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The Dying Root Of Our Problems (The Aries Full Moon & the Venus/Mars conjunction)


It’s not just about mental health. It’s also not just the transits, about gun control, the pharmaceutical industry, the police, being politically correct, vegan, spiritual, or even connected.  The roots run much deeper than the branches.  Martin Shaw writes:

“So the mythological collapse begins and the threefold, archaic body gets thinned and stretched until only concrete remains. With the Nomadic Heart tuned out, and the Moon-Calling Woman ignored, our psychic orbits shrink, and we give ourselves permission for the most unimaginable acts, in the name of the horrified ‘infinite progress.”

And so, instead of pointing a finger at the Moon as she takes on the evening in her hot fullness, pay closer attention to the fingers pointing back.  Ask yourself: Do I have a place to catch her beams? Is there somewhere that connects me to the world within worlds, the place of clear reflection vs. a space of lunacy and overflowing reactions. As this Aries Full Moon travels through your eyes, throughout all the major highways of your body, remember what she is illuminating: The Mars/Venus conjunction and all the promises Lovers make under the amorous full moonlight.  Seeing this only as Eros infused is to lose your focus. Dream bigger. Expand your heart to the edges of the Universe. Go to the front lines of this “impossible expanding.”  Find awe once again.

This doubleheader of ‘matches made in heaven’ reminds us of what we are truly connected to. It’s a neutral idea.  You can be connected to evils most of us have never dreamed of.  Yet, as I’m sure is the case with many of you reading this, you can be connected to the most gorgeous manifestations life offers as well, like the Nomadic Heart and the tasty morsels you keep around that make the Moon-Calling Woman beg for more.

If you are following the Beam, you aren’t lost. If you have no idea what I mean, you may be lost. Either way, it’s all perfect…oOo

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,


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