“A Shamanic Journey  – The Circle of Becoming” with Patricia Walsh


Travelling to the heart of this ancient land, which holds the oldest living culture on the planet, is a journey to the heart of ourselves. Walking on the red earth, feeling the pulse of life emanating from deep within, witnessing the majesty of the ranges of Mbarntwe, beneath cloudless blue skies, hearing the dingoes howl, these are the natural wonders that await us. The night skies here are truly awe-inspiring. Here The Milky Way, Arakwe in the Arrernte language, is as bright and magical as you will ever see it.

Thanks to our agents on the ground, Agents Pi,  Omega and 96, we will be privileged to sit with traditional owners who will generously share their wisdom with us, tell us stories and  take us on a journey to sacred sites.

Due to popular demand we have extended our Star Camp from 4 days to 5! We have picked this time of year  as the Night skles are awesome, the weather great, the Moon is waning, leaving the skies nice and dark for maximum night sky gazing. As the Sun sets each night Jupiter will be high in the sky, Mars will be rising and will be at it’s best viewing being opposite the Sun with Saturn rising later on. Venus will be our morning wake up call rising a few hours before the Sun.  Local astronomer, Starman Andrew, will visit with his telescope and to share his amazing knowledge of night skies, and experienced agents will be on hand throughout the Star Camp to also help guide you through the night sky.

Patricia Walsh, Agent999 all the way from Florida, will guide us on a shamanic journey to explore and experience the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. This will be unlike other zodiac learning you may have undertaken, suitable for all levels of astrology (or none). In this workshop, over several days, we will be entering the sacred and  imaginal worlds within.

“Shamanic Journey through the Astrological Archetypes – The Circle of Becoming”

Imagine that we are a cosmic tribe, lending each other our hearts and minds, coming together to explore the space within…………………
No matter what your level of Astrological knowledge, this experience is designed to put you in direct contact with how the archetypes (Aries-Pisces) are active in you and the world around you. Using Ritual, Shamanic Journey techniques, Active Imagination, Guided Imagery and our humble surrender to the archetypes themselves, we will open ourselves to become infused with a ‘knowing’ that is greater than can be conjured with the linear, conscious mind alone. We will ‘ride the starlight’ together and through our united group consciousness, empower each others journey and expand our learning by sharing our insights and experiences.

The circle of the zodiac will be explored as a progressive expansion of divine and human consciousness, each sign laying a foundation and acting as a bridge to the next sign….leading us to a deeper awareness of all the levels of our being. We are most fortunate to take this archetypal journey together in the heart of the outback. The energy of the place and the spirit of the land welcomes us to lift the veil and peer deeply into the world of meaning and experience the energy of the Arche ( first/original) Typos (patterns/models/types) that shape who we are!!! – Patricia Walsh

At night we will sit around the campfire telling our own stories, singing and dancing and truly sinking into the experience of outback camping.

You will be sleeping in a swag under the stars, a real outback experience.

The food will be plentiful and delicious and we can cater for your individual needs.

Our last morning we will play in the dry river bed of Honeymoon Gap with local community artist, Agent 888, creating a grand sand mandala and dancing together for a final time.

Each Star Camp has its own alchemy created by the coming together of unique, open-hearted people. Each Star Camp is a journey of discovery in a magical place.

The Opening Chart !

With Jupiter on the Midheaven exalted in Cancer and in the 9th House, trine Mercury on Pisces, our advetures will be big! With 16 Libra rising, the degree of the C*I*A’s natal Jupiter, we couldn’t go past this timing. Mars in the 1st house retrograde, applies to our Outback adventure with a difference , an inner cosmic journey that will no doubt change our perceptions and perspectives.

The sabian symbol for the Sun in the 7th degree of Aries is “is a man expressing himself in two realms at once”- perfect! With a Moon Venus conjunction in the 5th house the experience will reward everyone profoundly.



THURSDAY 27TH : We will collect you from the airport and take you to the Todd Mall in the centre of Alice Springs . You can get a sense of the place and have some lunch. Later we will collect you and take you to our camping spot 17km out of town.

On arrival at the camp we will sort out the sleeping arrangements, introduce you to the site and each other.

From 5:00pm – We will meet for an opening ceremony, welcome and an introduction to the Shamanic journeying we will be doing together.

Followed by a BBQ dinner around the campfire…bring your musical instruments!


7:15 – Yoga meditation with Agent 333- Cristina Murata(optional) start the day with gentle stretching yoga
8:00am  – breakfast

9:00am – This day we begin our 2 day process with Patricia Walsh, Agent999, journeying through the archetypes of the zodiac. Lunch and coffee and tea breaks throughout, in our beautiful octagonal workspace.

Dinner 7:00pm – Dinner – we have invited a wonderful Chef form Melbourne, Peta,  to be our cook for the weekend and enjoy Star Camp with us.

Afterdinner,  Julija, Agent12, will introduce us to the night sky above us astronomically and astrologically. You haven’t seen stars like this ! The night skies in Central Australia are truly awe-inspiring.

7:15 – Yoga meditation with Agent 333-  Cristina Murata(optional) start the day with gentle stretching yoga
8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am  – The second day of our journeying process with Patricia.  All day, lunch and coffee and tea breaks throughout!

Dinner 7:00pm – Dinner – we have invited a wonderful Chef from Melbourne, Peta,  to be our cook for the weekend and enjoy Star Camp with us.

This evening we have a special guest , Amanda Mulga . Amanda will talk to us about her journey into cultural astronomy and share some night sky stories.


7:15 am- Yoga meditation with Agent 333-  Cristina Murata (optional) start the day with gentle stretching yoga
8:00 am – Breakfast

9:00am  –  A Sacred Sites Tour – a  very special day with traditional owners Doris Stuart, Agent 96,  the keeper of sacred sites in Mbarntwe( Alice Springs). Doris is a most generous and big-hearted woman. She will be taking us on a tour of local sites , sharing her stories and opening her heart to welcome us to her country.

This is a unique experience just for Star Campers and one you will remember forever. After the tour we will visit Simpson’s Gap for a picnic lunch.

Later in the day MK Turner and Her daughter Amelia will join us. MK is a renowned author and cross cultural worker and is deeply respected in our community. Her daughter , Amelia is a nungkari ( traditional healer and painter) . These 2 remarkable  Arrernte women will sit with us and teach us to dot paint.

Dinner 7:00pm – Dinner –

Campfire stories – we will share our stories with our traditional owners about the paintings we created earlier .


7:15 am- Yoga meditation with Agent 333-  Cristina Murata (optional) start the day with gentle stretching yoga

8:00 am – Breakfast

9:00am  – Today we have a few options. This is either a day for you to rest, explore Honeymoon Gap, walk the ridge , ride the bikes, or play in the dry riverbed .
We will also have a vehicle travelling to Ellery Creek Big Hole and Ormiston Gorge …2 beautiful swimming sites along the West MacDonnell Ranges. ABout 120 km’s away for those wanting to explore the ranges.

There will also be a car going into Alice Springs if you want to explore art galleries or do some shopping and explore the town.

Dinner 7:00pm – We all meet back for dinner and our last night .

This is our last night together …we will spend it around the campfire …with a few surprises.


Pack up!

Time to share a final breakfast, pack up the campsite and walk down to the dry river bed to create a huge sand mandala and dance with local community artist, Alison Hitman, Agent888.

Following this you will be driven to the airport or a central location if you are not quite ready to leave this beautiful country.


The price for Star Camp does not include your airfare. Tiger is the cheapest way to fly into Alice Springs. If you arrive on the 27th and depart on the 1st we will collect you from and deliver you to the airport.

If you choose to arrive or leave on other days there is a shuttle bus from airport to accommodation places in town, or a taxi(about $40). We will collect you from a central location to take you to the camp site and return you to this spot afterwards.

Our camp is 17km from town centre. We will provide your swag and sleeping bag. If you do not want to sleep in the open ( highly recommended to sleep under the stars) you can bring your own tent.

On site we have camping area, large and lovely workshop room with cooling, and shady verandahs, kitchen and 2 bathrooms, campfire area.

We will do our best to cater to your sleeping and eating needs. This is luxury outback style, not city style.

Price Includes – Pick Up from Airport or Town centre and drop off, all activities, workshops and food, camping fees, swags, tour and materials.
All Inclusive – 5 days – Thursday Opening 27th  Dinner to Tuesday morning breakfast 1st April  –
Costs = $1200
C*I*A Agents receive  10% discount =  $1080
Repeat Star Campers  = $1000

Deposits Due $ 300 – by  end January 2013 – (and will be accepted from now on)
Please register for Booking Form
Balance Due –  March 1st 2013
Refunds of %50 given up to 2 weeks prior, no refunds after 2 weeks.

FULL DAILY AGENDA – Coming Soon – Includes – STC
Workshops – Circle of Becoming- with Patricia Walsh
Special Cultural activities
Explore – Mac Donnell Ranges
Night Skies and Telescope
Fire Ceremony –
Yoga/Dream Group
Mandala making
Astro Drama
A special C*I*A Mission

There are no bugs, spiders or snakes to be worried about.
We suggest that you consider bringing :

your favourite pillow, towel, toiletries
sleeping bag sheet. and sleeping bag if you want to use your own(sleeping bags provided with swags)
hat, sunnies and sunscreen
musical instrument
journal if you are so inclined
layered clothing
walking shoes and sandals
water bottle
swimmers and towel

Please note with respect to other people and the culture of the Outback – we encourage moderation with any alcohol being bought to camp.

It should be warm and dry at that time of year…

Please contact Marg or Julija
agent77 at   or agent 12 for any further information or to place your reservation.
Bookings are already over half full so don’t delay! With many returning Star Campers- get your deposit paid early!

For More info on Patricia and her wonderful work- please visit her website here.

And check out our C*I*A Star Camp tribute, photos and song  here!  STAR CAMP TRIBUTE!Please read about previous Star Camp Here : STAR CAMP 2013

Hope to see you in the Outback

Marg, Julija and Patricia.