As you think, so shall you be – Solar Eclipse in Fixed Air –

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith


As you think, so shall you be

The New Moon in Fixed Air, Conjoined Mercury and sextile Uranus

On the 15th February 2018 at 21:05 GMT 

Gathering her focus, she turns her mind inwards upon a task she would like to achieve. Immediately a vision arises, clear and distinct. Excitedly her emotions race as she can feel the truth of her vision coarse through her being, animating her soul and enlivening her heart. Neither existing in some far away future or a flight of fantasy conjured up to seduce her soul, she knows this vision, as it has always been there, deep in her heart. Its familiarity is home to her, its truth and rightness holding her tight in a gentle embrace, this vision is more than hope. It is truth. Her truth.

From nowhere in particular a single thought magically appears centre stage. Not fitting within this envisioned paradise, her eye is magnetically drawn towards this misshapen form, curious as to what it presents. Without words, another vision is revealed to her, offering her a set of tasks that need to be accomplished to enable the architecture of her ‘dream’ world. Compelling with its well-reasoned narrative, she listens and starts to make plans to action on such a reasonable suggestion. What needs to be done? Immediately a solution arises, with a particular set of tasks, but to do that requires a new plan and a new set of actions. How will I do that? Another solution arises, again with yet another new set of actions. Excited at those prospects, she continues to follow the thought, blind to the fact that she is no longer in Paradise and her original vision is fading.

Her mind consumed with plans as she avidly listens to the narrative that flows forth with such melodic gusto, her body animated with adrenal excitement, her heart beat elevated, her breath quicken, her eye struggles to keep focused as the two open. Exposed to the light of the ordinary world, she rises to action, reaching for a pen to write all that she has to do. As the pen reaches to page, something happens. It is as if the ink won’t flow forth, as her hand hovers, held back by a cascade of confusion as to where to begin. Too many thoughts, too many possibilities have now arisen, that she no longer can focus her and now, as each of the pathways of possibility that lead back to Paradise need to happen at once, she has no way of putting them down, as she knows that if she starts writing about one, the others will dissolve. And so she stalls. And he is happy. Job done. Paradise averted, dissolved within the fog, a distant memory of bliss, a future unattainable and a frustrated now.

“Do you believe that you can walk the Path of Authenticity and live the life that honours your soul, enriches your spirit and brings jOy to your heart? “


“Do you believe that you can create a life from what you lOve?”


“Do you believe that if you walk the Path of lOve that you will be supported, that you will not be beholden to another, that you will not ultimately lose your autonomy, even if you have to place your trust in others for a short time?”

“Yes, but …”

“Will you let the distractions of fear and doubt, hidden beneath the veil of reasonable practicality, steer you from your Paradise.”

“No, but you don’t understand. It is not that simple…”

“Do you believe that the power of a single focused thought, fuelled by your emotional hunger to live a happy, content, lOve filled life, actualises the knowingness of your heart?”

“Yes, but… “

“There is no but. Within you exists a place where your mind is utterly focused; where your truth persists unadulterated by the dilution of other people’s opinions; where you are clearly at one with your own mind; and where you have the strength and determination to generate a single thought, or Word, that holds the power to generate your reality. That place is surrounded by a world of Architects and an unfathomless Ocean of imagination, necessary neighbours that you can draw from, allies who can enable you to create from your mind. All you need to do is to draw inwards to that place and plant a seed. A seed that grows from that place will be tenacious, enduring, persistent and ever blooming. If that seed is one of fear, its flower will be dark; if that seed come from lOve, its flower will be light. The choice is yours. It always is. But you have the power within you to choose; you have the ability to live a sustainable life; you have the aptitude to think for yourself and to see that others also create from their own perspective, seeking to impose their reality onto you; you also have the capability of knowing and not thinking. That power exists because of the presence of the Aquarian archetype that resides within your cosmic DNA. Go to that place and generate a single focused thought that will become resilient and highly contagious. Generate that idea and let it take hold of your consciousness, as it will be almost impossible to irradiate.

You can choose to listen to those oily, sycophantic cadences leading you away from Paradise, or you can choose to hold fast to what you know to be true. Within you resides a core that remains unaltered by the opinions and beliefs of other people. It is a core that you must tap into if you are going to live your truth. Being true to yourself means you have to trust and follow your inner voice. And this can be frightening, little one, especially if it leads you away from a path that other’s want you to walk. It may feel that risk is required but really that is an illusion. Remember little one, As you think so shall you be

As you think, so shall you be.”

Something shifts in her mind and her focus returns to the wan light that has surrounded her, a light that has blurred the boundaries, making everything indistinct. Where chaos once existed, she now sees the perfect opportunity to loosen her vision, widening it and opening her up to a deeper, more experiential knowingness that she has to not concern herself with details. All she needs to do is to implicitly trust that her deeper Heart has not lost sight of her Path.

Step by step she moves, not knowing whether it is forward, up or down, nor whether she is progressing or advancing. With no signs or pointers, she gleams that what is being slowly transfigured is her faith and belief in herself and has nothing to rely upon but herself. Drawing her attention to the eye that truly sees, she senses the fecund earth and the fertile, living water around her she lets go. The false ground falls away, she feels the freedom from all that she has outgrown and senses the dawn light pending.

As she ‘see’s, so she is.


My prayer for you during the lunation of the 15th February as the Lights of our consciousness align with the voice of your perception within this doggedly persistent archetypal landscape within your soul’s make up, is that the word that you generate to hold your attention serves your Higher good; that better enables you to walk a conscious Path of lOve; that frees you from the enslavery of distraction; that supports you to live your jOy; that adds happiness and peace to your life; and that you truly realise that your reality is yours of your making and choosing, and that worrying about making ends meet, being a failure, being an imposition on others, being judged or not believing that you can, serves only to keep you from Paradise. You don’t have to listen to the distracted cadence of convention, busyness, economics, or egoic patriarchal morality. Your voice matters. Your ideas matter. I pray that you listen to the Word in your Heart and that you are able to speak forth from that place.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. 

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