Emotional Mirror The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cardinal Water opposed Pluto

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith

Partial Solar Eclipse Cancer 2018

The language that we speak shapes the way we think

Emotional Mirror

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cardinal Water opposed Pluto

13th July 2018 at 3:48am UT – 20° 41′ Cancer

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With nowhere to hide, it is as if mirrors are everywhere as the truth of your inner world is played out in such obvious ways that it is impossible not to feel how healthy your sOul truly is.

Every intimate sOul with whom you connect illustrates the fact that you cannot entomb your feelings. And the depth of those feelings – their rawness, the pre-verbal primalness – can feel insanely overpowering, as your reactions are intensified, your equanimity threatened and the social veneer of calm serenity cracks, even if you have done countless years of processing, healing, integrating and forgiveness.

Infinity Mirrors - Yayoi Kusama

Infinity Mirrors – Yayoi Kusama

Yes, you can pretend that your inner sea is calm; yes, you can choose dismiss the strength of the interactions, rationalising them as you being caught up in someone else’s power struggle and undifferentiated Self; yes, you can walk away from what you perceive as being melodrama, only to find that it arises again and again, as countless sOul’s collude with YOU as they mirror the reality of your inner emotional body.

But why is this happening? Do you not ‘deserve’ better? Have you done something ‘bad’ in the past that you are being punished for?


There are simply times wherein your emotional reactions are heightened, when deeper forces are working within you bringing forth patterns and scripts that have unconsciously puppeteered your emotional life, guiding and compelling you into interactions that serve to chain you to a consistently turning Wheel, binding you to this plane of consciousness, time after time after time. It is during those intense and darkened times that you are offered an opportunity to free yourself from that Wheel, though it is often hard to feel that opportunity when the craziness of your emotional reactions has you acting in ways that would deeply embarrass a Victorian English person!

There is no doubting the emotional intensity of this time, as darker emotionally fuelled thoughts commodore your mind are agitated from their slumber by those soul’s with whom you have a strong emotional connection. Triggered will be memories, old feelings, former loves, legacy issues, your sense of place, your sense of the familiar, your ability to nourish and your ability to receive. Any unresolved complexes within those themes will be unavoidable as you feel compelled into a more direct and honest interaction.

With all occasions when the outer world impinges on the safe haven of your inner sanctuary, there are but two ways to interpret – do you see them as confronting; do you see them as being illuminating; do you see them as an opportunity to gauge how deep you have understood the nascent scripts and patterns that make up your emotional world; do you see these interactions as being something that you have not truly dealt with or do you see this time as an opportunity to refine and redefine your needs, relative to where you are now? The preferred path you choose will guide and inform how you react.

It is hard to see the positive within a powerfully emotional charged situation, especially one that provokes such deep and dark reactions. Rather than giving yourself a hard time for the primal, violent flashes that pop into your mind during the heat of the exchange, remember that your sOul expresses itself in a variety of colours – reds, yellows and whites; blues and blacks. Of course it is the more luminous colours that you are encouraged to show, relegating those intense and darker colours to the margins of your soul. If you are on a path to live both honestly and holistically, then embracing all shades and hues of your soul, not just the vibrantly elite colours, is necessary. After all, the sun casts a shadow.

Every emotional experience has both value and purpose. There can never be a negative emotional experience, only a negative attitude towards those emotions you either don’t like or tolerate. There are deep repercussions over time of denying those darkened jewels. The emotions you call ‘negative’ are energies that grapple for your attention, pleading for expression since they contain a wealth of information necessary for your soul’s journey.

The struggle to overcome the dual forces of inertia and resistance, two darkened spirits that threaten to deform you, stunting you and preventing you from being less than you are and were born to be, impels action. For example, fear alerts you to protect and sustain life; despair asks you to grieve your losses, to examine and transform the meaning of your life, to repair your broken heart. Each of those emotions is purposeful and useful—if you can take the time and have the strength to embrace them and to listen to what they have to say. However, ignoring those darkened spirits prevents you from being at one with your inviolable inner spirit. Therefore it is necessary to ‘confront’ the darkness within, to embrace it and to integrate it. But it is hard to do, so we end up ‘creating’ situations with close intimates so that we can ‘see’ in action the extent of that darkness within. Do you, however, truly ‘see’ that you are merely reacting to your self through another, or do you blame the messenger? That is the choice you are being challenged to make.

In the story of Harry Potter, Professor Lupin asked Neville Longbottom to imagine his greatest fear in a most uncompromising and potentially unrealistic situation and then to laugh wholeheartedly at this Dark Voice as it approached him. It vanished. Why, because Longbottom was able to dive into his Deep, face his demon, embrace him, understand him and integrate him, making him stronger and more confident. His Bogart was not evil. It was a necessary part of his soul. However, until it was acknowledged, it prevented him from living openly from his heart. This descent and confrontation was the turning point in J. K. Rowling’s character, from which he grew and self-actualised.

In terms of astrology, a New Moon tends to be a time to plant a seed for something previously less conscious so that it can grow and blossom over time. It therefore tends to be a time of endings and new beginnings and the abundance of omens leading up to the New Moon tend to gather your focus on releasing, letting go and planting. On the other hand, a Full Moon tends to be time wherein you are confronted by the evidence of the quality of the planting that took place some six and a half months previously, the flowers that blossom being directly related to the care and nourishment of the seed planted. The super charged Cardinal Water, or Cancerian, lunation of the 13th July 2018 is also one of both seeding and creating AND illumination and confrontation as the Lights align but in direct opposition to Pluto – an alignment is a New Moon phase and an opposition is the awareness and illumination phase. Since this New Moon is also a partial Eclipse of the Sun (partially visible from southern Australia and by penguins all over Antarctica, but felt by everyone all over the world), means that the insane emotional weather that has been building over the past three months, can be attributed to the preparation for this eclipsed lunation. 

What has been manifesting within your emotional world can enable you to further explore your inner pathways and offers you the opportunity to free yourself from the bondage of the karmic binds within those members of your tribe.  Furthermore you have been ‘challenged’ to keep your heart open, even though you have felt the need to close off and down from those lunatics that surround you. You are being offered the opportunity to heal the patterns inherited from the parent that taught you to ‘be’; to define what you need; to confidently ask life to nourish you; to directly look at your inner life so that you can better understand your reactions and to more clearly ‘feel’ how emotionally invested your egO is to those people and situations that are now confronting you; to better understand how integrated has the previous healing on your emotional scripts and patterns has been; and to put into practise the teachings of your spiritual work by not reacting, opting instead for the path of observation and reflection, as you remain neutral within the maelstrom.

This forth coming New Moon is especially powerful in terms of replenishing, renewing and regenerating your emotional body, due to the ‘co-incidence’ of other celestial portents either side of this lunation. Even if you are living within an awakened, more conscious, self-responsible and co-creative paradigm, there will be times wherein it is necessary to descend into the Underworld – your Underworld! Rather than fighting the dark clouds that occasionally loom overhead; rather than despair at the state of the world, its anger, ignorance and destructiveness; rather than feeling impotent and frustrated, alone and isolated, know that the dark is a time wherein you are been offered a gift!! The gift on offer is that of deeper insight – insight into how genuinely ‘free’ you are from the fear based residuals that remain within you, perhaps unacknowledged, unhealed and/or conveniently ignored!!

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The dropping of these veils one at a time is merely a way in which you can focus on how oxygen starved you have been as the tentacles of conditioning become loosened, their hold on you released.

This essential descent inwards and downwards into your Deep is better described as the seeking of wisdom and growth through a cavernous inner quest. If you want to make a difference in your world, the outer conditions of your world are merely a reflection of your inner world and without facing and friending your own illusions and prejudices the world, your world, will remain within the hold of the security paralysis paradigm. So will you accept this gift and willingly embrace the ordeal of rearranging your perceptions and transforming yourself and therefore your reality?

Please keep in mind that the emotional intensity maybe inescapable but the drama is an option. It is possible to navigate through this time without reacting to the vast array of external triggers, even if deep primal impulses threaten to submerge you under a tidal wave of raw emotions. So rest easy, my friend. The smoke and mirrors is hiding from you your truth. You are powerful beyond measure. You already ARE and you do not need to fundamentally change. You merely need to cast off the weights that keep you in check. Open your wings and fly freely. You are ready to emerge. Trust and let go.

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  1. Anne-Marie Chardenet
    Anne-Marie Chardenet says:

    Thank you so much, I really needed to read this! It’s enlighting. And I will read it again every day until I integrate it, on the New Moon maybe ?


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