Solstice Intention Activation 21st/20th December UT 10:44am

By Agent 79 Enid Rosa – Creation Coach & Priestess


Capricorn Ingress 2016
(Read Solstice Article here)
Wednesday, 21 December 2016 at 10:44 UT,
 9:44 pm AEDT
20th Dec 5:44pm EST,  2:44 p.m PST

Within the 24 hours of the Solstice, with the Sun at the power point of Zero Capricorn, realign your world with this meditation, intention Mission!

Solstice is either the longest day of the year (summer solstice) or the shortest day of the year (winter solstice).  Solstice means Sun stand Still. The Sun stops moving for about 3 days before reversing direction. Just as the new moon is a seeding point for intentions during the lunar cycle, the Solstice functions as a seeding point for the solar cycle. This is a powerful time to set intentions for the next cycle.

This Solstice Stargate – is extremely potent because our shining light, the fully extended Sun, aligns with the Galactic Center on the Galactic Cross. We are receiving direct frequency from the Galactic Core. This awakens new patterns of divine intelligence where we can be immersed in Crystalline Light Codes emanating from the Photon Band at the Galactic Center. It is the Super Consciousness of the Quantum Field that we are invited to at this time.

This Solstice seed point is expanded even further because we are in the Dawn of a New Age. We are at a pivotal time in history when one civilization is dying and a new paradigm is being birthed.

Global Intention Activation

The Solstice gives us the opportunity to activate a new multidimensional operating system! This Powerful Cosmic Portal allows you to release what is not working and step into who you truly are. You may experience upheaval in your life, as the old patterns and persona fall away. You are building your inner Soul Presence. Allow and Embrace the transformation occurring within with grace and ease! Take some time during the Solstice window to slow down.


Close your eyes and relax. Create your sacred space. You are protected by the Divine White Light of your Higher Self.

Begin to anchor your energetic roots into the Earth. Connect with the crystalline grid of the Earth.

As you connect with the Earth begin to release your old programming and the old paradigm that is no longer working for humanity. Begin to peel away the many layers of ego personality, family behavioral patterns, past emotional wounding, victim mentality, mind programming and blocked psychic knowing.

Allow it all to fall away. Spin it out. Give it up and let it go!

Breathe and release


Let go!

Cancel, Clear, Delete!

Cancel, Clear, Delete!

Cancel, Clear, Delete!

Release and Spin it out – through all dimensions of time, space, reality, past, present & future

Take some time to consciously release what is no longer serving you. Cancel, clear and delete it. Allow the high frequency energy to transmute it. Take as long as you need to let everything go.

Breathe it out

Allow the Crystal Light to purge toxic energy from your field. Lift the veil of illusion, disconnect from the 3D matrix and adjust the vibration of your DNA as you clear old programming, family and genetic karma.

Breathe, spin it out and let go

Keep your roots anchored into the Earth and begin to bring energy up through your legs, through your chakras (energy centers) 1, 2, 3, 4

Activate your inner heart light, focus on it and make it brighter & bigger.

Keep moving the energy up through your chakras 5, 6, 7, up out of your body 8, 9, 10, 11 all the way up to the edge of the atmosphere 12. Here you connect with your Soul Star Gateway.

Continue to go up into the Star gateway. You are in space

Keep your roots grounded. Continue to go up and connect with our Universe.


Go through the Universal Gateway and continue to go further up and out. Expand yourself. You are spiraling up and up further into the Cosmos.

Connect your Heart with the Earth’s Heart and with the Cosmic Heart.

Now with your Free Will Intention, reboot into a higher frequency. 

Connect with the Cosmos.  Hand in hand we go through the portal into a higher dimension. Into the waves of light, merge with all that is. Reunite with the Universe and your Soul signature.

Bring it in, pull it in.

Connect with Source Light

Your Life Force

Ignite the Pillar of Light into your core

Activate your energetic blueprint

Your light body

Your Mercaba

Your Orb of Light

Activate a sense of purpose, life mission and belief in yourself.

Activate and connect to your Soul…I AM Presence.

Activate and connect to Self Love.

Activate and connect to One Unity Consciousness. Align deeper to the Earth, the Sun and Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.  This is the twin flame union. Balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in pure compassion, power, love and wisdom.

As Above, So Below, As within, So Without

Activate with grace and ease your multidimensional Essence.

Your Soul Essence is born and activated in your physical body

As we walk through this gateway, holding the vision for a new life of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, we align with the forces of all Creation. A high level of Unity consciousness fills our world. Whatever does not align with this new frequency of energy drops away easily and effortlessly.


Keep yourself anchored to the Earth and start to bring down the light from the Galactic Core. Bring down the light codes through all the gateways and down into your body and into the Earth. Bring down your blessings, Bring down your gifts. Anchor them into the Earth. Anchor your cosmic light. Anchor your multidimensional soul essence into the Earth.

Ground it

Ground your Light

Plant your energetic seeds for the New Earth


Come into stillness

Allow the energy to permeate you

Stay here for a while. Just breathe and allow

Now we will come back into our bodies. We come down from the Cosmic Gateway, down through the Universal gateway, down through the Stellar gateway, down through the Soul Star gateway, 12,11,10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 4 Back into our hearts. 3, 2, 1

Breathe and Ground.

And SO It Is!

By consciously working with the waves of energy and light moving into our Earth, we gently shift into a higher vibration level and frequency of light, helping our ascension process and further awakening our human consciousness. This will accelerate the integration of the High Frequency Light codes into the Earth. This high frequency light can be very exhausting. So remember to stop and be still just like our Sun. Release, reflect, integrate and rest.

With intention we activate a higher frequency. It’s a choice!

Choose to be Reborn into a higher dimension.

The Solstice gateway will be open for 3 days.  This is a powerful time to set your intentions for the next cycle for the highest good for all.

You are Blessed! You are a Blessing to the World!

Peace and Love!

Agent 79
Enid Rosa, Creation Coach & Priestess