell, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, in an unfolding rose or alluvial plains. These divine ratio principles have been used since ancient times in art, design, architecture to create harmonious, balanced and aesthetically pleasing pieces. The Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical formula follows this same pattern of growth where the numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc,  also embody the phi  ratio, where each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two and divide as the 1.6 ratio. The golden spiral and the fibonacci come together in Diagram/Image 4 as we can see that each integer, the smaller part, is to the larger part, what the larger part is to the whole. (See Image 4)

We are reminded with these exquisite connections with Venus and her cycle as part of this creative and divine force. The Pentacle, has many expressions of 1.618 hidden within it’s simple geometry as well, for when you draw a smaller Pentacle inside the larger Pentacle, it reduces at the rate of 1.618, and so on forever. Our bodies too hold this sacred geometry, as shown through Da Vinci, and his Vitruvian Man’s divine proportions. 

With this in mind, as we begin to track the movements of the Venus star and her geometry throughout our astrological landscape it is hard not to connect and be more conscious of what is unfolding at each point of contact, our patterns of growth  and consequent turning points with the Venus Points. The more conscious we are of these patterns unfolding within the context of the grander pattern or life story, the more we are involved in the co-creative aspect of our being and the intelligence we can glean by working with this cosmically attuned cycle.

I tend to look at the Venus Points, similarly to eclipse points, and see them as often quite intense, a focal point to the area of the natal chart that for the months before and the months after the exact culmination and activate a certain house, aspect and focus, that can quite often help us make more sense of a certain time frame of life on 9.5mth increments!.  Remembering too, that Venus is a cosmic attractor, her metal is copper,  she carries a gathering kind of energy and could be seen as quite a harmonic conductor in our astrology charts.  

To use the Venus Star in astrological work is too much to go into in this article, (we have 2  3 hour webinars on this topic HERE, for those interested in wanting to work more with Venus and Her Points). Yet begin with plotting the Venus star in your chart as mentioned above. See the zones in your chart ignited with the Venus Star, remember they don’t change quickly and move slowly backwards in the zodiac over time. See where the Venus Star has made contact with planets and crossed angles, note what has happened, see when these points will come again. As Venus signifies bonds of love, creative pursuits, pleasure, happiness and engaging in life’s enjoyment  we can see significant times in life present themselves to do with marriage, children, divorce, losing loved ones, death, as well as career highlights, promotions and creative and passionate endeavours taking hold. Use the 9.5 month time frame as though they were eclipse points, signifying the Venus time frame you are in at any particular time, as you focus on the next point ahead. Our current Star  point was the exterior conjunction as Venus met Pluto at 19° Capricorn in January 2018. 4 years ago Venus was retrograde here, 8 years ago Venus was here in the same position in the zodiac, yet as a superior conjunction at around 21° Capricorn. At this time however we have Pluto join at this degree adding new dimensions and experiences to this particular time, and reflecting  the transformative times we live in. Next Venus point will be Oct, 2018 as Venus retrogrades and makes the exact point at 2° Scorpio, opposite a newly in Taurus, Uranus.

To use the Venus Star is to get back into a rhythm, to align yourself or your client with what is at the heart of what is going on in life, what is coming and what is going and knowing that overtime when another point is made, a new experience is had, or an old one arises again, we are setting off the next fractal pattern of growth and adjustment. There are many ways to connect to the Venus Star, to be ignited by the glorious Venus Star and her workings, to be ever more connected to the unfolding pattern which is your life on planet earth.

Look, watch, sense, observe where she has been so far and where she will be going next. Align with this profound, sacred and natural pattern of growth!

To work in this way is a living example of working with the ever moving fractal mandala which we call astrology.


2 – Venus Star Rising by Arielle Gutmann, Sophia Press 2010

3 – When Venus is conjunct the Sun, obviously we cannot see her in our skies, and this is often attributed to her being in the “Underworld”  stemming from the ancient Babylonian myth of the “Descent of the Inanna”. Venus when retrograde, is only not visible for about 8-12 days, whereas when she visits the other side of the Sun, disappearing behind the Sun, she is out of sight for over 80 days, and therefore longer in the underworld. Shamanic astrology sees this part of her cycle as the “Descent of Inanna” as she is ushered in over 7 months by the waning moon through 7 gates, and then ascends from the underworld ushered out by the waxing Moon over 7 months. It is important to remember this when using the Venus star to know that the superior conjunctions are often the most significant in one’s life, yet often overlooked, deeming the retrograde more significant. Your own observations and tracking Venus cycles in your life will show that the outer conjunctions be as or even more significant turning points in one’s life as can be the inner conjunctions, retrogrades.

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