The Chakras – The Cosmic Keys of Balance

BY  Agent 64  Khepri

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are vortices of energies that relate to our individual and collective connection to each other on the microcosmic level and our connection to the earth and multiverse on a macrocosmic level. These cosmic pin-wheels rotate like two cyclones that are connected at their funnel spout, creating a tidal ebb and flow through each conic side of its toroidal structure. The chakra energy is absorbed through the yin/ida channels and emitted through the yang/pingala channels.

The Subtlety Of Expansion Versus The Dogma Of Contraction

There are many different systems and interpretations that vary from continent to continent and the various schools of philosophy in the east. While the seven chakra system is largely associated with India, this life-force energy system is known by many different names around the world. It is important to mention such diversity, to remind people to leave any agenda that seeks to define which system of understanding is “the best,” “the original,” or “most authentic,” out of the discussion. Think of this topic like politics and/or religion, you will have to agree to disagree for the sake of being constructive.  Instead, consider looking at this article as a call for unity in collective research, learning and sharing with the emphasis being placed upon the many facets of opportunity that stem from diversity in education.

Have fun with this approach. The idea is not to challenge your beliefs as much as it is to inspire you to reflect and expand upon your previous notions. Each one of us plays the role of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or Scooby Do. Perhaps an alliance premised upon seeking out the answers may provide more substance for growth over determining  that which is “right” versus that which is “wrong?” Going beyond the contracting ego-centered or “*Saturnian” definitions of the chakras, may free us from divisive dogma by placing our collective aim onto the co-creative, expansive and jovial path of Jupiter and its outcome of group success. Since chakras are subtle three-dimensional objects, there will be much that cannot properly be discussed without 3D models.

The World Of Chakras, Abstract Thinking And Dimensionality

Like the “Book of Change,” known as The “I-Ching,” (pronounced yee-jing), the chakra system is animated by the masculine and feminine forces that keep our known reality in balance. Yang is very similar to Pingala and represents the masculine force of heaven, while yin and Ida are the feminine forces that represent the earth. Why do I mention these two concepts of the divine sacred masculine and feminine? Because these energies are polar opposites that need each other to create and sustain growth and/or CHANGE.

The common denominator is the subtle life force energy that circulates through both the masculine and feminine alike. Like Chi, Qi, Rei-ki, Ka, Ase/Asha and Kul/Teotl, the life-force we call “prana” drives the chakras is the same energy that flows through subtle energetic rivers of energy called “the meridians” or “nadis.” This Kundalini energy activates each chakra like a fiery serpent as it ascends its way from the lower physical chakras to the higher spiritual channels.

Each chakra is supposed to be in alignment with the spine and head, which serve as the body’s tuning fork and bridge between the senses and the cosmos. Each chakra is distinguished by its number of lotus petals. So every chakra has its own sound and frequency that connects to the body’s auric field. Each auric field has its own subtle path around your body that is very similar to the structure of the earth’s Van Allen’s belts. Kundalini serve as a conductor of flow from our lower chakras of survival through our transcendent and universal chakras activating each chakra so that it emits its own subtle light and solfeggio frequency.

Each of your chakras, like your physical senses, can be see as its own subtle dimensional gate with the spine serving as a conductor. Imagine a funnel of energy pulling in energy on one side of your spine and emitting it rotating the opposite direction once it passes through the center. Just like the theory that black holes swallows all light and matter on one plane, they are said to expel light and life on the other side of the toroidal structure. As human beings on the electromagnetic spectrum, we can only perceive of a range of frequencies without the aid of scientific tools. However, the chakra system is a clear example that humanity has known about the connection of the macrocosm and microcosm since antiquity. The microcosm starts with the red root chakra and flows through the violet/white/rainbow energy of the macrocosm solidifying the concept of “as above, so below!”

Like the I-Ching, you read chakra’s from the bottom (earth) to the top (heaven, nirvana or whatever you equate to “beyond”). The three chakras on the bottom are the lower vibrating frequencies connecting us to the material reality of earth, our bodies and our blood bone and skin. This is why the first chakra is the element of earth known as the hexahedron. Just like the elements and modes of the zodiac, we move through solid, liquid and gaseous states in the same familiar cycle as fire, earth, water and air or cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The Root Chakra Four Petals

The Muladhara  or “Root Chakra” is red in color and originates at the tip of the spine and gonads. This is the chakra that connects our innermost auric field to our material or physical body. The innermost field is the field of the etheric body.  The earth’s root chakra is said to be at Mt. Shasta.  Coordinates are here. In Astrology we associate the root chakra with Saturn, and the element of Earth. In classical astrology you could also include Aquarius in some schools of thought because Aquarius shares Saturn with Capricorn. In music, its tone is C Major and its solfeggio frequency is 396 Hertz.

The Sacral Chakra Six Petals

The Sacral Chakra covers the sacrum of human anatomy, is associated with the color orange, the  adrenal glands, the navel and that area between the genitals and rectum called the perineum. Some chakra systems associate this chakra with Virgo because of its association with the body’s nerves, stomach and circulation. This is the bio-electrical conductor that is your body’s system of communications in the same context as Mercury is a herald for the zodiac.  The earth’s Svadhisthana chakra is said to be at

Lake Titicaca in Peru/Bolivia. Coordinates are here.

This vortex of subtle energy is supposed to be two fingers below the navel and serves as a grounding presence that is linked with sexual/sensual pleasure and satisfaction. This vortex is associated with the moon, water (liquid state/icosahedron) and Cancer. Because of it association with water, arguments can be made to connect any of the water signs here with Cancer. I emphasize Cancer because like the serpent association with kundalini, Cancer is associated with Ouroboros, the dragon that symbolizes eternal cycles by biting its own tail. Cancer is the initiating fire or Cardinal of the water signs. This “fire of water” sign is known for its powerful intuition that is believed to be derived from it emotions. This is one of many reasons that this is a perfect fit for the second innermost auric field that is our magnetic field for emotions. In music, its tone is D Major and its solfeggio frequency is 417 Hertz.

The Solar Plexus Chakra 10 Petals

The Solar Plexus or chest chakra is considered the seat of the life force. The planetary association with the Manipura chakra is Mars, but research has shown me that it is also associated with LEO. Since this is an action or fire chakra, a case can be made to associate this chakra with all fire signs as well as Scorpio due to its connection to Mars. This chakra is about self-expression, wellness, vitality and athletic vigor. Not only does this chakra help you stay energetic, it helps to balance and regulate surplus energy so that it can be emitted at a time of your choosing. The earth’s Manipura chakra is said to be at Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Coordinates are here.

This is the chakra of creation and destruction as well as the chakra of fear versus courage. This chakra is anchored to the lumbar part of the spine and is associated with the pancreas. This is where our most explosive athletic and sexual energy emanates as it is the last of the physical chakras of the body before the heart chakra bridges us to spirituality. Since Aries is the cardinal fire sign and Mars’ first natural ruler, it is clear why keeping this chakra balanced could impact your potential for great courage.

This chakra is connected to the tetrahedron that faces downward with flames emanating upward creating the bottom circle of the vesica piscis that surrounds the merkaba or star tetrahedron of the heart chakra. The Manipura is the third innermost auric field that is the magnetic field that connects with our lower mental body translating thought into action and creation. This chakra is the first manifestation of will and self-determination. In music, its tone is E Major and its solfeggio frequency is 528 Hertz.

The Heart Chakra 12 Petals

The Heart chakra or “Anahata” is the green chakra (sometimes its pink, like rose quartz,) that functions as a balance between the divine sacred masculine and the divine sacred feminine in the form of a star tetrahedron. The heart chakra is connected to the thymus gland and your cardiac muscles. This chakra is of the air element, so naturally it is connected to the octahedron and is considered both a gas and a liquid. What are clouds anyway but oceans in the sky? The earth’s Anahata chakra is said to be at Glastonbury and Shaftesbury. Coordinates are here.

The Anahata is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. So naturally, this chakra is about unconditional love for yourself and for others. I cannot mention the heart chakra’s connection to Venus, without mentioning its connection to the Zodiac sign of Libra and its sibling sign Taurus. Of course, since this is the element of air, one could make a case for an association to Gemini and Aquarius as well.

The heart chakra is like the conductor of the symphony of your body’s meridians. Look at this chakra as the motherboard of a computer or a star in a solar system. Eastern Medicine, with its body clock, emphasizes the development of the kidney first to show us how important water is for the formation of the heart. Meanwhile, the institute of heart math discusses the importance of the heart and its energy matrix. The heart chakra connects with the auric field that is supposed to be our bridge to the astral plane. So if you have done any astral projections or experienced lucid dreams, your heart chakra was doing its job. In music, its tone is F Major and its solfeggio frequency is 639 Hertz.

The Throat Chakra 16 Petals

The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha is the blue chakra vortex associated with speech, the thyroid glands, the center of the throat, Mercury, and the ether. This is the first official “spiritual” chakra as it is connected to sound and the fifth element that many people call ether/aether or akasha. This is literally where people that are considered spiritual channels have a considerable connection to the akashic frequencies or records of the earth and collective consciousness. How fitting, considering that Mercury is the planet of communication who happens to be the messenger or herald of the gods.

On a planetary level, the substance of sound along with Mercury makes this chakra native to both Gemini and Virgo. However on a zodiacal level, it is well known to be ruled over by the sign of Taurus. One could make arguments for Neptune, Saturn and even a little bit of Chiron to go with the heart chakra from the previous activation. Since this is the biggest jump towards awakening and cosmic consciousness, most people who operate from their throat chakra or gifted with “stream of consciousness” flow that melds their intelligence with their intuition that create waves of unity to those that are listening. The earth’s Vishuddha chakra is said to be at  Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives. Coordinates are here.

Speaking through the throat chakra helps us to align our own personal will and ego to that of divine order. This chakra connects to the 5th innermost auric field helping us to transmit our higher minded thinking and purpose. In music, its tone is G Major and its solfeggio frequency is 741 Hertz.

The Third-Eye/Brow Chakra 96 petals (2 Petals of 48 on each side)

The “Ajna” or third eye chakra is supposed to be the perfect combination of the intuition and the soul seated in the consciousness of your brow. This indigo chakra is supposed to be the mind’s eye that we see when our physical eyes are open or closed. The third eye chakra is supposed to be connected to the pituitary gland. This chakra is supposed to help up discern the truth for ourselves, follow our instincts and connect up with the bigger picture of spiritual ecstasy that is reached  when we choose divine love and trust our insight. Its element is light and it is associated with the Planet Jupiter and its relationship to the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Other cosmic bodies such as the sun, the moon or Pluto can be associated with this chakra and its connection to the underworld or anything “other-worldly” in general. This is the chakra that gives human beings their psychic insights and clairvoyance in the material world. This chakra can also easily be linked to Uranus, Aquarius’ higher minded ruler, especially considering that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. (Octave, think of sound coming at you at 400 hertz a second, then increase it to 800 hertz a second, you will hear the same note, only higher. This chakra corresponds to the 6th innermost auric field which is presumably is the “buddhic” you that exist outside the time-space matrix.

The earth’s Ajna chakra is said to be at The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile. It keeps moving, so there are no coordinates. In music, its tone is A Major and its solfeggio frequency is 852 Hertz.

The Crown Chakra 1,000 Petals

The Sahasrara, commonly known as the “crown” chakra, is the last stop of energetic transcendence. The dance of the sun channel and the moon channel that started in the root chakra emits from the crown chakra and the outermost auric field. This final activation of the seven chakra system ends with the 1,000 petal  lotus of subtle energy.

The subtle violet or white light, sits right above the head. The crown chakra is believed to be the place where one becomes connected to the “divine” mind and subsequently begins to better understand the greater universal patterns and cycles of existence. Because of the culmination of both the sun and moon channels, many believe this chakra to be associate with Cancer (ruled by the moon) and Leo (ruled by the sun).

When one reaches this stage they often feel a sense of clarity, peace and divine acceptance of order. This is also a state of being that is referred to as “self-actualization,” according to psychologist Abraham Maslow. Self-Actualization is a stage that is reached when all of your other needs are met, or in this case balanced so that you can now help make improve things for others in your community or the world. Such altruism is why the Sahasrara stage is often equated with Aquarius and its ruler Uranus.

This is the stage of forward thinking progress that can be sudden and is usually both unique and authentic. This chakra is in the element of thought and corresponds to the 7th auric field which is considered to be the spiritual plane.

The earth’s Sahasrara chakra is said to be at Mount Kailas, Tibet. Coordinates arehere. In music, its tone is B Major and its solfeggio frequency is 963 Hertz.

As we move past the equinox into Libra season, we are sharing a collective reminder of the role of balance and order. Each chakra vortex has a negative pole where it absorbs energy, and a positive pole where it **emits energy. This is why the root chakra is a negatively charged vortex oriented at the earth, and the crown chakra is a positively charged vortex aimed towards the sky. When our chakras are blocked or unbalanced it usually means that we are not absorbing enough cosmic energy through, the elements, diet and exercise. The same can be said when we are overcharged and cannot release energy because we are blocked or unbalanced.

So if you are going to consider studying chakras, I also suggest that you study the five elements of Chinese Medicine and how each of the elements can be used to speed up and slow down “Chi” energy to attain balance. Naturally since the chakra system is of India, all of its Aryuvedic tools of wellness await you. I suggest you at least find out what your Dosha is, so that you may attain a better understanding of your digestion and sleep tendencies. Overall, understanding systems like chakras, chinese medicine or ayurvedic alternatives to western medicine may help you to better understand the difference between being cured versus healed. Once we begin to see the same patterns where we oscillate between balance and imbalance will we truly grasp how “Dis-ease” works in each of our bodies.

Am I telling you that learning this system will solve all of your problems? Absolutely not! Like Astrology, its about being able to see both the positive and negatives of Mercury Retrograde, squares and Grand Crosses, or anything that can be overwhelming and trigger an emotional, intellectual or physical imbalance. I am encouraging you to be an advocate and take charge of your own learning so that you are less subject to the ideological hegemony of separate national governments and more plugged into the inalienable right of sovereignty inherent in nature. As you understand how to balance yourself in the context of all the external challenges, internally you will begin a symbiotic alignment in consciousness with others around you that have chosen to expand their minds.

Should You Trust Or Believe Me?

Please don’t! I share only what I know and learn and that changes as I like to do research. Instead I am asking that you better learn the tenets of critical thinking for yourself, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Articles like this are to begin discussions, not end them. Like Neptune is a higher octave for Venus, I wish for you to find the higher octave in your own motivation to become a life-long learner. As we charge towards Saturn in Sagittarius in Tropical Astrology, you may find that a desire for higher self-knowledge has become a priority for people individually and collectively. I am merely calling upon you to start your dance into the heart of the age of enlightenment known as the “Age of Aquarius!”

BY  Agent 64  Khepri

*Sorry grammar purist, I prefer “Saturnian” over “Saturnine.”

**It bears a striking resemblance to electrons when they fall back an orbit and emit a photon or get so charged that they jump to a larger orbit. But that is another article.

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