by Agent 128 – Christina Caudill

Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 9:16 am UT
12:16 pm Pacific / 3:16 pm Eastern
10 degrees 37 minutes Cancer

The Eclipse Effect

Solar Eclipses are New Moons aligned with the Lunar Nodes, symbolic of personal and collective evolution. They open a portal to the numinous where synchronicity and twists of fate become more apparent. While this is a Total Solar Eclipse, totality will only be viewable in some parts of Chile and Argentina, but the eclipse effect will impact us all in varying ways depending upon how it interacts with your natal chart. It’s worth noting this season also includes a Mercury retrograde, which I’ll address in depth in a future posting.

As the Sun, our source of light and manifestation, is briefly eclipsed by the Moon, unconscious material arises to the forefront of conscious awareness. This can have a disorienting effect, where we may feel overwhelmed by all that emerges, through our thoughts, dreams or even our own actions. The Sun represents our conscious purpose and for a brief time as it is in darkness, we may be unsure of our direction. Perhaps we don’t recognize ourselves, our image or we feel others don’t respond to us in ways we normally expect. Once the eclipse passes and we’ve experienced the alchemy of darkness, an illumination can occur which can be experienced as a renewal and clarity of purpose. This tends to be especially apparent if the solar eclipse is in hard aspect to one of your natal personal planets.

The Cosmic Message of the Cancer Solar Eclipse

At a Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun is blocked by the Moon from the point of view of the Earth, creating a shadow effect. This Solar Eclipse is in Cancer, the sign of the Moon’s rulership, which is also where the North Lunar Node of evolution is transiting. This is bringing themes of the Moon sharply into focus. Feelings of insecurity are amplified as we seek comfort in the familiar. The Moon represents themes of emotional security, home, family, nurturance, the mother and women. We may realize the essential value of these themes in the context of our lives in ways that we’ve been in denial.

In the natal chart of the United States, the Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Sun, and we can certainly see women’s issues playing out front and center – which have been especially apparent ever since the North Lunar Node entered Cancer in November 2018. What is America’s true purpose (Sun)? How much have we neglected caring and nurturing what matters most (Cancer)? It may take the alchemy of darkness of the Solar Eclipse to illuminate that which is most precious to the fabric of society.

The tightest aspect in the Solar Eclipse chart is authoritative Saturn in Capricorn is tightly conjunct the South Lunar Node, suggesting that past expressions of authority and control are coming through the collective for awareness and release. The spectres of patriarchal roots and patterns of domination may be the catalyst for an awakening of the feminine (North Node in Cancer) and the power of the yin. Ultimately, the integration of yin/yang, strength/softness, mother/father archetypes are being called for now.

Neptune is trine to the Cancer North Node fueling the evolution of the feminine archetype through Neptunian themes of faith and inspiration. Neptune recently stationed retrograde which dissolves barriers, opening the floodgates to collective grief, regret and overwhelm, yet the baptism of this emotional processing can wash away delusion and open the path to clarity of faith and renewal of spiritual purpose.

Sabian Symbol: A clown caricaturing well-known personalities
One of the great freedoms of independence of mind is creativity, humor and satire. In these challenging days, let us not lose our ability to laugh at the ludicrous. May we also have the courage and clarity to see through the facades that attempt to delude us.

Eclipse Timelines

The period of Eclipse Season is when the Sun is 19 degrees from the Lunar Nodes, which for this season is from June 19 to July 25. This includes the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16. So this entire period is one that can be especially charged with the sense of significant events and pivotal decisions. Tibetan Buddhists believe that karma is exponentially multiplied – both good and bad – during eclipses, making any action up to 10,000 times more karmically impactful.

Solar Eclipses are potent New Moon aligned with the Lunar Nodes, and like any New Moon, this is a seeding moment of future growth, however, the presence of the Nodes suggests that actions and intentions at this time can have a greater impact toward evolution and a potentially far-reaching effect. New Moons generally have a corresponding Full Moon 6 months later, which in this case would put us at another eclipse season, as eclipses occur every 6 months.

What makes eclipse periods special is they have the potential to shift our path of destiny. I like to think of destiny as the ‘destination’ we believe we’re journeying toward. When the hand of fate or our own conscious awareness makes an adjustment to that path, such as during an eclipse, it shifts our destiny, in which case the eclipse effect can have an impact on the rest of our lives.

July 1, 2000 Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer
Eclipses repeat in the same part of the zodiac every 19 years according to the Metonic cycle of eclipses, suggesting one cycle has ended and a new one is beginning with a similar theme in your life. Consider what was set in motion at this time and the transformation that unfolded in your life in the 2nd half of 2000. What similar themes are appearing now? How can you learn from the lessons of the past and engage more powerfully with your destiny?

June 21, 2001 Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer
Eclipses also occur in families called Saros Series which carry a similar theme based upon the birth eclipse of that series, which reoccurs every 18.3 years. The birth eclipse had a New Moon at the midpoint of Mercury/Pluto and Jupiter was at the midpoint opposite Venus/Pluto. This suggests deeply transformative experiences in relationships or a strong drive toward success, obsessing the mind and impacting partnerships. With the influence of Jupiter, there can be abundance, excess and new possibilities. What themes from the past are re-emerging now along these lines?

How this Solar Eclipse May Impact You

The magic and beauty of astrology is how the transiting planet affects your natal chart, the unique cosmic coding of where the planets were in the sky at the moment you were born. To gain insight on how the eclipse may impact your life and the lessons available for you, you’ll need to see how they impact your natal chart.

Cast your natal chart using your birth date, time and location. A great free software online is on and there are some excellent professional software programs you can purchase such as AstroGold, SolarFire and Time Passages.

Step 1. Your Natal Sun
First and foremost, consider your natal Sun sign. As the Sun symbolizes the conscious purpose of this lifetime, reflect on how you may be being challenged to evolve your purpose and character in a way that is more integrated with the archetype of your Sun sign.

Step 2. The House the Eclipse Falls in Your Natal Chart
The Cancer Solar Eclipse falls at 10-11 degrees of Cancer. Locate which house this falls in your natal chart and consider what change is being called for in this house. As Cancer has to do with emotional needs, nurturance, care and the archetype of the feminine, this house may be needing more conscious care and cultivation. As this Solar Eclipse has an expansive quality, consider how you can open up to a sense of hope and abundance in this area.

1st House = self / independence / instincts / identity
2nd House = self-sufficiency / money / values / security
3rd House = communication / learning / siblings / community
4th House = emotional security / integrity / home / family
5th House = creativity / courage / purpose / romance
6th House = work / service / habits / health / healing
7th House = cooperation / relationships / agreements
8th House = empowerment / shared resources / sexuality
9th House = higher learning / beliefs / new horizons
10th House = ambition / authority / career / public image
11th House = friends / networks / long-term aspirations
12th House = retreat / self-reflection / transcendence / release

Step 3. Natal Planets Effected by the Solar Eclipse
If you have planets or angles around 7 – 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra) this will be most strongly impacted by the Solar Eclipse. I would also check if you have planets or angles around 17 degrees of the Cardinal signs, as these are being aspected by the Lunar Nodes, the axis of evolution.

What these planets symbolize may become more significant or challenging during eclipse season. If you can find ways of re-orienting to a new dynamic of how you express or integrate the planet’s themes, a renewal and evolution becomes possible over the coming 6 months.

Sun = purpose, core personality, ego-expression, public image
Moon = inner self, sense of belonging, emotions, home/family/mother
Mercury = being heard, having a voice, the way you communicate
Venus = getting along with others, feeling loved/unloved, values, partners
Mars = instinct, defensiveness, aggression, independence
Jupiter = Expansion, abundance, release, new horizons
Saturn = authority (inner and outer), responsibility, mastery
Uranus = breakthrough, innovation, liberation, experimentation
Neptune = awakening from denial, spirituality, surrender
Pluto = personal empowerment, metamorphosis, obsessions
Ascendant / Descendant = independence/self vs partnership/other
Midheaven / IC = private self, home, security vs public self, career, authority

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Agent 137 – Christina Caudill
After over a decade managing a contemporary art gallery, Christina found her true calling as an astrologer, applying evolutionary astrology as a tool of insight and healing. Based in Amelia Island, FL, she teaches online courses, writes for her astrology website and advises private clients on uncovering their unique path to fulfillment in alignment with their soul’s intention. As a triple Capricorn (Sun, Rising, Mercury) she believes in applying the consciousness raising awareness of astrology in practical ways that can make the difference in one’s experience of their life journey. She’s honored and humbled to be lightbearer of keeping the legacy of astrology alive while honoring it’s evolution toward the awakening of humanity.


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