The Venus Cycle – Herald of the Morning- Venus as Morning Star

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

The Venus Cycle
Herald of the morning – Venus as Morning Star March -Jan 2018

A new cycle of Venus began with the retrograde conjunction with the Sun on March 25th at 4°57′ Aries, yet  the heliacal rise of Venus, Venus’ morning appearance out of the beams of the Sun, is often seen as much more auspicious as it was in the ancient past.  Venus emerges as the morning star 29th March. The ancient Mayans especially, saw this emergence as a particularly potent time, a time for war and bloodshed and a time when Venus was at her meanest and most serious and potent.  The 2 apparitions of Venus , evening and morning star, were seen as the twin brothers Quetzalcoatl  the feathered serpent as the morning star, and Xolotl , as the darker evening star personification. Both were known for bringing humankind fire from the underworld as they rose out of the beams of the Sun and appeared in morning or evening skies every 19 months. A twist on the tale of Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods on Olympus. Here the flame is from the underworld, yet the similarities in themes show that the magic of the heavens speak a universal language. These 2 obvious apparitions of Venus,  were often seen as 2 completely different stars, with 2 completely different identities and in many more cultures around the world. In ancient Lithuanian star lore, Venus as morning star was called Aušrinė and was seen as a second Sun,  as she was the first to lighten the dawn, also the meaning of her name. She was also the daughter of the Sun together with her evening star sister, Vakarinė. These two sister stars were the servants of the Sun. Aušrinė would bring fire, water and soup to the Sun and the evening star Vakarinė would make the Sun’s bed for the night. The Sun in Lithuanina folklore is feminine gender, Saule and the Moon, Menulis is masculine gender, showing how ancients these stories  are.

As we get to know the Venus cycle we get to see that Venus no longer is Venus just by sign, or a house, but that she is also either an evening star or a morning star, and that she  is also  in one her phases as part of that apparition, which all  bring much more depth and meaning to our own natal Venus’. For example Venus in Gemini in the 2nd house, square Jupiter may not be enough information to describe your Venus. Do you know if you were born with an evening star Venus or a morning star Venus? An easy way to tell is, if Venus is behind your Sun in the zodiac in your natal chart she is a morning star, and if she is ahead in the zodiac in your natal chart, she is and evening star. Say your Venus is 15° Gemini,  and your Sun is 10° Leo, Venus is behind in the zodiac, therefore a morning star. Or turn your chart as if the Sun is on the horizon-the Ascendant, if Venus is above the horizon she rises before the Sun and is a morning star, if she is below horizon she is an evening star. To determine what phase she is in your natal chart is a bit trickier. Which I will get to in another update.

As a renewed morning star Venus has many names and associations,  as she returns to the skies to shine her light, the Venus archetype becomes one more like a warrior, Aries like, promethean, eager and keen to get on with it, on a mission I like to say.
As a  morning star Venus is known as:

Oriental (rising in the east before the Sun)
Lucifer (the light bringer, the angel cast out of heaven who then becomes Satan in the Christian bible. The sacred feminine was regarded as too potent to deal with by the patriarchy establishing itself through various religions around the globe, making out that the power of the sacred feminine was dangerous and scary and not to be used, similar to the number 666)
Lights up the morning sky, is up before the Sun
Masculine, Diurnal, Yang
A Warrior goddess
She ascends rapidly –  (comes out of Sun’s beams quickly as Sun moves off ), still moving much slower than Sun
She descends slowly – as the cycle progresses she catches up with the speed of the Sun and even doubles it  (before disappearing for exterior conjunction) dimming and falling in skies as she moves further away from Earth.
Visible 6-8 days after rx conj
Venus is now on a Mission
Gains light,, then loses light -peaks in her crescent shape as she waxes to become full. Note we never see Venus in fullness phase, like  a full moon, when she is at that stage behind the Sun.
Begins as a crescent then waxes to fullness as she dims from our skies again toward superior conjunction

At each apparition as a morning star or evening star, Venus is known to have 7 phases(this varies depends on astronomer or astrologer)  at any particular phase the characteristics of Venus are determined by Venus being either:

Morning – Evening
Earthy – Heavenly  – (close to earth or farthest away)
Aphrodite Pandemos(earthy, lusty), Aphrodite Urania(heavenly, divine)
Visible or  – Invisible(visiting the underworld)
Fast or Slow
Ascending or Descending
Taurus or Libra
Losing light or gaining light

The 7 phases  of each morning(East) star apparition (which also happen in evening(West) apparition but in a slightly different order 1,2,6,5,4,3, 7)

1)Conjunction with Sun  – inferior rx /superior dx
2)Heliacal rise – East rx(morning) or west(evening)
3)Station – direct (morning) or retrograde(evening)
4)Greatest brilliance – East(morning) or west(evening)
5)Greatest elongation – East(morning) or west(evening)
6)Gibbous – East(morning) or west(evening)
7)Heliacal set – East(morning) or west rx(evening)

The 7 phases and dates of this current cycle 

At her Morning star rise , Venus is still moving quite slowly but gains in light each morning as her crescent grows. It may seem as though life has all of a sudden shifted  at this part of her cycle, her coming out, as a few things come to light, but may not be ready to work with quite yet. There is an eagerness of Aries in this phase yet still being in adjustment and retrograde, it’s a fresh young Venus, anticipating the journey ahead. It’s as though she has the fire from the underworld, but may not be quite sure what to do with it yet. Her renewed energy has just been birthed and from now begins to unfurl.

Her next phase, is then moving direct , when her confidence  and strength begins to  grow , life begins to move ahead in proposed directions albeit slowly still, as Venus takes a while to speed up again. Take your time, don’t rush things, similar to the archetypal Aries the impulse to move on quickly may make you overlook a few important things. Stay with the impulse and get ready to channel it in the right direction,

 Greatest brilliance – the symbolic apparition of the Venus’ cycle reflects our own journey as she shines brightest  36 days after interior conjunction. This is her peak moment as the morning star, up bright and early, showing us her crown of glory as the true Queen of the heavens. In this phase Venus is still in post retrograde shadow, yet from here Venus gets stronger and stronger moving toward her max elongation, before she begins her 7 gated journey to the underworld, or I often say is it upperworld?. For now it’s time to shine bright, to take on the cloak of courage that will give you enough strength to carry on this next 7 month journey then meeting with the Sun again in January 2018 conjunct Pluto! More on this later!
It’s at this point we hold this cycles’ mission and wand high in our hand and in our heart.

Maximum elongation west, morning star – Venus heads toward maximum elongation in early June 2017 . Maximum elongation as the morning star denotes a period of consolidating the quest ahead, the mission we are here to complete by Jan 9th next year with when Venus meets the Sun in Capricorn for the exterior/superior conjunction at 18° . This is the half way point in her cycle  the larger cycle completes this current cycle with next retrograde in Scorpio 2018 October opposite Uranus in Taurus.

During the days of maximum elongation West, Venus being west of the rising Sun , it is by now that we have a firm idea, goal and purpose of our quest during the  next 7 months.  Maximum elongation denotes strength, consolidation and an unwavering strength, that keeps us focused on the delivery date and symbolically a meeting in either the upperworld or the underworld as Venus disappears from our skies and into the Sun’s beams again by Nov 2017, only return to light again as the evening star in Feb 2018/

Stay tuned more on each phase of this next cycle coming up.


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