Sun Sign Horoscopes for Month of August 2017

by Agent 300 – Rose Marcus

August 7: Full Moon: Partial Lunar Eclipse, 11:11 am (15:25 Aquarius )

August 21: New Moon: Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 11:30 am (28:53 Leo)

August 2: Uranus stations retrograde: 10:31 pm

August 12: Mercury in Virgo stations retrograde: 6:01 pm

August 22: Sun enters Virgo: 3:21 pm

August 25: Venus enters Leo: 9:30 pm

August 26: Juno in Capricorn stations direct:10:14 am

August 27: Sedna in Taurus stations retrograde: 11:37 am

August 31: Mercury enters Leo: 8:29 am

**All times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates of note: August 2 -7, 10 – 13, 16, 20 – 22, 24 – 27, 31

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

The lunar eclipse of August7, can put something or someone brand new in front of you. It can speed up the pace of your personal or lifestyle reinvention. New projects, goals, social opportunity, and financial prospects can hit the front burner. Uranus retrograde helps you to cut out that which is not in your best interests, to create a wider degree of separation from the things that hold you up or back.

Eclipses tend to bring the unexpected and Uranus does too. Keep your plans, opinions and expectations wide open.

Ready for something new? It’s ready for you too. The solar eclipse of August 21 can be exceptionally opportune, gifting, or happy making, especially for those born on or near April 18, 19. Luck or love prospects are greatly enhanced. This eclipse can also bring benefit to your loved ones, especially your children. The eclipse is auspicious for all new projects, or creative ventures. It enhances all matters of the heart.

One way or another Mercury retrograde will put you back to work. There’s always room for improvement! It is favourable for uncovering the fly in the ointment and for getting better onto target, work and health wise. Mercury is well used for specializing, streamlining, reducing waste (time and money wise), additional training or upgrading, seeking more advice or a second opinion, etc.

If you find you are coming up short, know Mercury is providing you with necessary information so you can work your way toward a better solution.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

August moves you to the next level regarding a whole new reality base and/or living with yourself cycle. Uranus retrograde and the eclipses serve to help you bust up the concrete in more specific and fast track way. The main target is self discovery and (radical) personal reinvention.

The lunar eclipse of August 7 can hold significant impact if you are born on or near April 30 or if it makes a direct aspect to your personal planets. Otherwise it may pass as just another full moon. A vacation or more time to do your own thing are good ways to play it. On the other hand, the stars are giving you plenty to think about and even more to shoot for. A new job, career trajectory, or more independence can be the start of something good.

The solar eclipse on August 21 can be of major influence if your birthday is May 19 or close to it. Whether its planned or sprung on you, welcome to your new life! Embrace it fully. The solar eclipse is fortuitous for all new starts and fresh starts.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

The August eclipses prompt you to see the world/your world through new eyes. Call it a natural evolution. Looking to set yourself free? Greater independence on your mind? Starting the month off, Uranus retrograde can reroute you, see you change your mind or your life course. Things or people that once held great meaning may not interest you like they once did. At the same time, a new prospect, interest, goal, or lifestyle can be growing on you.

Travel far or stick around town, the lunar eclipse of August 7 sets up a great backdrop to go exploring and/or enjoy a change of scenery. A special event, news or an announcement, or a legal win could bring cause for celebration.

The drive to greater personal fulfillment, reward. and wellbeing is a big step in the right direction. Get yourself out there, aim for higher visibility. Both the lunar eclipse (Aug 7) and the solar eclipse (Aug 21) set an optimum backdrop to launch a new website or marketing campaign, to start a new career or education track, or to relocate.

Has something been left unsaid or unfinished? Not where you want to be/as far along as you feel you should be? Supporting the eclipse action, Mercury retrograde, Aug 12 to Sept 5, takes you through an important dialogue and research process – firstly and most importantly with yourself, secondarily, with another/others. It puts more attention on cleaning up your act or your home, and to getting the family better on track. It’s good transit for a catch-up, top up, or to fill in the missing blanks. Seek more advice, get a second opinion or quote, try a new agent or specialist, redo paperwork, loan agreements, etc.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

What have you accomplished so far? What do you want to or need to accomplish now? Are you satisfied with yourself/with how far you’ve come? The lunar eclipse on Aug 7 pushes your refresh button in some significant way. This consciousness raising transit shines a greater light on your assets and resources. It also helps you to discover something new, whether that’s inside of you or its a bandwagon to jump on. Mercury retrograde, starting August 12, aims to help you strip it down to the best on the checklist. It may do so through an elimination process or a build up process. Either way, it’s about getting back in touch and back on board. Aligned with the lunar eclipse, Jupiter in Libra assists the evaluation process. It can bring you added assistance through pooling or sharing resources, through a new home/living arrangement, or through loans and such.

Even though Mercury is in retrograde to Sept 5, the solar eclipse on August 21 is an auspicious springboard and/or reinvent it time. It bodes well for taking charge and for giving it your best shot; for restructuring personal or professional priorities, for embarking on a new career or business, lifestyle or financial status. Six months from now, you’ll know a lot more than you do now.

LEO July 22 – August 22

An outstanding birthday month lies ahead, especially for Leos born on or near the lunar (Aug 7) or solar (Aug 21) eclipses. If your birthday coincides with either of the eclipses, then you may mark the coming year as one of the more eventful or catalytic of your life.

Of course, the eclipses will be potent for everyone. This is because Leo is the creator and life-giving archetype. As such, the eclipses infuse a great deal more potency into the full moon or new moon potentials.

Are you living the life you love? Are you being the best version of yourself that you can be, or is it time for a major upgrade? Both eclipses accelerate your personal reinvention process. They prompt you to show up for yourself and to show up in the world in some dynamic new way, in some cases, radically or dramatically so. You can find your social life or activities don’t claim you like they once did, that you are now outgrowing a contract, actual or karmic, or that new interests, potentials, and trends are fanning your fire in a good way. An extraordinary circumstance, event, opportunity, or individual can be a major catalyst regarding where life takes you next. Someone could make a sudden exit or entrance. 

Mercury retrograde can see the need for more talk, effort, sacrifice, explanation, review, revision, investment, training, or trial and error. It can give you more to sort out, fix, or heal, but it can also give you more time to do so. Mercury retrograde aims to help you to tighten up or streamline where necessary. 

The solar eclipse of Aug 21 continues to stay triggered from Aug 30 to Sept 5. Beyond a good time to top up with as much of the summer good stuff as you can, this time frame is especially synchronistic and opportune for exploring more or for new launches. At any moment, you could strike a good, perhaps great flint. 

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Mercury has recently entered Virgo and will turn retrograde in your sign on Aug 12. From August 30 to Sept 5, Mercury will dip back into Leo and re-stimulate the degree of the August 21 solar eclipse. (Mars in Leo will also re-trigger the solar eclipse from Sept 1 to 5).

Neither eclipses are dynamically set up for your sign, but they can still be of influence, whether direct or indirect.

The lunar eclipse on Aug 7 can bring improvement to a work situation or health matter. A new job or schedule can fit the bill quite nicely. Try a new health specialist, agent, or advisor. 

Mercury retrograde is a good cycle for catching up with yourself. It can take you through an important review, soul searching, research, or regroup chapter. Cut away the non-essentials, the time or money wasters. While you work your way through an elimination process, you’ll get clearer regarding what, who, when and where is in your better interest.

The solar eclipse (Aug 21) can bring a potential to life. The eclipse also has the effect of getting you much better clued in. Watch for what’s already on brew to make its presence better known. You can find yourself at a fruition or a seeding stage. Expect for things to continue to develop and unfold at an accelerated pace over the next six months or so.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Beyond a good time to enjoy, or take a break, the lunar eclipse on Aug 7 in favour (trine) with Jupiter in Libra can bring a fresh air feel to whatever it is that you have been working on or toward. Something new tossed into the mix does the trick quite nicely. Life can be on a good move-along, despite whatever Mercury retrograde (starting Aug 12) can throw at you. Repairs or revisions are typical of the cycle. Mercury retrograde works behind the scenes, so make sure you don’t downplay warning signals and make sure to keep yourself, your health, and your valuables safe. Don’t bank on a promise and do make sure to keep communication, details, and paperwork matters as clear as possible.

You could experience the solar eclipse on August 21 as an energy boost, a renewed sense of purpose or drive, as a special opportunity or extraordinary synchronicity. It is an auspicious time for new goal setting or reaching, for personal, social or lifestyle reinvention. Whatever it is that shows up for you, take the ball and run with it/go for it with all your heart.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

The lunar eclipse on Aug 7 can be of high impact if you are born on or near Nov 6,7. The solar eclipse can be high impact if you are born on or near Nov 19, 20. Of course as a more dynamic full moon or new moon both eclipses can produce action.

The lunar eclipse can signal the start of a new home, family, or living with yourself chapter. The solar eclipse is fortuitous for career, business, parenting, or any other ambition/implementation directed toward taking back the control.

The solar eclipse can bring a new status, a judgment in your favour, a reward, special acknowledgement, or even fame for something accomplished in past or recently. Congratulations can be in order. One door closes, another opens.

Mercury retrograde, starting Aug 12 can make matters more complicated that they need to be. If you aren’t getting the goods out of a social, community, or personal involvement, it may be time to bow out. Look at Mercury retrograde as a qualifying influence. There are things that can be fixed, repaired, or improved upon, and there are things to let go of. The eclipses make your choices more obvious.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Leo is one of your most compatible signs and one of your best months. Add the eclipse catalysts to that statement and you are in for a great go of it.

Whether you can pin it on an event, serendipity, a state of mind, a sudden flash, or a rebellious urge, the all in or all out lunar eclipse on August 7 can push your refresh button in some dynamic, fast track way.

Mercury in Virgo begins retrograde on Aug 12. It’s a good influence for reprioritizing and for putting the extra due diligence where it is needed the most. Time off from the daily grind is a smart plan if you can manage it.

The solar eclipse on Aug 21 sets up an auspicious time to meet your future. Launch it, publish, broadcast, perform, teach, travel, relocate, say yes, say I do, or go your own way.

Mars in Leo and Mercury retrograde in Leo keep the solar eclipse triggered from Aug 30 to Sept 5. Seize your window of opportunity!

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

A new you is in the works and has been for some time now. The lunar eclipse could signal a breakout or break-free moment. At the very least, it will prompt you to consider ideas and options that are outside of your normal pick list. Whatever you to do switch it up, liberate or reinvent yourself is to the plus.  Be unpredictable, let your rebel self take the lead. The lunar eclipse can spark a good financial opportunity or idea.

Mercury retrograde, starting Aug 12, marks a good time to turn the world off for awhile and to check in with yourself again. Something you have been working toward may not pan out or you may see that it isn’t worth it for you to continue. Is there something lost in the translation, or widening the gap between you and it or another? Mercury retrograde can put the attention on what’s missing or what’s not delivering as promised. There’s an advantage to uncovering this kind of information as it will allow you to adjust expectations or undertake necessary steps to get yourself where you want to/need to be. On the other hand, the cycle can be a productive one for going back to it, for picking it up where you left off, or for finding the missing link. Additional training, more research, a change of specialist or agent or more negotiation could be a plus.

The solar eclipse on Aug 21 can be a major catalyst regarding the crossing of a significant threshold. Someone important to you can take an exit or make an entrance. This eclipse is an auspicious seeding time for a new financial status, income source or a new life course. A special something or a special someone can claim your heart and soul. Know the eclipse is especially triggered through Sept 5 and will continue to play out over the next six months in some dynamic way.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Beginning its annual backtrack, Uranus in Aries turns retrograde from August 2 to Jan 2, 2018. The intent of the transit is to help you to cut to the chase with greater precision. It also helps you to streamline your mind, interests, activities and involvements. If it doesn’t hold relevancy or something of true value and/or you can see it’s getting you nowhere, it isn’t likely to hold your interest. You are likely to find yourself tuning out more, but when something or someone grabs your attention, you’ll be all over it. Uranus retrograde may put your self or your soul into drive. If the latter, you may see it play out through circumstance rather than choice.

The lunar eclipse of Aug 7 will have significant impact if your birthday falls on or near Feb 3. The solar eclipse of Aug 21 will be of significant impact if your birthday falls on or near Feb 15 to 18. Of course, each one of us will feel the effects in our own unique ways.

Beyond a good time to take a vacation, the lunar eclipse can bring you or it back to life in a strike flint and/or obvious way.  Trust your instincts, and try something or someone new on for size. The lead is yours to take, the call is yours to make. No matter what prompts the action, Jupiter in trine to this lunar eclipse suggests it’s a natural fit, a natural stepping stone, or next move.

If isn’t workable or if it needs repair, Mercury retrograde, starting Aug 12 will make it too obvious to ignore. It is a time to readdress or to revise. It can be difficult to stick to a budget, but there’s little choice but to face what’s necessary.

The solar eclipse on Aug 21 lights up your social sector. It also puts the spotlight on a special someone. It can be breakthrough time or a time has come moment for a whole new lifestyle to begin, or to take that excellent idea or opportunity and run with it. This eclipse is a journey of the heart for sure. It can be a major catalyst for striking flint on a new lifestyle, a new personal life chapter, a new career or financial track or for a new love or passion to overtake you.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Beyond a good time to cut out for a vacation, Uranus retrograde and the Aug eclipses move you to a next or new level. An awareness or a lifestyle change is growing on you. You can feel ready to take a stab at something new, perhaps its outside of what you’d normally choose. Even if it is a radical departure, it can seem quite natural or logical.

The lunar eclipse can spring you free and/or revitalize you, perhaps unexpected so. A new job, project, prospect, health regime, or furry friend can keep you well occupied. 

Mercury retrograde, starting Aug 12, can prompt a significant re-evaluation or elimination process. What can you let go of, what’s a losing battle, what’s of value? There can be more information to gather or process, or time to put in before you get a better fix on the potential. Reconnections are typical of Mercury retrograde. The cycle can put you back in touch and/or give you an opportunity to take it further, to say what was left unsaid. A re-meet or a revisit holds a striking karmic undertone.

The solar eclipse on Aug 21 sets an auspicious backdrop for all upgrades, updates, improvement mandates, especially in the areas of work, health, heart, and wealth. It’s also great springboard for creative undertakings. Living it well is an artform. Aim for the best, give it your best.


Rose Marcus

Evolutionary Astrologer

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