Mercury Retrograde In Aries – 23rd March – 15th April.

Mercury is technically retrograde from the 23rd March until the 15th April. However, if you are exploring the psycho-spiritual process related to this celestial phenomenon, there is a lead in and lead out time that extends the Mercurial Retrograde process from the 15th March through to the 29th April. This entire process refers to the time prior to the retrograde wherein Mercury is at its furthest distance from the Sun in the evening skies until the time that it ascends as far away from the Sun as he possibly can climb in the early morning skies.


Exploring the Astrology of Cryptocurrency with Noah Lampert

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In this show, I have a titillating conversation with my friend Noah Lampert about Cryptocurrency.  No matter what you have heard or what you currently think about this game-changing technology, I ask you to keep an open mind when listening.  It could change everything for you. It could be it: The freedom you have always been searching for…



Charles Eisenstein

Exploring Astrology with Charles Eisenstein

In this show, I am joined by revolutionary thinker Charles Eisenstein.  We contemplate Neptune in Pisces under the Virgo Full Moon, take a look at long stretches of time through the quaking dynamic between Pluto and Uranus, and much more.  Charles is not an Astrologer but was kind enough to come on the show with an open mind to see what happened.  Well, I think what happened was kind of interesting…oOo Enjoy

his site:

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Evening star

Venus Evening Star Podcast “Connected”

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In this show, I explore Venus as an Evening Star.  She has just returned to the western skies, exalted, and heading towards Neptune.  There is much to be excited about.  And I share all my ideas in this show for you.  Enjoy!




Venus Returns to the Night

“See I’m all crooked feet, Saint Valentine

I’ve circled this map till it caught on fire”

Gregory Alan Isacov, Saint Valentine


Whether your bed is one made of roses or one laid bare from all the amorous picking, Venus has returned.  After a couple months of ‘circling the map’ of some unlit world behind the Sun, she has returned–Exalted and speeding towards her throne.  Most would agree, Venus is her most radiant and content in the Evenings sky.  And most who pay attention to her synodic dance, would also agree that when she is on the other side of the Sun , when she forms her second conjunction with the Sun in direct motion (Jan. 8th), it is the darkest part of her cycle, one with thorns instead of roses, frayed cords of connection, and a salty kind of longing.

*Important Note: I was expecting her return on the 19th, but my friend Brett Joseph showed me a picture he took on the 10th from an airplane where he caught her breaking the rules.  The reason for this early emergence is too much for this article, but I will talk about it in my upcoming Solo Podcast on Venus as an Evening Star.  Also, check out Brett’s work here to learn even more.

It was late March of 2017 when her cycle began in Aries.  Soon after, she rose triumphant in the Mornings sky on fire.  As Venus gains in brightness at dawn, leaping for her maximum elongation from the Sun, she is messing with the plugs, attempting to connect with something meaningful, something beautiful, something real.  Sometimes, she catches fire.  Then she descends swiftly, returns to the “other’ world to reclaim what has been lost in her hormonally driven attempt to find love in this world of machinery and rampant loneliness.  It’s from this space we are emerging.  The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been heavily shaded in terms of the Goddess, and now, it’s time to piece back together the map, get our feet straightened out, and plug back into the right outlet discovered in the second half of 2017.

They stare at the Eclipse’s as we lay down prayers for her,

giving back the strength she gave to us

They get worked up under Super Moons as we form expeditions,

hoping we will be the first to taste her beauty

They get wild with the Blue/Blood Moon as we make love,

never forgetting who decorates the temples of our hearts


With the season’s final Eclipse closing out tomorrow (Feb 15th, LISTEN MORE HERE) and the mixed emotions of Valentines Day today perfuming the air, it is welcomed news to know she is back.  Every 19 months, when she returns to this part of her cycle, I’m reminded of just how sensitive I am to her.  2018 may have started with a bang, but my shoes felt like they were made of wet clay, my heart was far away, my connection to all I love seemed to have gone invisible in plain sight.  Now that she has returned, all is glowing with potential.  My Apprenticeship begins tomorrow, the Podcast line up for the coming months is insane, and the Sun shines upon another day.  Love is all there is.  If you feel as if you have lost it, take a deeper look within…then, create something with what you have seen in there.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,



art by Stanely Lewisastrology


Why Astrology?


The Lunar Return “Dreams stuck in the Catcher”

Every month, the Moon returns exactly to where it was when we came screaming into this world.  It’s rare for it to be the same phase-that can only happen around your birthday-but to the same degree and minute, it returns.  Healing is in the Return!

Every lunar cycle we set sail to visit all the unique monuments of Psyche as she waxes and wanes around Earth and Chart.  And each time we visit, it’s different, yet eerily similar to the last month’s visit, and the one before that.  She shows us how to ride the tides of our emotional body, pointing always to the substratum of our dreaming.  La Luna is also a dreamcatcher.  If we pay close enough attention each month, we can see the golden thread laid out through the Labyrinth of Understanding.  When we do, Artemis smiles with motherly approval.  The Work is being done.

Every time the Moon returns a chart can be cast.  In it, are all the experiences and somatic imprints and dreams to come for the month ahead. Don’t believe me? Keep a tight journal, never missing any important lunar transit throughout the chart for the month–include your dreams. At months end, look back, study the chart.  You will see the impossible.

And so, every time the Moon is in early Scorpio, I have my own Lunar Return.  Usually, there is a character from my past who visits to remind me of who I am. It’s easy to forget.  This time around the silvery wheel, it was a close friend who happened to be an exchange student in high school.  We were every day companions, until…the “switch” was hit inside of me (If you don’t know the “switch,” just relate it to having a hard time all of the sudden even looking into the eyes of that person. It’s tragic and mysterious). Maybe it’s a Scorpio Moon thing? Maybe it’s a protective mechanism against pain? Maybe it’s a secret the Moon keeps until we desire to make it right? Lots has been healed up and mended with this one over the years, but this time, as the Moon was turning the dial to the specific frequency I was born with, there he was. We were flying–hang gliding actually.  It was the kind of visitation needed when so many of the lunar themes like family and home and patterns begin to turn brackish. Thank you old friend.

*There are many ways to cast Lunar Return Charts:, Astrogold, Solarfire, really, most programs.  Make sure you get your current place right.  It’s one of the most fascinating studies.  Start here, then go into Solar Return work. If you need help, I’m here for you.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,



Exploring Spagyrics with Sajah Popham

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In this show, I have a chat with Sajah Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism about Spagyrics.  If you aren’t familiar with the idea, you probably already are to an extent.  If you’ve listened to any of my Plants & Planets shows, that’s essentially what Spagyrics is. It’s old, it’s magical, it’s essential to the work we are all doing.  I’m excited for you to listen to this.


SpagyricsSajah site:

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