Speaking Love – The Gemini New Moon conjoined Venus

Agent Ei, Andrew Smith

5th June 2016 at 02:58 GMT

ImagineNever feeling more alone in his young life, his heart heavy, his mind turbulent, his body reeling and shaking from the violent unkindness that freely cascaded from Angry Spirit’s lips, Little Spirit was faced with a choice. How should he react? What should he say? Will he mirror the verbal aggression by offering a volley of similar vulgar truths? Or should he just walk away without uttering a word? But is it not a sign of weakness to walk away, without defending himself or standing up for himself?

Within this raging tempest, Little Spirit hears a whispering voice, “Do you believe in love”?

“Of course”, he found himself automatically replying

“Then there is only one choice. There is only one path. You know what you should do if you truly believe in love”

Above him, a single beam of light breaks through the darkening palisade exposing a morsel of colour within the monochromatic greyscale sky. His heart lifting and gentleness returning to his eyes, with an open and honest heart he said, “Thank you for your unexpected gift, my friend. I can see some truths in what you have shared with me and will, with your permission, take your leave so I can reflect more deeply on what you have offered me. However, I would love to meet you later, perhaps for you lunch, so we can discuss more freely your insights and I better understand how you came to the conclusions that you have shared. I really appreciate the time you have taken in thinking about me and the energy you have invested in delivering your passionate opinion.”

Stunned, his darkened eyes widening, allowing fragments of light penetrate his soul, his mouth vacantly opened as if in preparation for a retort that simply wouldn’t come, Angry Spirit looked shell shocked.

“I am sorry if I have upset you, Angry Spirit. It was not my intention. I truly appreciate your honesty. Do let me know if you would like to go for lunch when you feel ready.”

Still inwardly shaking, Little Spirit turned to walk away.

“Wait”, Angry Spirit said. “Why are being so kind?”

“Because you have offered me a beautiful gift! You have reminded me what I believe in and have given me the chance to strengthen my commitment to that belief.”

“I don’t understand”

“I believe everything comes from love. You and I are a mirror of that love. Yet it is so easy to forget that truth, especially in times of upset. Your words, while harsh, have helped me to remember that you and I are come from love and are emanations of that love. You have held up a mirror for me and I have looked into that mirror. I do not see the person you see, but I am humbled by the opportunity you have given me to see me though your eyes. Will you meet me later to talk further?”

“I don’t know if I can”

“My invitation will stand open to you whenever you feel the time is right. Thank you again for your gift.”

With genuine warmth in his eyes, Little Spirit smiled at Angry Spirit, turned and walked away.




“When you make the two One and you make the Inner even as the outer and the outer even as the inner and the above even as the below … then you shall enter the kingdom.”

– Gospel of Thomas Verse 22


Sound waveIn the beginning there was sound. That sound is carried upon a Great Wind, ever blowing and every constant. That sound, along whose unseen path presence builds its quiet procession, is the source everything that is created. It is what carried your Soul into being as your emanations arose from its tonal vibration, forging those pathways that make up your unique patterning and your soul’s essence. That sound gives rise to your breath, and the sound that emanates from within you, while has echoes in eternity, carries on it your voice and its tone, the intention of those words that you choose to project onto your sound being the vocal expression of your soul. What you breathe contains within it the memory of all that you are and all that you have been. Your voice, in turn, is an expression of how you breathe; it is an expression of what you believe; what you say is an expression of your Soul’s essence; how you say it is an expression of where you are in yourself and the nature of your Soul. What you say and how you say it will have an impact on your world in the same way that what you listen to and how you listen will have an impact on your soul.

The first thing that you do when you come into being is to draw forth air. The last act that you will experience as you leave for spirit is to let your breath go. And all through your life, you will inhale and exhale; hear and listen; a perpetual rhythm that varies according to psychological state. If you favour one state over the other, atrophy takes place. The trick is to balance both – to stand at the gateway between those two states.

Reflect for a moment on the two seas that are contained within the boundaries of Israel – The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. The latter is teaming with life, while the former contains no life at all, yet they are both fed by the same river. How can that be? The Sea of Galilee receives water at one end and gives water at the other. The Dead Sea only receives water, as it has no river from which it drains. So it is with life and your breath. If you only receive or only give, you will not truly live.

Within the astrological tradition the act of giving is called Cardinal and the act of receiving is called Fixed. However, the two way interaction between your life and the lives of those around you is contained within the Mutable signs. It is through those moveable signs that you are reminded that to live, to feel, to be and to breathe is a two way process – receive and give; give and receive.

Every year there are no fewer than four times when your relationship to one of those pathways is renewed. During the lunation of the 5th June 2016, the pathway of breath, Gemini, is offered to you to reappraise the quality of the ideas that have settled within you and how they are truly reflected in the world around you. After all according to the spiritual traditions, the manner in which the world surrounding you reflects your inner state of mind.

The existence of Gemini teaches us that all communiques have a spiritual component to them since we exist in two worlds (maybe more) simultaneously. The ability to bridge these worlds – the rational and non-rational; the left and right brain; Yin and Yang; Spirit and Mind – can happen because of the Geminian pathway. What its existence teaches us is that you are twinned with spirit. It is not separate from you.

PrinceYet to co-exist within those differing states of being is no mean feat and is the path of enlightenment for those whose note channels through their being without thought or consideration. It is as if they are living at One within their duality, being both spiritual and present at the same time. The late Prince Rogers Nelson, born with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, whose mastery of any musical instrument allowed him to bring forth from spirit life; whose polysemic lyrics throughout his 38 year career hint of the Oneness of gOd, influenced by his direct connection to his spiritual Self, his angel, when he was five during an epileptic fit; whose perfect blending of the masculine and feminine duality, another name for the in and out breath, allowed him to transcend beyond the notion of gender; whose awareness of the power of language meant that he consciously chose to affirm those in his life as he understood that the intent imbued within the words that you use carries as much importance as the actual words themselves; and whose awareness of the duality of life gave rise to his understanding that at the centre of it all, you can only come from him and he can only come from you, thereby giving those around him the space to express the creativity of their soul, without limits and without judgement.


Prince used a blending of the Mars and Venus symbol instead of his name during the 1990s.


Maintaining the consistency of your own breath can be a challenge because you are not living within an isolated bell jar separate from those within your environment. Furthermore, this “air” you inhale deeply into your being is not simply there to aid you to receive the necessary oxygen to keep you alive! It allows sound and light to circulate. Information is carried on those light and sound waves. The quality of the sound and light that you give permission to penetrate your Being is important as you become what you think about in the same way that you are what you eat. The nature and quality of your thoughts has an impact on the world that you perceive and subsequently on your interaction with your world. The natural exchange of information from you to someone else not only leads to a cross-pollination of perspectives but it empowers you to acquire knowledge thereby enhancing (or otherwise) your understanding of your life, supporting you to make more informed decisions. Coming away from such an exchange having received a higher revelation is the ultimate raison d’être of our seeking communion with another Soul, as matter that Little Spirit remembered in the midst of a personal crisis.

During Sunday’s Geminian lunation you could reflect on what do you breathe in? How deeply do you let it penetrate your being? What do you exhale? Is it love or fear? Does it come straight from your Spirit or has it been filtered and diluted by your egoic Mind? Do you delude yourself that you are speaking truth but in fact you are intending to hurt, even if it is for their better good?


Image of Venus as Evening Star from littlefernwoodgallery.ca

Evening StarThe Geminian lunation of 2016 is more powerful than usual since it is taking place the day before Venus, the planet whose presence speaks of your Heart-centred consciousness, reaches the apex of her invisible journey around the back of the Sun. Marking the end of the time that Venus has spent heralding in the dawn as the morning star, she moves towards the middle and latter stages of her life cycle as she starts her ascent into the evening twilight skies.

As Venus entered the ‘beams’ of the Sun, moving as far away from the seduction of the Earth, you have been able to become more objective in looking at the values that you hold dear as you have felt a pull away from the drama and chaos of the world. In recent weeks a weariness will have washed over you, like an existential exhaustion, as you have observed a plethora of events and experiences whose purpose has been to teach you to let go of certain friendships, romantic relationships and sexual dynamics that no longer serve your egoic development. Washing yourself of the toxicity of unworthiness, you may have also noticed a nudge to review your relationship to your art, your personal time, your sense of personal value (including money matters) and the balance between space and intimacy within your relationships.

Venus’ immersion into Light and her subsequent transmutation concerns a movement from a reactive and immature heart sensitivity towards a more socially conscious and mature process of loving. The words of the Lakota Prayer nicely sum up the heart felt plea that echoes through your soul as you cast off the childlike barriers that have served you since the 15th August 2015, as anticipation builds ahead of your heart’s second coming on the 6th June:


“Teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.” ~ Lakota Prayer


Immediately prior to this transmutation of your heart, the Geminian lunation falls in direct alignment with Venus offering you the opportunity to breath in a ‘new’ word based in love and to infuse into your world that very same ‘word’ – LOVE.

In the three days leading up to the New Moon, as the Moon disappears from view, as she too enters into the Vault of Light, a sacred space opens up to enable you to dive deeply into your unconscious processes to cleanse and purify your emotional body from any blockages that have prevented you from showing up and speaking forth your heart-centred values.

As part of the preparation for the renewal of your heart, please reflect for a moment on the quality of your Word and the Heart within your word. If you are more analytical I would invite you to reflect on the following questions:

  • Do you come from a place of love and therefore will react, regardless of the circumstances from love, as Little Spirit did?
  • Do you resort to name calling and vulgarity, even if your ideals point to love?
  • Do you have respect for yourself, regardless of the process that others in your life are going through and seek strength and solace from this place of peace, as opposed to entering into someone else’s drama?

If you prefer a more experiential approach to change, you may prefer to cast your eye over the words contained within the Venusian Bubble map, reflecting on the emotions and images that are triggered by those words, focusing specifically on how those words have been for you over the past eight years of your life (since Venus was last in Superior Conjunction to the Sun in Gemini).

 Venus Bubble

Venus concepts


If you find that a particular word, or concept, feels currently uncomfortable, pause and take a note of that word. I would like you to meditate and hold a space around the themes in your life that arise associated with that word. Hold a space within yourself as you reflect on how that ideal has manifested in your life and specifically when you interact intimately with those in your life?  Do you really value that side of yourself? Do you take the time to nourish that part of you?

The ability to set a constructive intention concerning your Self-love, Self-valuation and Self-appreciation is what the potential of the alignment of Venus with the Sun concerns on the 6th June. As you hold a space for the dimension of the Venusian archetype within you that feels lacking in joy, balance or integration, visualise that word, or an image that that word invokes for you; place it inside an imagined pentagram, mirroring the quinary symbol that Venus actual will make through space/time on the 6th June; and let the synergy of this coupling replenish the light around this un-integrated part of yourself.

Venus Superior Conjunctions 2008 - 2016 Esteem

As you get the opportunity to renew the music of your soul, this is a time to see past the illusion of separation between you and the world you live within and to honour the soul of those in your life, not their form or substance. This is a time to mobilise your voice and to allow gOd consciousness to flow forth from you and into you from your world. This is a time for gentle thoughts; for kindness and for sharing the beauty of your inner world with those in your world.

I have prepared an article on locating this lunation your own chart if you want to check what specific themes are rebirthing during this gentle time, if you click on the following link to access it – Gemini New Moon 2016.

I wish you all the very best in more consciously speaking forth your truth during this Geminian lunation. Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this article.


In gratitude to the musical Oneness that is Prince, thank you for your music and the inspiration that I have received from all that you have done and will, after your passing, do.

Prince 2I am the one song
And that one song is free
All things come from this one song
The garden and the tree
If everything, everything is present
What is will always be
This here is the first and the last song
And all that come between

Prince Rogers Nelson, One Song






All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. Written at 16:34 BST, 29st May 2016.