The Birth of Venus

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

It is Friday (Oct. 26th, 2018), The Day of Venus and she just passed between the Earth and Sun. In my unwritten book, this marks the beginning of her synodic cycle (3 plus Scorpio). It is my hope you casted your prayers to her with palpable praise and created a beautiful place for her to land in your home. If you haven’t, it’s not too late; And so, as she patches up her hook wounds, Inna is floating towards this world; Psyche is not yet tempted by the box she carries and Persephone contemplates a pomegranate. It is in this liminal space between Venus’s disappearance from the evening sky and her appearance in the morning where we find ourselves. Often a dark space-especially when Scorpio is involved-yet, the promise of a populated dawn is just a week away. I think it calls for a story…

venus in scorpio
art by Botticilli

.: The Birth of Venus :.

It was sometime between a bang and an ephemeral Aion when the trouble began.

The right kind of trouble as some would say.

The kind which rears its monstrous head within tough family dynamics.

Cronos had become furious with his father. Some say it had to do with Time. Others gossip about it relating to Space or Power. Whatever the case, his Mother/Grandmother Gaia equipped him with an adamantine sickle and all his Titan brothers with enough vitriol to go and overthrow their father Uranus, Lord of the Blue/Black Sky and all the starry holes to heavens. With a vengeful slice of the sickle, off came Uranus’s package. With the blood which poured down, came the Giants and the Nymphs and the Erinyes. With his genitals, which fell into the sea, they floated for awhile like plastic in the ocean, foaming from time to time, churning life in those primordial waters. Until one sweet dawn in April, off the coast of Cyprus, the perfect West wind blew from the lungs of Zephyr into the seashell sails of a radiant beauty. Naked as we all came, with the exception of ten thousand tiny pearls adorning her, she floated to shore. Waiting on the beach was one of the Horae, a Goddess of the Seasons, eager to clothe her with organic linens and braid her wild golden hair with the finest materials. But before she did, Venus took her first step onto dry land…

.…and between her toes sprouted myrtle and rose, which found their way onto Lovers beds throughout the centuries. With her next step, a dove flew out with an olive branch in its beak, making soldiers weep and lay down arms. With the next came milk and honey. The next redwood forests and the Amazon with its complex orchestra of song and alkaloid rich medicines. Another: an octopus spiraled out its eight arms as a reminder of her returns in the same amount of years. Another: A starfish stretched into a five-pointed star to pay her tribute. Another: phosphorescent beaches and mushrooms that do the same. And this went on and on until the world was rich with five pedaled flowers, the smell of rainbows, and the orgasm was finally reached. It was an ecstatic bumble of soft lightning and a pink sunrise. It was the kind of scene that would inspire Botticelli so many moons later to capture the scene in a painting.

By the time Venus finally reached the Horae, the entire world was already in Love.  By the time she reached Olympus, Leonard Cohen was already writing slow poetry about her.  By the time you have heard this story, too many will have already forgotten.  We cannot forget her.  We cannot confuse her with our passing desires.  For if we do, we can get caught in her riptide, and pulled out far enough to long again for her fertile shores.

And so it is written upon the shell she sailed in on: For the Love of this Goddess, don’t forget to praise her.

Most have forgotten her. For those who are aware and want to establish contact, here are a few clues: She rarely goes online, spending most her time outside. She’s not terribly fond of cities but has her favorite parks and hip cafes. She loves good books but has a hard time with most magazines and blogs. She hovers around every songbird-animal or otherwise-keeping instruments tuned and well kept. She lives in a chamber in your own heart and she likes getting her exercise. So next time you see her, try to make her blush. It’s the least you can do.


Now we wait. It will be around Nov. 3rd when she appears again in the East, just before the Sun. This is her morning star phase. Like a vulnerable egg of the dawn, we must take great care tending to her needs, warming them as we were a mother hen. Something new is growing inside of you. A fresh connection that could be a lifeline moving forwards. Pay close attention. You don’t want to miss it. The Buddha was said to be enlightened when he saw her under the Bodhi Tree close to this phase. Maybe a similar experience awaits you? All you need to do is become an early riser, to witness the ineffable luminescence of the Birth of Venus!

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