Sourcing the Past-Dreaming the Future – Nov 24-27th Healesville Victoria.



Join Us for our Next Retreat at the Maitripa Centre, Healesville, Victoria

Neptune on the South Node in Pisces @ 9°
24th, 25th, 26th November 2016

Last time we “crossed the rainbow bridge” with Kaypacha, this time we take the opportunity to journey with Neptune. Through self exploration with Neptune on the nodal axis, we journey to source images, dreams, explore the nodal axis,  and the astrology of Neptune on the South Node. We journey to reclaim forgotten resources and move through processes of letting go, as we gather our symbols of inspiration. From there we  propel ourselves into the future, through images, art and exploration and of course astrology and  planetary magic.

We have chosen our favourite place Maitripa Centre to take this  journey the humble yet comfy and cosy Buddhist retreat in the Healesville hills. 90 minutes from Tullamarine airport and Melbourne city.

Our program is below, and is subject to a few changes as we plan more:
Agents who will be facilitating the event so far include, Julija Simas, Marg Murphy, Olga Morales, Maggie Kerr,  Jessica Adams, Sara Gilbert, Deb Wallish James and more.

Join us fir the next C*I*A adventure to immerse yourself into astrology and the inspiration that comes from attending this 3 day retreat, with our wonderful Agents, great company, wonderful food and soothing surrounds of the Maitripa Centre.

Below is our Program so far, subject to a few changes and readjustments.

Join C*I*A Agents Julija Simas,Maggie Kerr, Marg Murphy, Sara Gilbert, Deb Wallish James, Olga Morales, Michele Finey, Stephanie Johnson and more as we bring you an exciting, experiential and fulfilling astrological experience.
for Bio’s of Agents please click on names, all with many years of experience as Astrologers, therapists and counsellors.

Come join the Magic and board the Cosmic Ship as it leaves to takes us on a deep journey of self discovery.

24th November

Make your way to Maitripa Centre
Arrangements to pick up from Airport-Tullamarine or Melbourne City location can be made

Between 1pm-3:30pm

Arrive from 4pm Thursday 24th :
– get room keys and settle in
– single rooms available to first deposits paid
– double rooms
– triple rooms

Opening 6:30pm, An Introduction to the weekend and some important information about Neptune on the South Node, a and opening ceremony with Julija Simas and Marg Murphy our official start time is:
7:45pm with Neptune culminating on the MC with the North Node.

8pm Dinner – again we have our resident Chef, Peta Santos, with her wonderful menu and fabulous feasts that will feed us throughout the whole weekend.

November 25th

7-8am – All our days will start with yoga in the meditation room, for all interested, not compulsory.
8-9am – Followed by breakfast.

DAY PASS AVAILABLE FOR DAY ONE! $180 includes all workshops and lectures, a wonderful lunch and morning and afternoon Teas.

Morning – Workshops
9-10:30am Riding the Dragon
The meaning of the Nodes and the Nodal cycle. Agents 33 Olga Morales and Agent 66  Sara Gilbert

A look at the meaning of the Nodes, and their cycle around the zodiac.

11:00 – 12-30amInvoking Neptune on the South Node,
Neptune and your Reality,  Agent 12 – Julija
Neptune is often the most misunderstood and confusing of all planetary archetypes. The last time we experienced Neptune on the South Node was in January the year 2000 when the world realized it hadn’t ended with all the Y2K hype and also in 1983, as the much written about 1984 loomed. Now in 2016, we open up to another new world, but what is it?  As we explore the greater meaning of Neptune as it rides the South Node, we open up to greater possibilities of what we may never have imagined before, ride the dragon to shake off the past, but also glean and source what is still necessary and may have been forgotten. By making the most of what we can gather from this point in time, we look at how to you use the inspiration of Neptune in our horoscope to access our universe. Julija will take us  through the strange world of Neptune, it’s connection to the quantum realm, the connected universe as we open up to vastness of this archetypal realm.

Lunch – 1-2pm
Afternoon Workshops –

2-3:30 – The Divine Link between Neptune, the Moon & the Soul 1.5 hrs  – Agent 22 Maggie Kerr
-The Moon in the horoscope holds key information about our Soul’s history complete with issues we’ve brought in from the past. This is held in our DNA. We are currently  all being called by our Soul to heal & release old patterns, so we can upgrade our consciousness & contribute to the ‘shift’ required to head into the Age of Aquarius. Bringing our ego and mind under the influence of our Soul (Moon) is the great opportunity of this current evolutionary upgrade courtesy of Neptune with South Node in Pisces. Once we are Soul driven we can step beyond the fears & insecurities of our old lunar patterns & use our feelings (Moon) in a whole new way! Join Maggie as she shares her ‘formula’ for connecting to our Soul so we can download her guidance, create thought-forms, magnetize the people and resources we need, and manifest outcomes completely in alignment with our higher will & purpose…and also learn to trust the flow of our lives as we release control…to our Soul.

4-5:30 – Astrology Groups
Locating Neptune and South Node in your charts, break into small groups to glean the meaning of Neptune and the South Node and where it is in your charts, and what aspects this point is making in your chart and the importance of this moment in your life.
With our agent astrologers – Marg Murphy, Deb Wallish James, Sara Gilbert, Julija Simas, Maggie Kerr.

Feast, Fire, Magic
8pm – A Night of Purification and  Fire Magic, (Star Gazing Tour clear skies permitting)

Away from city lights, a darkening Scorpio Moon, the aspect down the valley from our hilltop of  Maitripa makes for wonderful star gazing.

Venus and Mars will be bright evening stars, as Saturn sets just after the Sun, and Jupiter wakes us in the early morning.

November 26th

7-8am – Yoga
8-9am – Breakfast

9-10:30am  – This morning we go on an Archetypal symbolic journey to help us work through any blockages that maybe holding us back from moving forward, potentially hindering us from fully living our dreams . Accessing resource lives through guided meditation we journey back to retrieve forgotten symbols and recognise the blockages that maybe holding us back – with Deb Wallish James and Marg Murphy

 11:00am – 12:30pm  Astro Groups  -Again we break into small groups to glean the meaning from our astrology chart , and target blockages, helping us become more actively engaged in releasing them.

2-6pm – Afternoon Workshops – Conscious Dreaming, art and creation
This whole afternoon is devoted to ART, our own personal art therapy. After accessing the important  symbols in our past, and in our charts, we start to dream the future with soul sourcing collage, vision boards, mandala making, painting, whichever you prefer, or a combination.

Also Julija will take us through taking part in joining a special C*I*A project (optional) as we work on a collective vision for a co-creative future.

Feast, Fire, Magic
8pm – Envisioning the Future – sharing and creating our stories, further details will be emailed to our attendees as to what to bring!

 Star Gazing 

7-8am – Yoga
8-9am – Breakfast.

9-10:30am Morning

Exploring the Divine, Sublime and Ecstatic Realms of Neptune 1.5 hours – with Agent 22 – Maggie Kerr Historically Neptune with South Node in Pisces has always opened pathways in spiritual/religious matters as humans have quested to ‘know God’ and experience the transcendent. So how may this current cycle offer us the next stage in our evolutionary potential to re-union with our psycho-spiritual nature? We will discover the many pitfalls that arise as we instinctively seek union with our higher nature – like co-dependency, substance abuse, escapism and victim consciousness. How do we heal these issues and transcend our ‘lower nature’ so we may connect with pure intuition and use his magic to step from confusion to clarity and inspiration? And what of Neptune and the mysterious fine line between the brilliance & ‘madness’ of the artist and poet? We will also discuss the various psychoses that spring from his depths and the workings of our psycho-emotional health. We will also do a great exercise to identify our personal Neptunian myth about ourselves & how is this setting up our outer reality!

11-12:30 – Following the workshops and weekend inspiration, our last workshop will include, setting out intentions for the journey ahead.

12:30- Lunch

1:30 – Closing ceremony, we finish we a collective dreaming project.

3pm -4:00pm pack up and leave before 4pm-
Anyone needing lifts back to airport or city, please note, not to book flights before 6:30pm if leaving Sunday night,

Costs all inclusive, include –

All workshops, Accommodation, Food( Breakfast,lunch, dinner, morning afternoon Tea,  Airport transfers in need be, Art materials and showbag $850 AUD

C*I*A Agents, Members and Students receive 10% discounts
Early birds receive single rooms!
We are happy to organize a payment plan for you too if need be,
After deposit  of $250, $100 x 6 per month – in June, July, August, September, October, November

Registration forms will be sent to all who register by paying deposits.

$250 Deposits Due – from NOW MAY 2016
$600  Paid in full by November 1st- no refunds after this date.

Deposits can be paid  direct to C*I*A HERE via paypal.
Or contact Julija: to pay via Credit Card or for C*I*A EFT details
[email protected], Phone -0417 988 512


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