Sun square Pluto: the power to change what is blocking us.

by Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

Sun square Pluto: the power to change what is blocking us.

The transformative surge of the Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn actually started with the Full Moon the 5th Oct, and exact on OCT 10th .

This planet has such a huge impact in our lives, something we truly feel when we have transits going on like this current one. Pluto-transits pick up on our most vulnerable parts, revealing the inconvenient truth and take us into a territory of deep change, often involuntarily. But then again, who would really want to look at their own a shadow and fear unless they have too?

And those who have survived a Pluto transit to some vital point in their charts know how relentless the energy can be. It is either transform or die. Or at least that is how it can feel.

Right now Pluto is at 16’53 Capricorn, and for those of you who are born around the 7-8th of January you can finally take a breath of relief because Pluto will leave the 16-17th degree it has been surfing back and forth since the beginning of 2016.  Pluto did go all the way up to 19 degrees back in May, so those born around the 9th are already halfway through, however next year Pluto will make it into the last decanate of Capricorn and start sniffing out the 20-21th degrees as well.

So if you are born in any of the cardinal signs around the 10th-11th or have planets on these particular degrees, then this coming year Pluto will do his magic in your life. You will be transformed into a deeper you. Those parts of your psyche that is holding back your true self will be confronted and healed. At least this is the opportunity. The work, off course, is ours to do. The gravitas of Pluto is there to show you where the pressure lies, and the different life situations that is orchestrated during such a transit, helps to lift the veil and reveal a deeper dynamic that is already going on inside of you.


Pluto moves slowly, too slow for most people, as it can sometimes make up to five direct hit to one degree making us feel like it is going to be there forever.

But it is therefore known to do proper work while it is at it. I compare it to a root canal procedure. Sometimes you have to go back to the dentist several times just to check that there is no more infection in the root. During a Pluto transit to sensitive spots in our charts, we cannot help to go in deep. 

The work that Pluto does is not for the faint. It challenges our deepest fears, our most hungry longings and our desires. It seeks to empower us where we feel weak and while it reveals our obstacles, it also pushes us to use our willpower so that we may overcome them.

When Pluto is functioning well, we feel full of power and capability, not worried that life will reject us, because we are certain that we can take the rejection and it wont makes us feel weaker.

Playwright Larry Kramer nails it when he says: “Almost more than talent you need tenacity, and an infinite capacity for rejection, if you are to succeed.”  Maybe if we accepted that rejection is part of the game, it would be easier to endure all those ups and downs any path takes us on.

Power is the essence of Pluto, and whenever we feel powerful we also have the power of attraction. In other words, we then attract into our lives the very riches that we dream of, either it is a partner who can follow and support us or it is the capacity to create the changes that we need in order to make life flourish and thrive. So how we react is of utmost importance.

Pluto and the Dark Side:

It is not surprising that the Greeks put both the God of Death himself, Hades/Pluto, the Goddess of Fertility and Food, Demeter/Ceres, and the Maiden,- the New Life, Persephone/Proserpina in the same story. Their myth reflects the need to constantly be dynamic and awake. When we fasten into the same pattern and get stuck in comfort or addictions, then life stagnates and our creative senses are dulled.  We then feel more dead than alive. Pluto acts as an awakener through loss, or changes we simply must endure.

The dark side of Pluto is the powerless, that which is not feeling strong nor is ready for life. It can be so intense that all we want to do is to hide under the covers or in a dark Cave.

Pluto is the hidden dynamics in humans and how we, when we are not ready to do the work on ourselves, can retort to subtle manipulations to have others love us or give us what we need. It reveals the dark side of humanity, illoyalty, lies, power games, manipulations, hidden motives, pretense, weakness and dishonesty. All of these eventually leading to the trauma that many have gone through, deceit and abandonment.

That is why a proper Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, can have a pretty strong disdain for humans. He or she sees straight through the games and when it is really bad, there is no trust left. The weaknesses of the people damaged so much that trust is difficult to restore. A Pluto transit can focus on our willingness to trust again.

Strong people do not abuse others. They don’t need to. Strong people don’t rape or kill. Strong people don’t steal or lie. Strong people lift others, and in the depth of Pluto lies this longing to find strong people who can take us to the next level. We want to be with those who strengthen us, not those who take us down or fight us.

And this reveals another layer of a classis Pluto experience. We need each other to grow, and there is an interesting dynamic that happens when we meet someone who has that little extra that can take us to the next level. We often tend to fall in love with or feel a strong draw to these people and this is a typical scenario when someone is going through a hefty Pluto-transit. Two people who has been going together for a long time can experience that the magnetism that once held them together no longer is there,- They can feel like they have grown apart, yet still be held together by security needs.  Then the space is open for another to enter. And the sub-conscious desire to experience life and energy again, can explode when that someone special shows up. Finally someone there to affirm us!

This can set the stage for a perfect drama and it is an enzyme for cataclysm. We call it cheating. It certainly stirs the pot and the former lovers can start a huge drama of revenge, pain and bitterness that can last for years. Or they realize that they truly need to work on their issues together.

It would off course been better to be more conscious and independent, so that we didn’t have to pull in these distractions to get some new energy moving. But people live complicated lives and after a lot of years together, there are all kinds of attachments like money and children that are not easily changed. We might have a deep, sub-conscious need for life to push us forward.

Or it can be a work situation you need to change and you get fired instead, or you really long to move and your tenant kick you out.

Pluto relates to all kinds of rejections, even our own self-rejection. And the trick is to stay with it and not take it too personal.

Very often during a transit of Pluto, we can feel a lack of true self-worth. Small rejections can take on a heavy weight in us, making us feel less than good about ourselves. And it can sometimes test our dedication to keep on moving no matter what, and not give in to the destructive powers in ourselves.

Oprah Winfrey once said: “I don’t want anybody who doesn’t want me”

This is a very powerful self-affirmation that goes well with Pluto. Often when we are rejected we get tossed into a game of push and pull, and we want what has been taken from us (the love and affirmation) to be given back. It can be compared to a dog which comes into a room where there is one person there who is afraid of dogs. The dog then goes straight to the one fearing it, as if sniffing out the rejection. The fear that the dog then experiences sometimes causes it to bark or attack, and it is an interesting study of how this mechanism works.

When we are driven by fear, the very thing that we desire tends to pull away from us. Then we loose the power of attraction, and we end up in a situation where we have to restore our energy and tune once again back to ourselves.

So during these days of Sun square Pluto it can be nice to remind yourself of what is truly valuable for you and check in how you react to whatever is happening in your life. If you feel stuck in your cave, safely planted there by your inner saboteur, it is now that you can confront the very fears that put you there. One thing in life is certain, we are all under constant pressure to evolve. It is a natural law. So even though you feel pulled out of your comfortzone and it makes you feel insecure, go with it. Let your inner self be challenged and evolve. It is perhaps time to trust that there is a reason behind whatever you go through. Pluto challenges us to take what is given as an opportunity for true growth, and that is always a good thing.

Agent 32 – Bio Sol W. Jonassen ( b.1974)

Astrologer since 1999, educated with Maurice Fernandez and took classes with astrologers as Noel Tyl and Alan Oken. Works fulltime as an astrologer in Bergen, Norway, enjoying a world wide clientel. Has given several lectures internationally, at Israel Astrology Conference, River of Stars, Norwac and online for EA community. Hosts the annual Norwegian astrology conference, Polaris and writes astrological columns for Norway’s biggest weekly magazine. Also an avid yogapracticioner and works with healing modalities and meditation as tools for development. A registrered healer and SoulFlow guide.

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