Rebirth of Heart Consciousness

by Andrew Smith

The New Moon in Cardinal Fire conjoined Venus

28th March 2017 at 3:57am BST

Eyes tightly shut, she is unable to escape the light as it penetrates her to the core of her Being. Wave after wave of blinding white heat engulfs her, purifying her consciousness, her shadow embraced and dissolved. Alchemy abounds in this sacred space as negativity can no long play on a perpetual loop, yielding to the sheer heat of lOve as her truth is reborn. She finally feels peace washing over her. Feeling the Presence call inside her head, seducing her with a promise of rest and rejuvenation, she turns towards the soothing whisper.

‘Fear not, Little Spirit. Lay down your heart-worries. Leave behind you your heart-cares and frustrations. Give up your position and your dreams of your special status. Give up the illusion of being deserving and entitled. That is the old way and not the way forward. Know that you are lOve. You do not have to seek it. It IS you. Shake the world with your confidence and gentleness, my dear, after all, anything is possible because you are Boundless; explore and experiment because you are unlimited; engage the world with the whole of your body and soul because you are unfettered; give lOve without asking for anything in return because you are unsullied; let your hands create from pure imagination; let your voice freely carry your light; let your feet brighten the ground you walk upon; let your heart be a beacon of hope; for you are the Light Bringer in a world that has forgotten”

The faint smell of incense wafts across the intense light. Simultaneously a life restoring warmth spreads through her body as she hears those words penetrate the core of her being, rising upwards towards her head. Dizzy but invigorated, courageously yet tentatively, she takes a step forward as she reaches out to accept a gift offered to mark her re-birth.

Opening her eyes, she looks down and smiles. Contained within the crystalline casket is just what she needs to support her on her journey.

What has she been gifted?

What has your Heart been gifted?

We live within an active and living Field of Intelligence, ebbing and teeming with life and infinite possibility. We chose to incarnate within a very specific time and place, when the conditions of that Field are such that our perception is inclined to view our world within a very specific lens. Yet this does not define our level of awareness. That is defined by you. That is free will.

As a result of when you are born, your own individual rhythm commences and it oscillates like the seasons, emerges through spring to summer; blossoms from summer to autumn; dwindles from autumn to winter; and rests from winter to spring. But you are also part of a wider, vaster rhythm, one that outlines the perimeters of our collective consciousness. It too oscillates and it too has seasons. Each month, a specific dimension of our collective Soul is renewed, in the same way that every eighteen to nineteen months, our collective Heart-consciousness is renewed. When two or more cycles coincide with each other, stronger feelings are invoked, something you can feel build in the weeks ahead of the convergence. This very feeling has been building of late, as you have felt encouraged to let go all egoic based attachments to that which you desire over the past couple of months. Who and what you lOve; who and what you long for; and who and want you value have been up for review and release.

On the 25th March our collective and personal heart dies and is re-ignited. This renovatio is quickly followed by the renewal of the Yin and Yang balance of our souls on the 28th. Therefore, the March 2017 Light renewal is a special one, as the Inner and Outer Light of your consciousness aligns with the Heart Consciousness, thereby inviting you to, with openness, honesty and reverence, freely express your heart’s intent, without expectation of gain or return, and to live your life in consort with lOve.  As you stand on the threshold of a new dawn, a heart-dawn, a healing-heart-dawn, in short, this results in a massive rebirth of the Flame of Innocent lOve.

The Flame of Innocent lOve? Within you there exists an ever radiant flame. It burns with a ferocious hunger, completely focused on lighting the way and oblivious to what is going on in the world. As that light flickers, the colours are more luminous, illuminating a place where marvels never cease, where miracles and magic abound and where fascination and enthusiasm breed creation. This place is called Aries.

This is the place within you wherein Spirit remains embryonic and wherein you can live without complexity, in simple honesty and awe. It is a place where you can be truly free to be you, where you can exist in the present, in this immediate moment of time, a place called the Now. It is a place imbued with presence and where your mind steps out of the way and lets your soul shine through. It is a place of pure being, when you are being you, from the core. It has another name – authenticity – and it refers to that place where you are truly connected in spirit from Source or Origin. It is the raw, naked, unhindered expression of beingness of your soul; a quality of being; the ‘You’ as expressed directly from the source.

Regardless of whether your Path is one to actively experience this dimension, it is one of the twelve spiritual paths that exist within you. This path, known as the path of Initiatory Spirit, is what astrologers call Aries and it simply is a path that pronounces a willingness to courageously bear the light and express lOve without any doubt or fear. Within this pure spirited state, nothing is impossible, yet all is magnificent; nothing is implausible, yet all is marvellous. As this consciousness is reignited within your soul, you are offered the opportunity to look, see and wonder as you experience the sudden opening to the inexplicable vastness, the weirdness, the overwhelming profundity, the utter miracle and magic of life, of ourselves, and of all that is.

In a word – ‘Wonder’. 

Wonder is the open freedom of your pure heart, the first and last pillar upon which the castle of the Spirit is built. It is the beginning and the end, the home and the journey there. It is the point where you are released from the limiting possibility that life is knowable, and your heart is cut free from the cognitive fetters which enclose it. It is the realisation of incomprehension, which leads to awe, which leads to life, and is the essential re-cognition is that there is nothing to solve, because there is no problem! The problem is the search for a solution for if you use your egoic heart as a way out, you shall have escaped nothing but yourself. There is nowhere to go, there is nothing to do, and there is no knowledge to know. Within this state you need only ‘be’, revelling intimately in the eternal now mystery of being.

As Venus passes in front of the Sun on the 25th March, she is being infused with the Solar Light of elemental consciousness and that baptism light will purify and cleanse your experience of Venus, offering you a chance to renew and replenish your relationship to Venus and therefore your heart based values. This synod also takes place in Aries, and therefore you are offered an opportunity to return to who you truly are; an opportunity to plant a seed that will enable you to express your heart with wonder; and an opportunity to open your heart to pure spirit and live in wonder.

Your soul will always urge you back to your true and authentic origins. If you can allow anything that is not you, simply to fall away, you can be who you are divinely given to be. All you need to do is to remember the child within you. Remember what you loved/ love. When you focus on what you love to do, you will worry less simply because you are in a state of joy. And when you worry less, you are free to take action as you free yourself from the concerns of how you are perceived. This coming Cardinal FIRE lunation AND Heart Renewal displays that spirit of oneness which will allow you to create absolute miracles in what you achieve; allow yourself to play; to take risks and to embrace any fears and doubts that may have. Since this renewal takes place within a Fire sign, it implies that your healing has to be from the heart and has to be feeling based.

But how do you KNOW what to let go of? Listen to your heart!!!

Okay, there are techniques within astrology to do that – you locate where Venus is in your chart by transit and what house or aspects it makes to your natal chart. That will give you a key to where your consciousness happens to be relative to this generic Venus cycle.  Alternatively you can cast your eye over the words contained within the Venusian Bubble map, reflecting on the emotions and images that are triggered by those words, focusing specifically on how those words have been for you over the past two years of your life.

If you find that a particular word, or concept, feels currently uncomfortable, pause and take a note of that word. I would like you to meditate and hold a space around the themes in your life that arise associated with that word. Reflect also on how that concept is manifesting in your life and specifically when you interact intimately with those in your life?  Do you really value that side of yourself? Do you take the time to nourish that part of you? If not, why?

Venus concepts

The ability to set a constructive intention concerning your Self-love, Self-valuation and Self-appreciation is what the potential of the alignment of Venus with the Sun concerns on the 25th March. Therefore I would ask you to hold a space for the aspect of this Venusian archetype within you that feels lacking in joy, balance or integration. Visualise that word, or an image that that word invokes for you; place it inside an imagined pentagram, mirroring the quinary symbol that Venus actual will make through space/time on the 25th March; and let the synergy of this Renovatio replenish the light around this un-integrated part of yourself.

The Quinary Venusian Pentagram

As your rejuvenated Solar Feminine makes her ascent back into the world between the 25th and 31st March, you can start to see the fledgling seeds of the intentions set germinate and sprout in the world around you as create reality with your replenished light-essence. Arising as the heliacal morning star, full of youthful zest and a crusading zeal, you can start to experiment with new ways of valuing yourself. The months of April, May and early June (until the 3rd, when Venus makes her Greatest Elongation from the Sun), you have full permission to make mistakes, stumble, fall and get up again, as you find your way with these new pathways.

I would like to wish you all the very best for this coming Arian lunation and that you can display that spirit of oneness which will allow you to create absolute miracles in what you achieve; allow yourself to play; to take risks and to embrace any fears and doubts that you may have. Of course your specific birth signature will reveal what specific conditions are being ignited during this renewal, but no article written can ever account for that! That is what understanding your birth chart is all about. In an attempt to make these articles more personal I have written a short guide to locate this Arian New Moon in your chart. 2017-Mar-Arian-Lunation

If, however, you want to tune into your body awareness and intuition concerning what passions are growing within you, feel free to do so, as your own intelligence will guide you as to what you need to centre yourself on this coming month. Thank you again for taking the time to either read or listen to this article.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 09:09 GMT, 25th March 2017.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith.
Written at 23:55 GMT, 19th November 2016.

Location:  Dublin, Rep. Ireland

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