Stillness in the Valley On the Summer Solstice & Venus/Mars

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

“Duality defines the temporal, noetic realm, but the aspiration of the Grail-seeker is to abide in the non-dual ground of beingness-Rumi’s “field beyond right and wrongdoing.”

Dr. Martin Shaw

-from The Snowy Tower

venus opposite mars

As the Sun stands still in contemplation of his descent towards the next Solstice in December, Venus and Mars are entangled, yet existing on opposing mountain tops.  Somewhere between the two, we see our hero piercing the valley with a whistle in his step.  It is Parzival, the only seeker who actually found the Grail.  How did he do it? What brilliant plan was constructed in his mind to make him succeed where all others failed? The answers to such questions are eternal truths, yet expertly hidden in plain sight  They live inside all of us but we keep missing them in our reaching desires. If I were to take a guess from what I’ve gathered from the breeze, they are made of some sort of amalgam consisting of equal parts courage, cunning, and compassion.  There is also a touch of patience in there.  Once heated just right and stirred by the fires of our longing, we are on the right trajectory to understanding the true purpose of a hero like Parzival in our lives: a name which literally translates to “One who pierces the valley.”

There has been lots of buzz about this Summer Solstice.  Mainly circling around the rarity of this Venus/Mars opposition.  So now that we are here–technically, it has already happened–let’s talk about it, and attempt to describe the qualities.  To understand an opposition, start with conjuring up a Full Moon in your mind.  That is when the Moon opposes the Sun.  We all have experienced enough Full Moons in our lives to have an idea of what kinds of loony effects it offers.  Most importantly though, it’s the fullness of the Moon which strikes us most.  Now, neither Venus nor Mars emit enough light of their own to alter each others radiance, but when they are opposed they do something fascinating in the sky.  In this particular case, when Venus sets in the West, Mars will rise in the East, taking over the Evenings sky.  Mars is also about to go retrograde, an event which happens every two years (same as the Venus/Mars opposition) and brings him closet to Earth, thus increasing his rusty glow and amplifying his power by 1000% (I wrote about this HERE; And there will be a class on Sunday HERE).  From my estimation, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve been experiencing, Mars has the upper hand in this scenario, creating symptoms such as: short fuses, accidents, erratic levels of energy, furies and frustrations, and aversive recoiling from wherever he is pointing his spear in your chart (9 Aquarius); He is desperately searching for his strength .  But Venus, of course, has her voice too.  From the other side of the valley, she writes this letter to Mars by candlelight:

Dear M,

I write to you from the early morning dew with red ink.  The Sun is mimicking the color of my words–and my heart.  I miss you!  You seem so far away these last few months.  I trust you are chasing dragons and your honor still, like you always will.  I just wanted to let you know I’m always here. You know where to find me. Your scent remains on my pillow…and hey you, don’t forget the early morning dew.



It was Oct 5th of 2017 when the two were last together (conjunction; learn more HERE).  When they are together, Parzival and Condwiramurs (or is it Artemis?) forget about the time as they yab and yum and make wild plans under dizzy constellations.  They whisper sweaty promises into each-other, knowing deeply what must be done: Mars must go. He’s got a journey.  There are allies to meet, enemies to defeat, and dragons to greet (this opposition is also on the Nodes of the Moon/RahuKetu/”our dragon’).  He does it all for her. He secures what she needs, then defends and protects it for her.  In our own lives, it is the eternal quest for the Grail, which transforms itself every cycle between them.  Sometimes it’s a lover. Other times its money….the job, the place, the body, the recognition, the ________.  And it is here, at the opposition where the true battle takes place.  Is it still worth it? We really need to know.  Are we able to fall deeply in love with our longing? Because if we don’t, we will make hasty decisions, ones which lead into the swamps of her mountain. Ultimately, are we able to pierce the valley of Duality, finding out how tao is now, not anywhere else? Can we see beyond duality and catch a glimpse of Aion’s shores within?

There is no prediction here, as to what is going to happen.  It already happened, yet we are still in it.  I know, it is all the rage to write about transits before they happen, so I thought I’d try something different, something I actually employ in my own life which is distilling meaning from planetary motions while they are happening, with a reflective eye and a well-tuned ear.  I find more signs of the Grail this way.  Then again, what really is the past or the future except for two more mountains with a valley between.

.: The Take Away :.

As millions gather around the fire for this Solstice

And thousands more pilgrimage to sacred sites like Avebury to witness the solar spectacle

There is still a space to be found between Venus and Mars

He and She

Us and Them

Sidereal and Tropical

This space where the Grail is found

Parzival shows us the way between two mountains

But those are his mountains

not ours

We have built our own towering opposition between Venus and Mars

Know this and the space between

Find your center


Happy Solstice my dears.  If I confused you with those mythic meanderings, read it again after taking a long and silent walk between two mountains.  If you don’t have mountains, buildings will have to do.


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