The New Moon in Scorpio, The Lake Within the Eye – 30th October 2016 at 17:38 UT

by Agent Ei Andrew Smith

third-eyeThe pressure had been building within her head for some time. Busyness had been relentless and so Little Spirit had ignored the ripples of nausea until a tsunami of pain overwhelmed her forcing her into retreat. Finding a darkened room, she closed both eyes tight. Lying there, the buzzing noise that had bathed and surrounded her, intensified. Worried that she had left something on, she open one eye and was shocked to discover that instead of her bedroom, she was lying within an arm’s reach of a deep lake.

Rubbing her eyes and looking again, the lake’s rippling surface reflected the purple light of the sky into a kaleidoscope of colour, glittering like sparks from angel fire. From the depths of the lake, a single spark emerged. Lingering, it seemed to hover motionlessly over the waters and then it slowly grew brighter and lighter until it engulfed Little Spirit’s entire line of sight.

Frightened by the lack of familiarity but calmed at the same time by the comfortability of this Light, she heard a voice speak to her inside her head – a voice without a mouth, without form, without sound

“Hello Little Spirit. It is good to see you again.”

Little Spirit was surprised that she replied before opening her mouth to speak, “Am I dead?”

“Oh no, Little Spirit. You are very much alive, more alive than you are in that cold world. I’ve been trying to reach you for some time, but you have tried to hide, running from yourself and what is inside you.”

“What do you mean?”

“The answers you have been seeking, the ones you most fear, can be found here – deep within this lake.”

Staring at the silvery light coming from the lake, Little Spirit could see it was nothing like she had ever seen before. It was a bright, whitish silver, and it was moving ceaselessly; the surface of it became ruffled like water beneath wind, and then, like clouds, separated and swirled smoothly. It looked like light made liquid. She wanted to touch it, to find out what it felt like, and as if sensing her intention, the surface of the silvery light began to swirl very fast. She looked into it, not knowing what to expect and was surprised to see a memory that she had long forgotten.”

“This lake stores all your memories and feelings. Everything you have experienced. Everything you have felt. Everything that has contributed to making you, you. Often you do not see the relevancy of those experiences and feelings until sometime after, when you can then dive deeply into the lake and examine how they have influenced your choices and reality when you are ready.”

“How do I access this lake?”

“Through here” Little Spirit sensed a presence tap her between her brow. “When you only see with your two eyes, your heart cannot truly thrive. When your heart does not thrive, you feel alone. And when you feel alone, you pull away from your own path, such is the desire for connection. But you are never alone. There are no such words as me or mine. Words of this nature were introduced as a control mechanism which serves to enforce the illusion that you are alone. The feelings stored in this lake connect you to something deeper. Within the lake you can sense the presence of everyone and everything. You can feel their life force. You can sense their meaning. You can intuit their intention. You can feel the purpose behind their presence in your life. The lake is your power house. It is the fuel to guide you through your life, motivating your actions and driving your soul to action.”

“Can I do anything so that I can swim in this lake more frequently?” Little Spirit thought excitedly.

“Yes, until your one eye has truly opened, you have to learn to listen. Truly listen. When your ear truly listens, it becomes an eye, able to see clearly what others cannot. If you continue to hear with your ears and not with your eye, lOve becomes enmeshed and does not reach your heart. When lOve does not reach your heart, your mind dominates and often cannot perceive the depth of meaning within the experiences that you have.”

Tentatively Little Spirit walks over to the lake and starts to wade into it. Feeling a surge of energy from the filaments of light that bind themselves to her body Little Spirit dives deeply and descends. A feeling of connection bathes her as memory after memory flashes around and through her, invoking every conceivable feeling. Seeing things from a distance, yet still immersed within those feelings, perspective starts to dawn on Little Spirit, as insight after insight ignites her soul. lady-in-the-lake

Through the lucid waters, she hears the voice continue to sound through her. “Can you feel the meaning in it all? Can you see that you know far more than your mind limits you with? Can you feel the truth and learning? Can you see that you are far vaster than your physical body and that your mind is only but one part of your being? Can you feel that you are actually everything and anything that you can feel? Can you sense that you created everything and everyone in your life? All of it is you – not just an extension of you. But you!”

“All you need to do to find your way back home is to remember to keep one eye open. Until we meet again. Rest easy, Little Spirit”, and with that, two eyes wide open, Little Spirit became aware of the darkness of her bedroom.


“There is a quiet light that shines in every heart. It draws no attention to itself though it is always secretly there. It is what illuminates our minds to see beauty, our desire to seek possibility and our hearts to love life. Without this subtle quickening our days would be empty and wearisome, and no horizon would ever awaken our longing,”

John O’Donohue

infinityIs it coincidence or is there a deeper, more subtle mechanism at large in your universe, opening you up further to a state of consciousness that threatens the paradigm that you have been taught is real and dissolves the boundaries between you and those in your world? How exciting is it to be this open, permeable and free that the boundaries that have kept your ego in check are dissolved, allowing your innocence, your creativity and your ‘spacey’ side wildly roam free! How uncentring and unstable it is to long to let go all attachments to what you have materially created, to pine for Kerala and to engage in a constructive state of creative bliss, only listening to those random serendipitous prompts from the universe, defying reason and going with the flow!!! Welcome to a world without form, without judgement, without boundaries and without ego.

You’ve sensed this has been coming and you’ve been experiencing mild ‘prompts’ from the universe. But of late those prompts are becoming increasingly evident, even if you continue to dismiss them as being irrelevant and flights of fancy, after all you have responsibilities and more pressing financial matters to attend to. Yet those impulses won’t go away. Moreover, they appear to be increasing. It is as if they are challenging you to surrender and let them take you places that belie reason and the ‘proper’ thing to do. Will you listen? Will you walk through the door that is opening for you? Will you breathe into your soul the profound creative voice that is gentling blowing on your face, just as a mother does to a new born babe? That ultimately is the decision that you need to make, as opportunity to live a more creative, more soulful and more magically inclined life beckons.

But you don’t have to go with it. You feel neither compelled nor pressurised to listen. But you cannot ignore it as omnipresent it is within you. Needless to say should you decide to ‘listen’ and to follow this strange but guiding light, the insights, the uplift you will receive to your confidence and sense of who it is that you are and the deep sense of connection to all those in your life is profound.

Unity consciousness is something that constantly exists within and without you. However, the material existence that permeates your world gives rise to an illusion of separation and isolation. Therefore it can be upsetting to stand in the presence of forces that transcend the smallness of ego and bear witness to a universe much vaster and numinous than you may have experienced (unless you have spent time consciously meandering within the realms of the egoless). This sense of Oneness, on occasion, permeates your awareness, but not in a manner that is unbalancing and overwhelming. What is true about this time is the space/ time fabric is more fluid and more consciously visceral to your awareness than on ANY other prior experience. Intruding upon your everyday reality through the medium of angelic intervention, weird serendipitous occurrences, the desire to pray or meditate, the hunger for stillness and to shed the dense toxicity of your body and through the longing to have the unconditional space to engage in your soul’s creativity are but some of the examples of how Spirit is gently whispering to you and encouraging you to take up your bed and walk.

The field of potentiality offered to you during the time when the New Moon occurs within the watery lake that is Scorpio, is a more direct and immediate access to an altered realm of consciousness, wherein you can directly experience the numinous within you and direct that light towards any stagnant or fetid emotions that serve only to trap you, keeping you fixed in a reality that may not really reflect where you truly are on your spiritual journey.

During this New Moon, you are being invited to dive head long into your own emotional depths and heal, release and let go any emotional attachments that are no longer serving a constructive part of your life’s journey, so that you can release your Light from your suffering (created by the illusion of separation) and merge with something vaster than yourself. One way that you can experience this unity is through meditation, as it is one vehicle that provides us with a nonverbal, direct experience of truth that lies in the core essence of the worlds’ greatest and most sacred teachings. truth

The power of your emotions and the rich depth of imagery that is now able to emerge, without censorship and without judgement is one of the features of this heightened emotional time. The extent of your true feeling nature revealed, healing can take place by the very open expression of your inner world within the world around you, as the support that you feel and the inner conviction of the rightness of your discernment of when, and with whom, to disclose your private universe is phenomenal. Needless to say if you have very challenging inner complexes, a convoluted relationship with the parent who taught you to BE in the world and whose nourishment shaped your emotional intelligence or if you have hidden who it is that you are for a long time, then it might feel upsetting to be awash with such powerful emotions as the gates are lifted that may have kept your inner world at bay.

However this is a healing time and what emerges forth from within you is only meant to shed those patterns and complexes that have prevented you from experiencing Oneness – whether with another or more importantly with yourself. Even if what happens feels initially challenging, you will see, with the benefit of hindsight, just how constructive what emerges for you is and how you have been able to resolve your side of many emotional complexes and family scripts. If you have lived within your head and are thoroughly logical, relegating your feeling nature to the margins, it could be quite a challenge to have your entire soul flooded with your senses, but since it is a highly imaginative time, those freed emotions could be channelled successfully into bringing into reality your inner vision of how things could really be.

The fundamental question that arises prior to this transit is how in touch you are with your inner world and how comfortable are you with the open and unadulterated expression of your feeling nature; how healthy and healed are the patterns shaped by your family; and how willing are you to give into the power and depth of your emotional-body?

Should you have any challenging issues from your past that you have ignored or shelved, this would be the time to seek support as images and memories arise, without hindrance and infiltrate your subconscious mind, as they escape and seek to be integrated and accepted. If you have relegated your creative interior due to time, responsibility or busyness, this would be a beautiful invitation to allot time into developing further your creative voice. If you have found it difficult to receive or carry within you issues concerning self-care and nourishment, this is a time when you will sense the support and kindness necessary to lovingly embrace yourself as you are. If there have been prior occasions when you have felt separated from those you love, this is also a profound time wherein you can release your perception of what has gone before you and heal your side of that relationship.

This is a time of considerably increased sensitivity and openness to subtle and spiritual realities and spiritual guidance. It is one wherein you may feel more emotionally and spiritually connected to all creation and understand the true meaning of forgiveness and understanding in personal relationships. Hence it is more likely that you can experience mystical feelings of closeness with family or others as well as heightened imagination that will open new worlds and any work involving music, art, imagery, or healing.

As you seek to honour your needs, reflecting on whether your needs are currently being met; whether you own the home of your dreams; whether the home still reflects you and where you are in your life; and whether you physically take the time to nourish yourself, would be ideal. Making a vision sheet to better articulate your ethereal longings surrounding home, family, property and relationships will support their bringing into reality. In short, it would be wise to begin (or continue) paying attention to your dreams, fantasies feelings, subtle impressions, inklings, and thoughts that seem unusual or unrelated to your usual way of feeling. So take my hand and walk with me towards the shore of this vast and still water. Close your eyes and open your eye.

Thank you again for taking the time to journey with Little Spirit.


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All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 18:19 BST, 23rd October 2016.

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