YOUR SUN SIGN update for 2020

By Agent 59 – Tina Mews


Aries: A new beginning is possible especially  in your life direction and career path. Expect some challenges and opportunities in this area as you are searching for you true purpose. You might experience rewards or even a promotion, if the path you are on is the right one. However, if you heart is not aligned with whatever you are doing, you might reconsider and change positions or decrease your responsibilities. April, June and November bring fresh opportunities where you can set purposeful goals for the next few years.

July sees a shift in energy; self-development themes as well as  domestic matters  become more prominent. Juggling your needs with the needs of those close to you will be the foundation to your success during 2020. Mars, your ruling planet moves through your Sun sign from June 28 until January 7, 2o21 asking you to be loyal to your ideals while considering others. Set-backs are likely from August 20 through to October 15. Find time to rest,  pause and revitalise during this period.

Taurus: For April born Taureans, 2020 marks an important year of innovation. Connect with your core self and implement  the changes you have been dreaming about. For all Taurus born individuals or Taurus Ascendant natives, 2020 takes you on a serious vision quest. Explore the purpose of your life, expand your mind and create goals that serve the greater good. Expect challenges on the way which are only there to test the power of your persistence and conviction. On the downside, you might experience loss of meaning if you cannot find the answers  which you are looking for. If this  is the case, take time out or go on a prolonged journey.

Abundance comes through innovation and moving beyond your comfort zone. Be curious about new technological developments and try out a different course in creating the financial stability that you desire. Think out of the square and take on new challenges during the end of March and beginning of July. A new life direction might open around the December Solstice 2020.

Gemini: Digging deeper might bring to light some long forgotten dream. You can make it come true, if you persevere and commit to working hard. This might involve others who support your aspirations and who provide opportunities for creating more abundance. The learning is in letting go of control and trusting the process by tuning into the energetic flow of life.

Reflect on your standards, patterns, habits and attitudes while Venus, the cosmic symbol of love, relationships and values tours your Sun sign for a prolonged period during April 4 and August 8. From May 14 until June 26, when Venus is retrograde,  you can revise and reflect on what you need to feel good and happy and readjust accordingly. Release old relating patterns where you are not being valued. Venus in Gemini is creative mental energy. Tap into your creative potential and plant new seeds  from June onwards, when you  enter an 18-months period of endings and new beginnings.

Cancer: Significant relationships have the power to transform you during 2020. Being in harmony with others and sharing responsibilities supports your own process of redefining yourself and connects you with your own potential. It is a great year for making new connections that support your personal and professional growth. Remain flexible and you can avoid being drawn into negativity. Have your filters in place if you have to deal with difficult or egocentric people.

From July through to December career efforts will be rewarded if you believe in yourself. Commit to a worthwhile cause and you can make plenty of progress. Nevertheless, you need to move slowly as conflicts are possible especially during August 20 until October 15. Have your boundaries in place and harness the energy for positive change. There could be some set-backs and you might have to clarify, correct and adjust your goals to the changing circumstances during September 9 and November 15.

Leo: If you are born during 26th of July and August 6, you might find yourself looking for a new path that resonates with whom you have become and offers more freedom in your life direction. During 2020, all lions and lionesses need to take pride in their achievements  and be recognised for the usefulness of their service. You have the capacity to transform any work environment, but also your own daily life and your health with a sharpened eye for improvements.

From March 22 to July 2, a new cycle of creating mature and stable relationships begins. It continues in December (until March 2023). This could mean the start of restructuring a significant relationship or forming a new perspective on how to relate. It is important to clarify your priorities as underlying tensions have to be addressed. During July through to December you feel the need for adventure and making grand plans for the future. Looking back to where you have been will help with this process.

Virgo: Your creativity and zest for adventures is driving you towards new horizons. 2020 could be a great year for starting a new project or business. However, make sure that the planning and preparations are sound. You can shape your vision during April, June and November, however, have one foot on the ground while aiming for purposeful goals. Thus you can avoid over-extensions or unnecessary set-backs.

Revise and adjust your values during May until the end of June. Relationship matters might be confusing during this period and need clarification. You might feel some exhaustion or dissatisfaction  from September until mid-November, because plans are not progressing as expected. Pause for a while, stay focused and take it as a positive sign; you might need to embrace other people’s concerns and adjust your course of action accordingly. Innovation in your work and daily routine will open new doors by the end of the year.

Libra: The current process of transformation reconnects you with your past and impacts on your deeper desires for safety and emotional comfort. Focus on improvements to your home life, family, and inner foundation. You might start a new cycle in your family relationships and heal long-standing conflicts, especially also concerning your family of origin. Review your career goals as your domestic life demands most of your energy during the 1st half of 2020.

During July through to December your emphasis shifts towards your personal and business relationships. Your courage might be tested as you are asked to stand your ground during August 20 until October 15. You are less likely to compromise during this period. Channel the volatile energy for working on positive outcomes using your skills of negotiation. You can expand your perspective on how to build successful relationships and reflect on  your core values during mid-May until the end of June.

Scorpio: Exploring the important questions of the current times through the channels of communication can be very empowering. Increase your knowledge and skills set through in-depth research, thus making sure that you have all the information you need to formulate your point of view correctly. Know the facts and keep an open mind.  Remember that knowledge is power!

From March 22 to July 2, a new cycle begins where creating a strong inner foundation becomes a priority. This cycle continues in December and lasts until March 2023. Issues may arise which have to do with your basic security, survival, your need for belonging and putting down roots. It encourages you to take your position in the community more seriously and build a more stable home environment. At the same time,  a fresh approach in your relationships with others creates more freedom and space for each of you. Pause and re-order your daily routine and work commitments during September until mid-November as your body, mind and soul might need more rest.

Sagittarius: The current process of transformation involves clarifying values and setting new priorities.  What is important to you now? How can you best make use of your talents and abilities? 2020 is a year where old debts can be settled and karma ended which enables you to move onto a new level of creating abundance. During April, June and November you may want to curb an inclination to overspend. Use your wise judgment as ‘bigger is not necessarily better!”

A boost to your creativity gives you lots of energy for starting on a new project during the 2nd half of the year. Go with this positive flow, but use the period between September and mid-November for reflecting on your activities  as you might want to adjust a few things or change direction.  There is plenty of emphasis on your relationships during April through to August, including a process of reordering and rethinking of what you or your partner are wishing for from mid-May until the end of June.

Capricorn:  2020 brings plenty of opportunity for personal growth. Break-throughs are possible especially during April, June and November leading to new developments or even onto a totally new path of self-identification – as if another more unknown layer of your being becomes your new guiding light. Innovation and thinking out of the box are the key. Reorder structures and self-imposed boundaries. Some rules need changing as they do not apply to your life anymore.

Getting the foundations right will be the most important achievement from July until December. Be in touch with what is truly important to you and let your outer efforts reflect your inner strengths. Expect challenges to your plans and activities during August 20 until October 15. Instead of getting frustrated or starting a dispute, pause, reflect and take time to rest. Think it through and consider the consequences before you take action. It might be more appropriate to strike a balance between your own needs and those of another. It is a time to compromise and negotiate.

Aquarius: A new 3-year cycle of inner growth and restructuring begins in March, where extra time is needed for introspection and self-reflection. It is a process of reordering responsibilities and setting priorities to free up time and space for your inner work. At times this might be at cross purpose with the demands of your domestic life which continues to undergo plenty of changes challenging you to  break away from old security patterns. The task is to discern between obligations, rules,  and boundaries that are still valid and those that need to be dropped as they do not apply to your life anymore.

April, June and November are important times for spiritual renewal. Get in contact with your subconscious mind, your dreams and visions and formulate meaningful goals for the future. May until June represents a helpful period for refocusing your creative impulse, adjusting  your values  and redefining what truly satisfies you. December 22 marks a very potent starting point for innovative projects and activities.

Pisces:  Your hobbies and self-realisation are top priority during 2020. Consider whether you  can  transform your hobby into a career path. Working together with others might be another way of finding your bliss. When sharing responsibilities and duties you create more time and space for what makes you fulfilled and happy.

Money issues are at the center of your attention from July through to December. Reflect on how you earn, spend and value money. Reset your financial goals during September until mid-November. Delays and set-backs are possible during this period resulting in a shift of your priorities toward what is important to you. The demands of your larger goals in life may have been overshadowing your soul needs. From May to June is a favorable period for redefining your core values. Follow your heart and you will find that  things will fall in place with ease. When you give, you get, so generosity now means instant good karma.

Agent 59 – Tina Mews  FAA Astro Dip, BcScoSci Counselling
Tina has worked as a professional counsellor in public organizations and in private practice for more than 20 years. She teaches astrology classes and runs regular workshops combining soul development work with astrology. For many years now, Tina has been writing a monthly astrological column for local newspapers, trying to familiarise the layperson with astrological insights and symbolic meaning She loves working with the Australian Bush Flower Essences as a helpful tool in keeping minds, hearts and actions aligned with the purposes of the soul.


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