The Rarest Super Blue/Red Dragon Eclipses of the 21st Century….?!?

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

eclipsesWell…almost.  Approximately 223 synodic months ago (approximately 6585.3211 days, or 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours; A Saros Cycle) there was a similar Eclipse to the one yesterday.  That one was cut from the same dragon cloth.  But let’s just say this one was rarer.  Helps with the click bait psychology.

Twice a year, we slide into Eclipse season.  Unless you are an Eclipse chaser or an Astrologer, they can come and go like old-fashioned New and Full Moons.  But for those of us watching closely, we can see the pages turn erratically, stopping at a chapter we may have nearly forgotten.  The Partial Eclipse yesterday was a wispy spectacle, one only visible south of Oz.  An old one though.  It began near the north pole and is now closer than ever to the south.  Eclipses work this way.  They head from pole to pole lasting hundreds of years, peaking in their totality near the equator.  Brady calls this one 2 Old North (meaning it started near the north pole way back in 796. The next one will be in 2036-the last of this particular Saros Cycle. In her book, Predictive Astrology “The Eagle and the Lark” Brady relates this particular Eclipse family to significant changes in personal relationships. She writes:

“This is a difficult eclipse family, as its members bring unfortunate news concerning friendships or relationships.  You will be dealing with ideas of separation or the ending of a union”

Not the best news, yet she goes on to say that ultimately, it’s a good thing.  For me, it wasn’t a human relationship, but a botanical one and perhaps I could even say one related to my work as an Astrologer.  As the Eclipse neared to its exactness last night a slight fever came on from “nowhere” and then the dragon awoke in my sinuses and lungs.  After administering all the necessary medicines, I lay in bed reflecting on my life and what stories need to be added and which ones need to become torn pages dancing in the yard, searching for a fire.  My conclusion went something like this:

Last time this old dragon came around

It was July 2000

I was half way between grieving the death of my best friend

and losing my father

yet, paradox pulsed powerfully

I was strong

I was happy

I was held

I feel the same way again

minus the deaths

A flickering bulb tries to illuminate something I’m missing though

It is no secret to any of my friends or those of you who listen to me closely, that I’m in a phase shift.  My commitment to Astrology for the past decade has brought me more meaning and connections and love than I could have ever imagined.  Something is changing in my approach though.  I’m not sure exactly what it looks like, but I can guarantee by 2036, when this old dragon expires, I will be able to look back with a knowing smile.

As for the super rare and sacred bloody total eclipse coming next for most the world to see, well, Austin Coppock and I will be sharing our thoughts on this dragon in the nick of time. Stay tuned.  Listen to our last one HERE.

A final thought: If Brady is right about this particular Eclipse relating to significant relationships ending and this occurred to you, my condolences.  I’d hug you if I could.  Remember: That mirror may have been gathering too much dust.  You two couldn’t see clearly any longer.  And who knows what the future brings.  Certainly not I, but with heart forward and a curious mind, we will never be bored or without a story to tell.

All the best in these scaly times.  Stay away from the dragon breath.  It’s everywhere online, as you know.