The Month Ahead

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The Month Ahead: March

Whip out your sword and shield and jump on the nearest chariot and head towards the ocean, because the God of War, Marches you into a month of changes so grand that what you start now may not reach FRUITION UNTIL SEPTEMBER.Besides the ingress into Aries, and the incredibly influential aspects with Jupiter and Saturn, March brings us a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse aimed at helping us to align our intuitive senses with the empirical practices that underline the potential for shifting our wildest dreams from a world of flakey fantasy into quantifiable and tangible reality.

Mars Attacks

The Sun and Mars are currently waxing into a square that will be exact the 6th of February at 17 degrees Scorpio-Aquarius. Both signs strive for change and inspire you to take action for a better future. However, you will not show any mercy for those who are attempting to stand in your way, hinder your expression or show you disrespect. The challenge now is to not loose your head over small details or let

5D Astrology Report -Close Encounters of the Other Kind

With just 5 weeks until the cosmic wild cards of two potent eclipses, the strapline of 2016 is already flashing in neon planetary lights: this is the Year of the Other. Like it or not, every one of us is coming face to face with alien concepts, polarising cultural differences and mass population shifts .We are crossing the inflection point where the world is being forcibly unified i