The Lunar Return “Dreams stuck in the Catcher”

Every month, the Moon returns exactly to where it was when we came screaming into this world.  It’s rare for it to be the same phase-that can only happen around your birthday-but to the same degree and minute, it returns.  Healing is in the Return!

Every lunar cycle we set sail to visit all the unique monuments of Psyche as she waxes and wanes around Earth and Chart.  And each time we visit, it’s different, yet eerily similar to the last month’s visit, and the one before that.  She shows us how to ride the tides of our emotional body, pointing always to the substratum of our dreaming.  La Luna is also a dreamcatcher.  If we pay close enough attention each month, we can see the golden thread laid out through the Labyrinth of Understanding.  When we do, Artemis smiles with motherly approval.  The Work is being done.

Every time the Moon returns a chart can be cast.  In it, are all the experiences and somatic imprints and dreams to come for the month ahead. Don’t believe me? Keep a tight journal, never missing any important lunar transit throughout the chart for the month–include your dreams. At months end, look back, study the chart.  You will see the impossible.

And so, every time the Moon is in early Scorpio, I have my own Lunar Return.  Usually, there is a character from my past who visits to remind me of who I am. It’s easy to forget.  This time around the silvery wheel, it was a close friend who happened to be an exchange student in high school.  We were every day companions, until…the “switch” was hit inside of me (If you don’t know the “switch,” just relate it to having a hard time all of the sudden even looking into the eyes of that person. It’s tragic and mysterious). Maybe it’s a Scorpio Moon thing? Maybe it’s a protective mechanism against pain? Maybe it’s a secret the Moon keeps until we desire to make it right? Lots has been healed up and mended with this one over the years, but this time, as the Moon was turning the dial to the specific frequency I was born with, there he was. We were flying–hang gliding actually.  It was the kind of visitation needed when so many of the lunar themes like family and home and patterns begin to turn brackish. Thank you old friend.

*There are many ways to cast Lunar Return Charts:, Astrogold, Solarfire, really, most programs.  Make sure you get your current place right.  It’s one of the most fascinating studies.  Start here, then go into Solar Return work. If you need help, I’m here for you.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,



Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Scorpio. “The Morning Sky Mushrooms”

If you’re an early riser or just never went to sleep last night, you may have seen them: Mars and Jupiter lassoing the Moon into their subterranean conversation in Scorpio.  Now that Mars has home-field advantage, he is adding some extra warmth to the mycelial growth of Jupiter.  Most of their workings are in the dark, but they aren’t hiding anything.  As the day’s welcoming committee, they remind us before the Sun breaches the horizon: Don’t ignore what’s happening beneath the surface. This is the perfect time to compost some of your psychological poisons.

Paul Stamets, the mouthpiece of the fungal world, reminds us as well, “…to never underestimate the power of a mushroom to find food.” Ever since Jupiter moved into Scorpio a couple of months ago, the metaphor I simply can’t shake for him is that of a mushroom. Misunderstood by many, taboo to even more, it is the mushroom who keeps this whole green ship turning.  Not all fungus produces mushrooms, just as with us, not all that happens beneath the surface turns to medicine.  One of their main roles is to turn what is dead into life.  Relate this to anything on its way out in your heart, and you are seeing what I’m seeing in the garden of your mind.

You may have missed them this morning, but they will be back tomorrow.  Wake before the Sun, look East, and you will see them.  Mars and Jupiter growing in strength, the Moon waning swiftly into her New Moon womb on Sunday near the Galactic Center. The best question to ask them might be:

What needs to die to be made into medicine inside me?

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




Agents of Conscious Evolution

Planetary Archetypes, Planets as Agents of Conscious Evolution

Planetary Archetypes, Planets as Agents of Conscious Evolution

Edge of Chaos

The C*I*A brings you a short video that takes us on an astrological journey through a landscape of archetypes, as we move through time. But what is most important is where we are NOW as astrology connects the past, present and future. We always intended to do more to this movie, when time and funds permitted. If you would like to be part of sponsoring this project as has done AFAN, please contact us or donate from our website..
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