C*I*A Agent Panels – Capricorn Solstice 2022 and 2023 astrology outlook

with CIA Agents

Panel 1 – Olga Morales, Armand Diaz, Rose Marcus and Julija Simas

As a long time C*I*A tradition we gather the Agents from around the globe:

Panel 1 – Looking into the coming Capricorn Solstice and what it shows us as we enter 2023 with a peek into the changing dynamics of 2023 : including Jupiter moving into Aries and Taurus, Pluto into Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces, the Nodal shift into Aries/Libra, the Eclipses of 2023 and more! With , Olga Morales, Armand Diaz, Rose Marcus and Julija Simas

Panel 2 –  below

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Panel 2 –  With Victor Olliver, Sol Jonassen, Liz Hathway, Julian Venables and Alex Trenoweth

– The Draconic Outlook for 2023, The shifting Nodes to Aries and Libra, The Key Themes of 2023, The Jupiter and Saturn synodic cycle over the next 2 years, The movie hits for 2023, panel discussion

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