The 2016 United States Presidential Candidates and Mars: Uncanny Connections

Michael R Svehla, MA
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The Democrat and Republican Presidential candidates vying for their respective parties’ nominations, and the Presidency of the United States, are a strong and memorable group of savvy people, each for their own reasons. A common thread among the three Democratic contenders (assuming Joe Biden runs) and the top-polling Republican contenders is a strong natal Mars. Mars symbolizes the application of energy in the form of action. Mars is desire, aggression, personal energy, will, drive, determination, and ambition. No doubt that a Presidential candidate must possess these qualities, or at the least, those who have them enjoy a major advantage in the nomination process. What is striking and extraordinary about the current top Presidential candidates in both parties, with perhaps one exception, is a strong natal Mars placement for each.

Mars is strong in his home sign Aries. He is also strong in his classical dignity Scorpio (at least one prodigious and experienced astrologer uses Scorpio as Mars’ exaltation), and Mars indeed is strong in what is usually considered to be the sign in which he expresses his energy most easily, exaltation, in Capricorn. The pioneering, fiery, cardinal, rash, independent, courageous, and aggressive Aries sign suits Mars well. Mars in Scorpio is vengeful, intense, and passionate, and perhaps most importantly he is in his overlord’s (Pluto’s) sign, a nice placement for Mars to express his activity while exuding raw power. In Capricorn, Mars is very utilitarian and grounded, using structure and controlled energy to push his limits and move forward pragmatically with his desires. While all of the candidates do not have Mars in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn – though more than expected compared to random chance amazingly do – the Mars influence in the top candidates’ charts is a thick thread that connects the candidates via their natal charts.

Democratic contenders

HillaryMarsHillary Clinton

Clinton has a fiery Mars by sign (Leo) and house (ninth). As a fiery planet, Mars acclimates well to both a fiery sign and house, though neither his own. The strongest feature of Clinton’s Mars, however, is the exact conjunct to his overlord, Pluto! Mars has direct access to Pluto’s raw power in Clinton’s chart. Scorpio Sun also suggests that Mars has influence in Clinton’s chart/personality, along with Scorpio ascendant, although the Sun-Pluto mutual reception steals the show. Hillary’s aggressive, relentless drive to prove herself and attain power in professional life is very characteristic of Pluto, but also symbolizes her use of a fiery, fixed, and determined Mars.

BidenMarsJoe Biden

Biden has Mars in Scorpio, connecting Mars to Pluto by sign. Mars also has a second connection to his overlord, making a square to Pluto in Leo. Mars is additionally accentuated by virtue of three other planets, including Sun, in Scorpio, forming a four-planet stellium. As with Clinton, Biden’s chart basically boils down to Sun-Pluto in mutual reception. However, Mars also certainly has his say in Biden’s natal promise. No doubt that a long political career, currently as second only to the President of the United States, and a charming demeanor beguiling opponents with swift and sometimes ruthless actions, is characteristic of Biden’s powerful Mars in Scorpio.

SandersMarsBernie Sanders

Sanders’ Mars is in late Aries and retrograde. Not as much information can be inferred regarding his Mars placement due to lack of birth time, but Mars is definitely strong in Aries! He has Moon in Aries as well, and Mars opposes Venus in Libra, suggesting that a direct, passionate approach to obtaining what he wants can be attained by appealing to others and cooperating. Taking a no-nonsense, realistic, blunt approach in expressing his ideas has thus far proven successful based on polls and throngs of interested members of the public attending his campaign speeches. The pioneering, personal initiative he exudes is characteristic of productive use of Mars in Aries.

Republican Contenders

TrumpMarsDonald Trump

Trump’s aggressive approach to life, business, and his recent entry into national politics contains strong elements of his use of Mars. His Mars is in late Leo, Sun’s sign, and characterizes his blunt, and some might observe, very ego-centered, approach to reaching voters, campaigning, and expressing himself in formal, public debates. The key to understanding Trump’s actions is Mars pushing on his natal ascendant. The Mars in Leo desires aggravate and influence his outer personality. He is quick, fierce and fiery, and his Mars is well exemplified by a remark to an opponent in a recent debate: “I promise, if I wanted it, I would have gotten it”. Of interest, his progressed Mars is currently in detriment in Libra. At this time, however, progressed Mars makes a nice sextile to natal and progressed Pluto.

HillaryMarsBen Carson

The soft-spoken, articulate Carson has Mars closely conjunct Pluto in Leo, in later degrees than Clinton (he was born about four years after she was). Carson’s time of birth is unknown, preventing further inferences about his Mars. However, Mars-Pluto in Leo packs quite a punch. Relentless drive and determination, manifesting via the Sun’s sign, has served him well in a demanding, stressful career as a neurosurgeon, and no doubt will continue to serve him well as a Presidential candidate. Behind the calm, analytical demeanor is a passionate, determined readiness to take action and achieve objectives.

JebBushMarsJeb Bush

“Bush has Mars in early Aries. While Bush’s chart contains many characteristics of leaning towards collaboration rather than independence (Sun in Aquarius, Saturn in Libra, Venus conjunct Mars in the seventh house), his self-described eighty hour work weeks, career as a politician, and will to succeed his father and brother as the Chief Executive of the United States shows a passion to serve and personal drive to attain quite a lofty objective.”

CruzMarsTed Cruz

Cruz has Mars in Scorpio, and Mars dominates the Scorpio stellium in his chart, also consisting of Venus and Jupiter. Mars has a tough opposition to Saturn, simply illustrating the difficult and demanding work Cruz went through to develop his sharp mind, accumulate allies and influence in the political world, and seek the nation’s highest office. Of great interest, Cruz’s natal Mars is close to the US natal chart ascendant at 8 Scorpio and is therefore also in the US first house (Aleksandr Imsiragic’s US natal birth chart rectification used).

FiorinaMarsCarly Fiorina

Mars in Capricorn symbolizes Fiorina’s bias towards tangible action, and aggressive pursuit of a career in the business world, culminating in a run for President. Her birth time is unknown, however, Mars conjuncts her Capricorn North Node, makes a wide trine to her Sun in Virgo, and possibly conjuncts her Moon. Mars also forms an exact sextile in her chart to his ruler, Saturn, indicating a duplicate link from Mars’ passion, assertion, and ambition to Saturn’s structure and authority. A very well spoken, public, and driven Fiorina stems in part from her strong, earthy, detailed and structured Mars.

RubioMarsMarco Rubio

Rubio’s chart deserves mention. He is still among the mix of candidates with chances to obtain the Republican nomination. Mars does not appear to be a strong planet for Rubio, although obtaining a time of birth might prove otherwise. Mars in Aquarius is conjunct North Node, however, indicating passion, drive, and ambition acting with his purpose and future destiny. Mars is also trine Sun in Gemini and Uranus in Libra, contributing activity and energy to thoughtful self-expression and communicating new ideas, necessary for a successful Presidential campaign.

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