Agent 129 – Tara Greene

Agent 129 – Tara Greene

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Tara Green

Agent 129 – Tara Greene

Tara is a Professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, women’s spirituality, dream work, shamanic healer and workshop leader since 1990. Tara is also a Certified Transformational Psychotherapist. Tara has a busy practice with clients worldwide. As a double Sagittarius with Mercury on the Galactic Center, and a Scorpio Ascendant she had been meeting astrologers for years and is largely self- taught. Her Astrology practice has always been Goddess oriented, spiritually and psychologically centered, using Chiron, the Asteroids and the Fixed Stars.

Tara loves writing about astrology. She also creates guided meditations on various astrologically significant aspects and days. “It’s my great honor to be of service to help assist individuals to understand themselves, their karma and to enlighten and empower them to attain their highest potentials through Astrology.” I am always learning, there is so much to know. Her spiritual name, Tara is Sanskrit for “the stars.” Tara is also a mother, artist, singer and dancer. She is producing meditations in audio format of the lunar cycles.

Specialities: Professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, women’s spirituality, dream work, shamanic healer
Location : Toronto, Canada 1792 Dundas Street East Toronto Ontario Canada M4L 1M3
Emaill: taragreene @
Skype: taratarot

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