Mode: Fixed
Modern Ruler and traditional ruler: Venus
Anatomy & Illnesses: Neck, shoulders, throat, voice. The part of the body that expresses self value – eg. holding up head and shoulders, speaking one’s voice – and being able to swallow outside influences.

The Taurus glyph represents the horns of a bull symbolising the ability to gather, receive and stabilise energy. The bull, an ancient symbol of fertility and abundance, was a central figure in fertility rites and initiations, and also symbolised the victory of humanity over its animal nature.

Taurus is an easy constellation to see because of its well defined V-shape near Orion and the Pleiades star cluster. The bright star, Aldebaran, an orange giant, depicts the eye of the bull. The Pleiades, a beautiful open star cluster, is often called the Seven Sisters and forms the bull’s shoulder. The Hyades, a more spread-out open star cluster, forms the bull’s head. In both the northern and the southern hemispheres, Taurus is best seen when the Sun is in Scorpio in themidheaven at midnight during October and November.


    • Taurus nurtures the seed sprouted by Aries and gathers, grounds and gives it form in order for it to grow and flourish.
    • Taurus is concrete and stable with the ability to manifest.
    • Taurus indicates security, practical application, productivity and work.
    • Taurus is dependable, physical, organic, instinctual, sensual and sensate.
    • Taurus communicates through the five senses – smell, touch, sound, taste and sight.
    • Taurus does not easily comprehend the intangible world.
    • Taurus values time, process, hard work and patience in order to manifest material reality.
    • Taurus is slow, practical and concerned with the real world including one’s possessions and money.
    • Taurus represents a grounding of self whereas Scorpio, the opposite sign, seeks a transformation of self.

Slow, possessive, materialistic, devoted, resourceful, sensual, stubborn, earthy, cautious, nurturing, practical, materialistic, natural, tangible, stable, creative.

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