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The Saturn Podcast “Another look at the Old Devil”


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In this show, I share the heaviest load of Saturn content to date.  With his ingress home into Capricorn just around the Galactic Center, I felt it appropriate to go deep. I also talk about the Saturn Return, Sade Sati, and walk with him into many other essential realities.  I do hope you enjoy!

 art by Peretz Kaminsky


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  1. Vicki Duggan
    Vicki Duggan says:

    Wow, I happened to be listening to this as Saturn was at 29″58. My natal Saturn is 7″Capricorn 25′, I was born at night and my first Saturn return had a strong death signature. I assumed that because it was in rulership without any negative aspects that my return shouldn’t have been so harsh. After listening to you I now know that a night birth equals a strong Saturnian experience.
    There are many things that you brought to light in this podcast and I am strengthened through it.
    Thank you for this service.
    My Saturn acknowledges yours.
    Strength to you.


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