Astrolink September 2017

September 6: Full Moon in Pisces 0:03 am (13:53 Pisces)

September 19: New Moon in Virgo 10:30 pm (27:27 Virgo)
September 5: Mars into Virgo: 2:35 am
September 5: Mercury Virgo stations direct: 4:30 am
September 9: Mercury into Virgo: 7:52 pm
September 11: Pallas Athene turns retrograde in Taurus: 10:49 am
September 19: Venus into Virgo: 6:15 pm
September 22: Autumn Equinox: Sun into Libra 1:02 pm
September 23: Ceres into Leo: 10:42 pm
September 28: Pluto stations direct: 12:33 pm
September 30: Mercury into Libra: 5:42 pm

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Know that the creative potency of the recent solar eclipse is very much alive through the first two weeks of the month and is ongoing for the next three to six months.

Despite Mercury retrograde opening the month, the first few days of Sept can see you hit a fast track. Mars and Mercury retrograde fire it up, perhaps unexpectedly on Sept 2, 3. It’s a great weekend for doing your own thing and for getting your pleasure fill. Still, if something hits you hard, try not to react in a whiplash way. Take a step back and let the energy spend itself. Sept 4 to 6, the full moon can expose or reveal something more that will need to be factored into the mix.

Mars treks into Virgo on Sept 5, the same day Mercury ends retrograde. As of Sept 9, Mercury advances into Virgo too. Along with Venus in good shape in Leo to the new moon on Sept 19, you should feel you are making good use of your time and resources. Sept 19 to 25, there’s more working it out to be done. Don’t hesitate to give up to get. Use this time to clear your clutter (metaphorically; actually) and to let time work the details out.

Completing a process, undertaking, or stage that hit full swing at the end of 2016, Jupiter opposes Uranus for the last of three such alignments across the Libra/Aries axis. Jupiter/Uranus have been on a justice/reward seeking, consciousness-raising, big-push track since their first tug and pull opposition at the end of 2016s. Off and on, the pairing has created plenty of stress. You are getting to know and to assert a new side of yourself. Perhaps it is prompted by a growing need to cut yourself loose from a relationship, circumstance, or expectation (yours or theirs), one that has kept your life off balance, that’s kept you off your game.  As of Sept 27, the duo will have completed he back and forth has been necessary and productive, this in terms of experience, observation, connecting the dots, evaluating, the gathering of information and feedback. In addition to moving along with Uranus, Jupiter is also finishing up in Libra. As of next month, Jupiter takes the elevator down a couple more floors, seeking to extract something with greater, more effective punch regarding the liberation/reinvention mandate. Resuming direct motion on Sept 28, Pluto seconds that motion.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

So much has come/is coming to light. No doubt it’s big living and big learning. The process has taken you through plenty of up and downs, but by now, you should feel you are gaining good ground.

Agented by all three personal planets (Venus, Mars, and Mercury) in Leo at month’s start, the creative force of the last month’s total solar eclipse is on an extended activation fuse. You are being gifted with a much greater opportunity to work it out for yourself, to extract/resource from the most possible and best possible from yourself and your current situation, and to reinvent in some major, life-altering way. Mercury retrograde and Mars can produce a flare up, a breakthrough, a cut-off, or strike it hot on Sept 2, 3. Over the days that follow, you could be surprise with what is, or is not, there. Watch for more to be revealed, for matters to unfold as they should. Between Sept 5 and 16, Mercury and Mars are on a productive development curve. Sept 16 to 20 Venus puts it/you/opportunity into drive. You should have more to show for yourself by then.

Setting the future on its course in some breakthrough way, the new moon on Sept 20, the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22, Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus, and the end of Pluto retrograde on Sept 28 round up the rest of the month. All set a productive backdrop for improvement regarding health, work and working it out.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Whether you resume something that was previously left unsaid or unfinished, or you start altogether fresh, look to the first few days of the month to kick-start something important. A special someone can be the one to light a match (or blow a fuse!). No matter what prompts you initially, all undertakings directed toward making improvement have the mark of success written on them. Last month’s solar eclipse has set up a three to six-month opportunity window of greater than average potency.

Mars into Virgo on Sept 5 and Mercury into Virgo on Sept 9 gives you more repair work, healing work,

cleaning up, clearing out, or sorting out to do. You should see yourself on a productive move along, especially through the middle of the month. Still, take it one step at a time and try not to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, especially in the day or two prior to the full moon of Sept 6. This advice also applies to Sept 18, 19, and/to 24 when Mercury and Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune. These dates can be full of promise but they can just as easily produce uncertainty or confusion. Passive/aggressive behaviour or overly high projected expectations are possible too. If you can’t see your way clear, stay open to the range of possibilities, give it a little more time and allow for matters to unfold.

Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus at the end of the month (Sept 27), can see you hit a fast track. There’s an opportunity to jump into it and/or make a break through with someone or something. Don’t hesitate to dive into something new full tilt; also, to ditch what isn’t working well enough (even if it is a friend, agent, counsellor, advisor, etc.). Taking on something or someone new can spell improvement (a new work prospect, study, or health regime) despite whatever subtract, add, or extra is involved.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Over the first few days of the month, a sudden flash, spur of the moment, or out of the blue could launch you on your way. It’s an exceptionally opportune time to make an independent move, to head in a new direction regarding career, finances, or personal life reinvention.

The Mars/Mercury retrograde action on Sept 2,3, is immediately followed by a building full moon in Pisces (Sept 4 to 6). You could immediately land yourself someplace good. If instead you find yourself cut loose but don’t have something solid to go on, try not to let yourself feel overwhelmed, or to buy into worry or fear of the unknown. Let things unfold naturally. Don’t second guess after the fact. Uncertainty will be replaced by time on the move. Each step you take will be informing and qualifying. Don’t look at the elimination process as a minus, see it as the keeping-it-real fast-track. The process aims to helps you to get to “the one good one”.

One way or another, Look to Mars (Sept 5) and Mercury in Virgo (Sept 9) to put you to work. While added effort can be necessary, both Mercury and Mars take you though a productive weeding out process and learning curve. Expect to keep busy with necessary fixes and improvements. This includes learning how to communicate better, with yourself as well others, especially when it comes to asking for what you need and what feel you deserve.

Jupiter opposition Uranus (Sept 27) and Pluto stationing direct (Sept 28) set you onto a fast-track at month’s end. Change is inevitable. Give it your best shot.

LEO July 22 – August 22
Mars leaves your sign on Sept 5 but it isn’t planning on leaving quietly. Hopefully you’ll feel that Mars has saved the best for last as it forms a trine to Uranus on Sept 2 before striking it hot with Mercury retrograde in Leo on Sept 3. Mind you, both Mercury retrograde and Uranus are fond of keeping it “interesting”. For sure, they’ll give us something to talk about.

Immediately following Mars/Mercury, comes a full moon in Pisces. Check your blind-spots; watch your health and your wallet. The full moon can expose what is weak, vulnerable, or missing. It directs added attention to what can and cannot be saved or repaired. More work, healing, or study may be necessary. Disillusionment, loss, over-exposure, or lack of immunity are with in the range of potentials too. More or extra can be required of you (you could be called upon to play rescuer or saviour), but try not to over tax yourself. Keep it real, simplify where possible. A perfect solution or case scenario may not be within the range of possibilities, but aim for the best you can with what you have to work with.

Mercury, finishing up in Leo in the days following the full moon suggests you can make most the moment. The middle of the month can see you make good strike with clean up and fix it projects – this includes getting your act together. Expect to keep busy with one thing after another as all three personal planets trek into Virgo this month: Mars (Sept 5) Mercury (Sept 9), and Venus (Sept 19).

The last two weeks of the month can be somewhat of a mixed bag. Continuing uncertainty or an inner struggle is in the mix, but progressively you should feel like you are on an upswing.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

An escape is a great way to play it for the first weekend of the month before the back to it routine hits full tilt. Mars striking flint with Mercury retrograde on Sept 2,3 can set up a hot weekend for lovers, for entertainment and recreation. Of course, noting that Mercury retrograde is still going strong, make sure to keep safety and safeguards to the forefront.

Coinciding with what is the first day back on the job for most of us, Mars enters Virgo and Mercury ends retrograde of Sept 5. Both planetary advances should make you feel ready to get down to the task at hand. Even so, the Sept 6 full moon in Pisces will have already been holding court for a couple of days. While a sense of the fresh and new holds great appeal, you can also feel overwhelmed, confused, or at a loss. Go gentle on yourself and don’t let those overly high expectations get the better of you. Have patience, go with the flow, stay open-ended and let things sort themselves out. They will, especially once you make it past the full moon hump.

Setting up for its retrograde cycle, Mercury toured Virgo for the entire month of August. Mercury tours Virgo again from Sept 9 to 29, but this time it is working on the fixes, corrections, repairs, and healing portion of the cycle. In other words, you should gain better usage out of it this time around. Mars in Virgo (Sept 5 through mid October) helps you to make better speed regarding the elimination and improvement process.  Venus in Virgo, starting Sept 19, helps you to get more value out of the work and the healing. First there’s more exposing, more break open or break apart to do. Sept 19 through the last week of the month will keep you going at it full tilt.

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LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Watch for added excitement and/or for something or someone out of the blue to make your long weekend special or standout. Mercury/Mars in Leo set you up for go-all-out or a blowout weekend. The transit can produce a sudden severing, an important pick-it-up where you left it off, or a meet-up with your future in some auspicious, strike flint way. If you have gone overboard or bought into an illusion, then the exposing full moon and the days preceding it can ignite regret and/or show you the error of your ways. Even so, take heart; the stars are on a quick recoup track. Sept 7 to 18 can be quite productive/fruitful.

Venus leaves Leo for Virgo on the Sept 19 Virgo new moon, joining Mercury and Mars who have already spent a couple of weeks touring the work-it-out archetype. Proceed with caution, Sept 19 and 24, 25. These dates hold greater than average potential for mistakes, misreading the situation, and for losing ground.  Even so, for the most part, you should feel you are on a positive move along.

Jupiter will end its one-year tour of Libra in the middle of October. All this time it has been raising consciousness on the out of balance parts of your life. On Oct 27, Jupiter opposes Uranus for the final of three meet-ups. All this time Jupiter has bombarding you with an informing experiential track. You are now at a breakthrough point. The end of Pluto retrograde helps you to cement the take-away as you move to the next build-it-better phase.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Mars and Mercury retrograde kick it up a great big notch at month’s start. Beyond a special event or anniversary to mark, Mars/Mercury can see you resume, restructure, or repeat in some dynamic and timely way. Along with Venus in Leo, there’s an added spotlight on career, parenting, your material status, personal reinvention and on getting under better control. You may find yourself consumed with a priority, project, ambition, or challenge. By the time Mars and Mercury reconvene in Virgo on Sept 16, you will have worked your way through a completion and to the start of the next phase, stage, or round.

Keep it wide open Sept 4 to 6 and allow the full moon in Pisces to run its course. Each step of the way will clue you in to more. 

The sun continuing in Virgo to Sept 22 keeps you busy enough. You’ll also have Mars, Mercury, and Venus keeping you especially on the go socially, personally, and workwise. Each step of the way is informing and revealing; one thing leads to another. The whole month will keep you working your way through an intensified set it up, refine it, solve it, better-it, and learn as you go process. When you find yourself in a quandary, don’t force it. Take a two-minute pause instead and watch for the moment to provide the clues and answers.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

The month of Sept can start on a high. Watch for Mars and Mercury retrograde push your refresh or rekindle-it button in some fabulous or strike-it-hot way Sept 2, 3. Make the most of it; aim to get your pleasure fill.

Mars leave your sign on Sept 5, the same day Mercury retrograde ends. You’ll continue to derive benefit from Mercury in Leo to Sept 9 and Venus in Leo to Sept 19. Both keep heart, your options, and your creativity on thrive.

Sept 4 to 6 can uncover more than you may have anticipated. You could feel exposed, vulnerable, at a loss, or overwhelmed. On the other hand, the full moon can bring a potential into better view and/or help you find a better solution. Don’t discount advice. Take it to heart instead. Prioritize your health; take care of business.

As the month progresses and the sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus work their way through Virgo, you will need to work at it more. Quality over quantity is key. Aim to make efficient use of your time and stay on top of that to-do list as best you can. There are ups and downs, times when you can’t get a handle on it, when things that should be clear cut or clear sailing are not. By the end of the month, Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus can see you on breakthrough and/or onto something fresh.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

Mercury retrograde backs up over Mars in Leo on Sept 2,3. It’s a wonderful influence for rekindling the passion between lovers, for cutting yourself loose, for brain storming, for making the most of it and/or gifting yourself. resuming a money-making venture or money talks. On the other hand, Mercury/Mars can be caustic and triggering. It can fire it up unexpectedly, spark a heated moment, a rash action, anger, aggression, an eruption, or cut-off. If a relationship or situation isn’t delivering the goods, it’s a good idea to take a break. If it’s time to call it quits, it is likely to feel well-suited/well timed to all involved.

Encompassing the end of Mercury retrograde and Mars into Virgo, the full moon in Pisces (of influence from Sept 4 to 6) sets up a moving-through-it time. Ease your way along, let it unfold, don’t lock in until you can see your way clear.

Joining the sun, Mars in Virgo (as of Sept 5) and Mercury in Virgo (as of Sept 9) set you up for a productive go, despite the occasional issues and flare-ups. By time Mercury and Mars meet again on Sept 16, they will be in Virgo, one of the best placements for tapping your smarts/natural talents; for picking it out, sorting it out, and making good use out of what there is to work with.

Completing a 9-month questioning, informing, and testing the ropes period, Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus on Sept 27 strikes flint on the next phase of your personal life or outer life reinvention. Let the new you, new chapter begin!

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Take the first weekend of the month to cut out for fun and reward. Extra time to yourself, a fresh diversion or infusion hits it right. If you don’t have a set plan, let spontaneity call the shot. Someone or something special could make a hit out of the weekend, but know also that Sept 2, 3, Mars and Mercury retrograde can spark a flare up, a heated moment or a deep cut. Be prepared for anything goes.

Mercury ends retrograde just a couple of hours after Mars enters Virgo on Sept 5. Sept 4 to 6, the full moon in Pisces is also on the move. Over these first few days of back-to-it, don’t try to steer it, to force it, or to get it nailed down. Allow circumstances to unfold and for time to move you along. Sept 7 to 9 through Sept 17 you’ll hit faster, more productive upswing.

Mercury and Mars reconvene on Sept 16 but this time they are conjunct in the sign of Virgo. They signal an opportune next page regarding problem solving, health and wealth renovations and upgrades. Their aim is to assist you to top it up, fill in the missing blanks, and to make better use of the learning/the experience. While you may have a lot of things you need to spend on, better budgeting can be in order. Debt reduction is always a better aim. To the plus, you could get a better price on a major purchase. This Mercury/Mars transit can also begin the process of healing a rift with a key someone. The sun in Libra (starting on Sep 22) can put you on the relationship, social or personal upswing. The last week of the month is likely to see you on a major push through or springboard. It’s breakthrough time! Jupiter/Uranus can see you strike it hot on a good opportunity and/or put pedal to metal on major personal and lifestyle reinvention.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Sept 2,3 could spark a repeat, a saving grace or unexpected plus. Even if it is a minus or an upset to begin with, see it as an opportunity to make the necessary improvement, repair, or adjustment. Sept 4 to 6, the Pisces moon can swamp you and/or spur you. Don’t jump the gun, act out of fear or a sense of lack, or rely on another to come through as promised. You are better off to let circumstances to unfold and inform you, and then to respond accordingly.

Following the sun, Mars enters Virgo on Sept, Mercury does so on Sept 9. Venus is a late comer to the party, entering Virgo on he new moon of Sept 19, only 3 days before the sun moves on. Expect to stay busy and on the go. There can be more to work out with someone key. The transits also keep you busy regarding your social life, client work, and involvement with the public.

Sept 15 to 17 is an opportune time for a fresh start or new try. Sept 18, 19 and 24, 25 are dates to proceed with caution as Neptune receives several tension aspects (especially from Mercury and Mars). While these dates can be full of potential, you can be impressionable, vulnerable, susceptible or easily sold. Look to Jupiter/Uranus on Sept 28 to help you cut to the chase with better precision and for Pluto direct to help you take better control.


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