Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

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Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

Sol is an internationally acclaimed evolutionary astrologer, teacher and lecturer, residing in beautiful Bergen, Norway, being a full time astrologer since 1999. She teaches both the Polaris Astrology School and as a regular teacher at the NPA School of Astrology. She has also hosted Polaris Astrology Conference and you find her regularly speaking at international conferences. In her practice she combines astrology with several other healing modalities such as energy healing, meditation therapy and bodywork. Her heart is aligned with esoteric teachings and she is offering this work at retreats and workshops around the globe.

Location: Bergen, Norway

Content by Sol

The healing light of homeopathy.

The healing light of homeopathy and the legacy of Hahnemann. Those who follow my writing know that I am deep into the art of healing. My love for astrology is beyond words, however, as I work towards healing people, I find there is a missing link within astrology and in [...]

April 10th, 2017|

Chiron and healing Spirit

The energy of Chiron, the healer-redeemer, is in the air. I find this a most fascinating subject when thinking of humanity and our ongoing struggle to find peace, harmony and health. Life is such a paradox of tears and ecstasy, and embodying this conflict is the story of the Centaur. [...]

March 27th, 2017|

Astrological Ceres and Eating Disorders

CERES AND EATING DISORDERS It starts in heaven and ends in hell. First, successfully losing weight, but soon enough losing control instead, developing an addiction to food. An estimated 70 million people worldwide[1] suffers from a serious eating disorder (ED) and many die trying to beat the fat. At the [...]

November 3rd, 2016|
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